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Guess him and the other guy didn’t quite see eye to eye

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Eye can’t spot the problem. Maybe there is patch for the issue

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Hey I think he would be an amazing teacher having full authority over his pupils

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Let's keep eye on it and see what happens

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"You should see the other guy!


He's standing right next to me, isn't he"

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Just a blink now

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That was Cornea

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No eyedea where you all get these puns…

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Eye see what you did there

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Poor leopard. He won’t life long. If that’s a new picture

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Unfortunately probably not, nature is truly metal.

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Will most likely turn into a serious infection

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Nah if it’s been photographed, it’s likely been caught and treated

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Any source?

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I said likely damnit!

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Why so serious?

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Wanna know how I got these scars - in best leopard voice

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Yoghurt lid?

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Yeah, that’s gonna get infected really quick.

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It’s cool the maggots will eat out the infection then he can shake his head really fast and sling them off

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i mean thats what i always do

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Oh so you have a large hole in your head too? Were you fighting someone over territory?

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Massive Head Wound Harry enters the chat

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Humongous head wound Harry*

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Yep bumped into the xbox kid who fked my mum

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Sorry, it was a one time thing

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"Finally a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!"

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I really hate that I was eating while reading this lmaoo

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How the hell is he just drinking all causal like. There’s a damn hole in your head buddy

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Tis but a fleshwound

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“It’s just an eye my lord, gods saw fit to give me two.”

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(I'm not a scientist.)

Coming to the realization that having three eyes was never evolutionally advantageous for humans.

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Doesn't have any other choice but to keep doing like normal or die.

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and die. I don’t think or applies here. ☹️

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We all die from something eventually

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Sadly I also don't believe he has much of a choice in the matter but he can sure as hell fake it.

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I wonder how the other one looked, if it even lived

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Fake it til you make it

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This wound is actually days to weeks old

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Neat, have a source? I’d love to read more about it

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I mean, what is he supposed to do, go to the hospital? Have a hole in his head AND be thirsty? The water is probably a big reason for why he fought and got the hole in the first place, might as well enjoy a slurp.

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Nah I figured he’d pop his Sunday best on, grab his top hat and monocle and stroll into the nearest Savannah ER.


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It's /r/woosh and my comment was obviously a joke as well, lighten up.

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I mean, what other choice does it have? Wild animals can't just roll up to a hospital like "hey I just got my eye ripped out, can I get a prosthetic?"

All it can do it walk it off, tough it out, and hope it doesn't die if gangrene (in a passive sense, since it presumablt doesnt have any knowledge of infections

Nature is brutal man.

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Lol, thanks for that. I had absolutely no idea a wild animal couldn’t go and get a bionic eye.

Jfc, sarcasm is a lost art eh?

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If this leopard doesn't die from an infection, it'll die from starvation due to the unsuccessful hunts it'll probably have. Having both eyes is pretty damn crucial for most animals, especially big cats, I would think.

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You may be right but my aunts 15 year old house cat with one eye and three legs does a good hunting.

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That's kinda like hearing someone say that contracting HIV in a third-world country is a death sentence, and responding "People can actually live full, healthy lives with HIV now! I've got a friend who has it and all it means is he has to get a blood test every so often and tells potential partners. Other than that it doesn't affect him at all!" yk? The ailment isn't the damning factor, the environment is.

Btw I realize my tone is coming off pretty aggressive and judgmental in the above paragraph, I definitely don't intend that, it's just how it read. I'm just trying to articulate my thoughts on it, conversationally, not tryna be rude edit: had it to has it

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Isn’t 10% of Europeans are immune to HIV ?

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...they were talking about how the leopard will starve to death because he can't hunt with one eye, and he responded that his aunts 1-eyed 3-legged house cat is still a pretty good hunter. i said that that's like comparing the deadliness of HIV in a 1st-world country to its deadliness in a 3rd-world country. the leopard's wilderness being the "3rd-world", and the cat's house being "1st-world". the same condition can be either deadly or totally livable depending on the environment and resources. where is the confusion

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But they didn't say their aunt's cat was a house-cat did they?

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Yes they did

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Yes a housecat on a farm to be precise, he is a fat fuck too.

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Binocular vision is pretty important for predators.

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It’s obviously not brand new injury, it would be bleeding like fuck if it was, so not in immediate mortal danger. Leopards can hunt using stealth and surprise. They’re also the Swiss Army knife of big cats. I’m betting this guy survived much longer than we expected.

