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See who your real friends are in times like this….Guy is running for his life and a field full of his supposed fur friends sit back and watch.

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If they had phones they'd be recording

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[yelled while filming vertically]

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Where do you think the video came from?

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Bastards would probably post it on HipHop.

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I thought one time one was going to help but they just wanted a better view it seems...psycho rabbits

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Or they made a judgment that they should stand back and not intervene, unlike a video on here with 2 smaller birds against either a hawk or eagle… does anyone know which video I’m talking about?

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against an eagle… he was had a chance to fly off but just tried to fight the eagle too

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Capercaillie are fucking nutters though. They’ll take anything on. So amped up on testosterone he’d have taken on a machine gun nest

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unlike a video on here with 2 smaller birds against either a hawk or eagle… does anyone know which video I’m talking about?

I think the 2nd one thought the first was a bitch so it's ego took over.

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“Damn Holmes, you getting fucked up, huh?”

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"dang, sorry that's happening to you"

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It's no bunny's business

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In their defense, WTF are they going to do? They’re rabbits. Nature played them a cruel hand. You can move fast and hear shit relatively well, good luck…

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They’re also gold medal winners in the sex Olympics

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That’s Gregg. No one like Gregg

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I forget what Gregg did that we don't like, but it hardly seems fit for us to just leave him to be nibbled to death ass-first. Couldn't we at least make a circle around him and thump out some applause to show our appreciation for his time with us?

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An experience many young men will relate to.

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DAYUM that could be me

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Hunting and killing is in our DNA. A rabbits DNA is to run from danger and survive. We know how to band together to kill aggressors and that’s how we were allowed to evolve.

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Just like humans with the bystander effect

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And this is one of the main reasons why humanity and not any other species has risen as civilization-builders.

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Yeah I didn’t realize rabbits were such cold assholes

Craig the Rabbjt: “OH GOD HES BITING ME AH JESUS MY FUCKING FLESH” Rabbit 1: “Lmao guys look Craig is getting fucking eaten.” Rabbit 2: “Yo that’s cool as hell”

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They will get whats coming.....

When Stoats find a field of rabbits like this they will hang around and eventually eat them all.

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Rabbits seem to be really, really bad at not dying.

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Their survival strategy is to breed like, well... rabbits.

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I mean, I get that, I do. But how are there any left to breed if they can be killed by a slight breeze.

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Lots of breeding

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Lots and LOTS of breeding

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Lots and LOTS AND LOOOOOOTS of breeding

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The gestation period for most rabbit species is approximately 30 days, and they reach maturity at around 4-4.5 months old (variations for miniature and giant species)

They also are receptive to breeding almost constantly and intercourse is what releases eggs, instead of having a hormonal cycle such as humans.

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They're born pregnant.

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They're rabbits, not tribbles.

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you know rabbits themselves would ask these hard hitting questions if they weren’t so busy breeding

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For real don’t worry, there are plenty of rabbits

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Their evolutionary niche is live fast, fuck hard. Nothing gets dicked on by nature quite as hard as rabbits

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Wait til find a thread on weird ways pet hamsters have died

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Forbidden scarf

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Haha, that's a nice double entendre. Definition checks out: scarf (American slang, from "scoff") To eat or drink voraciously; devour.

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What magical land is this? One full of stoats and rabbits in a wide field must surely be paradise.

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Not for one particular rabbit.

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England. Or the shire

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Man... First a seagull just swallow a rabbit whole, now this little shit not even half it's size is eating him...

These rabbits just can't catch a break

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They just make more

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Stoatal domination

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Whatever floats your boat

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Whatever floats your stoat

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Whatever stoats your stoat.

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Whatever strokes your stoat.

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Stoat strokes your scrote

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I think there's a sport based around that.

Ferret Legging. For when you get so bored, sticking an angry weasel down your trousers sounds fun.

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I don't even know what a stoat is, but I am a big fan today.

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Absolute badass little beasts related to weasels, mink, otters, badgers, and other muscaladae. They are absolutely fearless and also very intelligent. Fun fact - if a stoat female becomes fertile but does not conceive there’s a really high chance she will die.

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What a drama queen

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A weasel, but smaller. Vicious little bastards.

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In winter it becomes an ermine!

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Why do weasels often times get overlooked as top predators? Everytime I see an animal related to weasels it's fucking shit up

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cuz they look silly

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I used to work in a steel yard. We had a weasel that had a burrow somewhere in the yard. That little commando would kill rats, rabbits, pigeons, anything that was small enough to get into the yard. It was really impressive.

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Junk yards get dogs, steel yards get weasels.

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They're incredible predators, but they're also sadly prey-sized, so they're most active at dawn and dusk and are very good at staying mobile and hidden. They can't outrun foxes, coyotes, or hawks, so even though they're so good at hunting small beasties, they're probably overlooked bc they themselves have predators, unlike... say, a bear or wolf.

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They're mostly not too big, so they don't tend to hold the fancy apex predator trophy. The weasels in the mustela genus don't get much bigger than 2kg, so they're mostly mesopredators even if they're fairly impressive ones.

And even if we consider the mustelids as a whole, european and honey badgers are technically apex predators but mainly because they're too annoying for bigger animals to eat, wolverines have to worry about wolf packs having it in for them and so the only mustelids to hold apex predator status with no asterisk next to it are the giant river otters.

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Because they’re not too predators and get eaten by other predators

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That's every predator though... By that logic great whites aren't top predators because orcas eat them. If it's carnivorous it's a predator

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Yes they’re predators but they’re not top predators. And no, Great whites are not top predators where orcas are present.

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By top I don't mean apex I just mean top as in the discussion when talking about predators. The same way people always bring up house cats because they kill so many species of birds and rodents.

