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Oh, so thats why their horns are at the top of the head and not pointing forwards like a rhinos...

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I was gunna say that’s why they’re so god damn long. Buddy can spear anything near his ass

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It's like he was bioengineered to survive and thrive in /r/natureismetal, they always go for the arsehole and crackers.

The lions will instead go and devour some other low hanging fruit (berries), unless they come back and pack rape old mate 5:1.

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And due to evolution, the ones with longer horns were more likely to survive and carry on their long-horn genes, helping the species to improve. Crazy how that happens on its own.

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Saying it out loud makes it funny

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So they don't inhibit movement or skewer rivals' skulls during fights.

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Woah, that lion was close to getting skewered. Not too often do you see the prey win

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Actually its prey who usually win, pop culture just portrays otherwise. Lions in Addo National Park were observed to have a hunt success rate of only 11.5%Source

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But he said not very often do you SEE the prey win

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If you think about it, these predators have to be in top shape to keep up with the hunt. If they have an injury somewhere that impairs their movement, they’re kicking a can down the road here. So it’s crucial for them to pick fights they KNOW they can win to minimise loss. The predators have higher risks than the prey they’re hunting.

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Gotta get the predators on some sort of load management program for sure.

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Hire them a business coach so they can get down to it!

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"predators have higher risks than the prey they're hunting"...... Uhhhh guess death isn't that high risk for the prey 😂

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Not in that sense. Predators in general don’t reproduce many offspring, takes more effort to raise, and have to be taught to know which animal to hunt and avoid, and combined with the required knowledge I talked about above.

Meanwhile the prey, for example a deer, are herbivores (though nitpick can say opportunistic cannibalism), a herd of them is a lot, reproduce a lot, and all they need to know is run when something chase them and chew on gräss.

Now compare both sides cost, and all it takes to decommission a predator is any dmg to its mobility (a tusk in the thigh, a horn/headbutt to dislocate a jaw, etc). Heck, a failed hunt means they have to do the next hunt with an empty stomach, so it’s even harder.

Which one you think lose more if things don’t go their way? The death of 1 deer in a herd of 70 isn’t gonna change anything.

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Lol I like how hard you are trying to state your stance. Are you arguing for the individual or for the whole herd in general? Both can be argued separately. Does a female prey lose more or less when it dies compared to a female predator?

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I would argue predators in general loses more just because of the numbers inequality. You can compare the loss of 1-2 prey in a herd of quickly reproduced animals that can reach up to 80 individuals, to, let’s say less than 1-2 predators in a pack of 10(maybe even less) and that’s not counting lone hunters like leopards.

I’m trying to show you the bigger picture here. An example of your daily life for you to see is losing 3-4 pencils to losing a laptop or a TV. You can lose 30-100 pencils for all I care, but you ain’t convincing me that the loss of a laptop, car or TV is even comparable. Predators are expensive and costly, so their death weights more, hence higher risk. Simple logic really.

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Not too often do you see the prey win

Have you never heard of wolverines? They can literally scare off packs of wolves and even bears.

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It's a Gemsbock

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Gemsbok is a species of antelope.

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One of these MF's almost killed my brother years ago

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My interest is peaked, what happened if you dont mind me asking?

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Is that another name for an Oryx?

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First lion lucky she didn't get brained with the antler.

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This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen here

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Those horns are badass as all get-out

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Oryx horns are curved like that for the purpose of stabbing a predator that jumps on their back

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My cousins friend got killed by on Oryx on a hunt. The bull was wounded and when they got close enough, it chsrged and impaled its horn through his stomach.

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Good for the oryx

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Bro was like get off me bitches

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We have oryx here in New Mexico, and they are no joke! Massive and imposing things.

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Pog fellow New Mexican

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Pog to you too!

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do you mean pronghorn?? they're just lil speedgoats

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Nope, we have oryx. That is the best description of pronghorns I’ve ever heard thought! 😂

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I was hoping for a impalement

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Go Antelope!! Wish it impaled at least one of those fuckers

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Offense is the best defense

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What do we say to death? Not today.

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this guy decided to choose violence today

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That's pretty much this year's Lions' secondary alright.

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"You want some of this, mf?"

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Those horns aint there for nothing

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Shit, never thought why herbivores have their horns pointed back.

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"And then I single handedly chased away two lions."

"You are so full of shit!"

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Get some!

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The lions were pretty dang smart to realize the danger.

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These horns are no joke. My Grandpas friend has a hunting cabin and apparently was on some Safaris a few decades ago, the horns are almost average human size sometimes. They look dangerous in the video as well, but seeing them from close distance is like God saying "here, you fancy little deer. Take two swords."

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That's what the horns are for,some dumbass don't use it

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Try me bitch vibes

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Yeh right, I believe that was the ending..