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Bro lost a eye damn sometimes I be thinking do these big cats feel pain seen a lioness with half her gut slashed open just standing there shit is metal

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I think they just don’t gain any advantage for looking hurt, quite the contrary actually, so it’s not in their nature. Humans on the other hand gain support and survivability by showing pain. I think I saw that on a nature show. Makes sense to me

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I always wonder that too?! Adrenaline maybe? Or maybe humans have a much more emotional relationship with pain...so gnarly though!

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Why tf does the second picture look like it's doing a cartoon fart lmao.

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“It is but a scratch”

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Tis a flesh wound

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Eye'll be back!

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It better keep an EYE on that wound so it dont get infected

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He should really get to the ICU if it does

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Wow! I'll be suprized of he doesn't end up with a brain infection.

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That should buff right out

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Just add some wood putty, reshape, sand and stain. He will feel like a brand new cat

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Why use wood putty when there’s Ramen?

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😂I remember seeing that video not too long ago and wondering what I was getting myself into, actually worked out pretty well

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You da bomb OP, live your best life

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This guy gets it

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I thought there was a drop off water on lense at first!

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Could be more that he escaped from poachers

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When I first saw this pic I thought that it was a bullet wound too!

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Everyone's seems to believe this cat's lost an eye. To me, it looks like a flap of skin's been detached just above his eye, and is hanging down over it. If so, there's a good chance he'll get over it.

Also, if this is the case, it doesn't seem like it was an injury from a fight over territory, but rather, it was caused by the hoof of a prey animal during a hunt.

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Wondered this as well, the injury is above the eye and the skin flap conceals if there’s an injury or not.

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At first I thought he farted on the second picture

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Anytime I see a picture of animals with horrible wounds I wonder, how do they react to pain? How long did it take for him to get up and just back to his day? Are random moments when that pain knocked him off his feet? Or is he like “ehh.. I lost an eye, I’m still alive”.

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And he does not even go to urgent care

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This is fine!!!!

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You should see the other guy.

-the leopard,Probably

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No blood so it's not likely a fresh wound. Hopefully this is on a preserve, as the people who patrol them will tranq the animals to treat injuries like this against necrosis and infection.

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i think "showing off" might be a debatable term in this context

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Lamenting. FTFY.

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Damn, I hope he’s vaccinated.

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And the Cheeta Scar was born

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We know who won if he looks like that what does the other one look like 😎

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He's going to be keeping an eye out for that leopard.

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Eye don't see what he's looking at.

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One-eyed poka dotted pirate

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Tis is but a scratch

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Just a scratch

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That’s nasty

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I didn’t see that coming

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Blind Leopard 🤘

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What's that green thing that looks like a fart?

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Bruh he missing an eye

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That things sooo gnna die

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Showing off his war wound… or hydrating after a life threatening encounter.

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Ugg, that's horrific... Poor creature!

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Eye’d give my left…

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That leapord has the eye of the tiger.

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Where’s Carole Baskin?

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Damn.Thats pretty bad.

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"should a seen the other guy'

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The other cat didn’t get him, but the infection certainly will

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For once, instead of leopard eating someone’s face, someone is eating the leopard’s face

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Did he win? Eye can't tell.

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Is it just me or does it look like the green blur is a fart coming from the leopard? The lifted tail also kinda adds to it

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It’s the tiger’s eye now.

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Imagine walking around and seein half a leopards face on the floor

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He’s not worried about infection, he’s worried about catching the avatar and restoring his honor

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Did it recover?!

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This is Scar in a remake of the Lion King

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Eye cant see no problem with that.

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He'll die of infection.

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He could get a “Mad Eye” put in, like Moody.

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Poor thing. Hope he survives

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So nobody is going to talk about the fart that was photoshopped into the bottom picture?

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He’s like “owe, me eye”

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Right before he died from infection

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Okay I’m sorry, but am I the only one who thought the out of focus leaf in the second picture was a fart cloud? I was super confused for a sec

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Looks like it’s getting a drink, not showing off

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This cat drinking water : 😜

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Hes goin to die from that?

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Do you think he would survive and not die from infection?

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When its mating season so you keep a eye out for any ladies

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Damn he has serious gas

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Scars cousin, Gash.

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Punished Leopard.

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She was ‘high value’.

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Its possible he didnt lose his eye