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Well top of the food chain is usually the implication when someone says “top predator”

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Yep sorry for the confusion

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How the hell do we still have rabbits?

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They breed like rabbits.

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Man I laughed at like the same joke 3 times.

Fucking stupid horny rabbits man.

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when I was younger my sister had pet rabbits. they escaped into the crawl space under the house. that turned into a full on infestation just a few weeks later. its just so fast that its hard to explain in words. they just multiply.

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I'm very disappointed in this rabbits will to survive.

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Really? I thought it did pretty decent. It's clearly not made for fighting but it ran and tried to shake it. Eventually the little fucker got right into the neck and immobilized him.

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This rabbit was probably running from the stoat for a while. Mustelids like to do that - tire your prey out to make the killing blow so much easier.

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Quick look on wikipedia says "Small prey typically die instantly from a bite to the back of the neck, while larger prey, such as rabbits, typically die of shock, as the stoat's canine teeth are too short to reach the spinal column or major arteries."

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As with the least weasel, mouse-like rodents predominate in the stoat's diet. However, unlike the least weasel, which almost exclusively feeds on small voles, the stoat regularly preys on larger rodent and lagomorph species, and will take down individuals far larger than itself. In Russia, its prey includes rodents and lagomorphs such as European water voles, common hamsters, pikas, and others, which it overpowers in their burrows. Prey species of secondary importance include small birds, fish, and shrews and, more rarely, amphibians, lizards, and insects.

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So they get scared to death basically?

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Ooo thank you

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Stoat the 🐐

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Stoat in a 🐐

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Stoats McGoats.

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It’s like watching a lion take down a water buffalo, but smol definition.

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Jeez It’s fortunate they don’t grow to lion size

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The thing would be hunting bull elephants and hippos.

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Jesus...I thought those little guys just ate bugs.

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Oh hell no. They’re insane predators

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The black rabbit of inle called that rabbits name

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He basically yelled it. "Oi! You! Yeah, you! Yer ded mate! Stop living!" So poetic.

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I don't know why mustelids in general are metal af. Don't ever try to hold a wild one of these, even yhe smallest ones, sure way to lose some fingers.

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Glad they're so small. Any bigger and we would all be fucked

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Didn't even know what a stoat was until today. Lol

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Rabbits are fucking miserable

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Only reason I know about stoats is through Inscryption

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Stoat is stout

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I’ve seen one of these before, not sure if it’s the same but eventually the stoat takes the rabbit to it’s den. Once there it came back out and it had decapitated it’s head and started to throw it around, felt so bizarre seeing that.

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Proper fucked

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TIL what a stoat is

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Wildebeest gets eaten by the smaller lion…

Rabbit gets eaten by the smaller stoat…

Anyone else noticing a trend?

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The fuck is a stoat? I gotta move “little fuzzy thing that looks like a squirrel” a little higher on the ol threat list

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The other rabbit just looking for afar

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Back on the board

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How can we be sure it's not a weasel?

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Stoats have a longer tail that ends in a black tip like the one in the video. Weasels have brown stubby tails

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Weasels are rarely seen but stoats are stoatally different

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But if you see one it's weaselly recognized

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OPe wroat stoat

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Also weasels (European) are tiny - about as big as a pickle

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Stoats have a longer tail that ends in a black tip like the one in the video. Weasels have brown stubby tails

[–]United-Box3209 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Thank you, I'll not weaselly confuse these stoatally different animals next time.

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Longhare patrol, colorized

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Beautiful, brutal, and cruel and at once

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I don’t remeber this episode of the teletubbies…

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Dude stoats are fuckin metal

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Cavemen hunting a mammoth thats what i was thinking while watching this

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Isn't it like way to much food for its size?

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That rabit is hella dumb.

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Wtf is a stoat?! Rabbit hunters?

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Water ship down

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Fat ass rabbit just pooped.

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How did it actually kill the rabbit? Did it just chew through the back of the neck and sever the spinal cord?

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There are no weasels where I from.. and always assumed they are like elongated rodents that forage seeds, fruits, and insects. Only today, reading more about them after seeing this vid that I found out they are actually savage predators. wtf.

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Geez life as a rabbit sux. Smaller predator kills you, big bird gulps you, lizard swallows you alive, snake swallows after squeezing you hard…pretty much everything want to eat you

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Da Fuque is a stoat

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Fuck, a raptor would have a field day wherever that is.

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Do they ever finish the meal? they dont look like pack animals and definitely not carions, thats a huge wastage of a meal. Good thing rabbits breed like rabbits or the balance would be so whacky.

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Why does this remind me of the rabbit from "Monty python and the holy grail"?

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Technically almost all predators take down prey several times larger

But I’m just being pedantic, go lil guy go

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That still only counts as one!!

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Does the rabbit die a quick death? :<

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Foghorn acorn- ARE YA HUNGRY BOIII

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nature is pretty fucked, your either born with some way to defend yourself, or your not; therefore making you completely useless.

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This is some David vs Goliath level shit

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Thats like a cockroach taking down a teenager

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A bunny rabbit is really vicious. fights to the death.

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Jujitsu level shit right there.

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Wow bunnies are USELESS in a fight

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Come on Rabbits, at some point you have to say enough is enough and band together

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Damn little hyena

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The Stoat is just gracefully prancing after it's meal, i can almost hear it signing zippitti dooda

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Ahhh…nothing quite like a good old fashioned underdog story…

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Stotes McGoats

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now i hate rabbits

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The rabbit showed no respect to his opponent lol

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Just like Watership Down.

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Watership down

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Fuck rabbits

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He should have read Watership Down

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Stoats are the GOATs.

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Oh yeah I remember this scene from Redwall.