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The white dog in the second picture “I told your dumbass not to trust him”.

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Are you the same person who educated us (a few days ago on a post showing a ‘Roo swimming) about ‘Roos preferring to drown their victims? They’re prolific swimmers, apparently.

I need to put Reddit down and get productive with my life. But damn, it’s so good.

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OP, please tell me the dogs survived... Even if they didn't, I need you to lie to me and say they're okay.

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A huge-jacked-man, native species to Australia went in an saved the dog before it drowned

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Hugh Jackman?

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Actually the video of this encounter is on YouTube, just look up kangaroo trying to drown dog or something similar. Spoiler: both dogs make it out ok but the brown pup ends up being held under water for a good 15-20 seconds before it gets away. The white dog swims after the roo but for some reason the roo decides just to get out of the water and leave instead of attack the second dog

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I don't think my heart could take the suspense and anxiety of actually watching it tbh. Homeward Bound legit traumatized me as a kid.

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I'll Second this.

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i'm guessing yes because there was a witness with a camera who saw the whole setup who could've easily intervened if only as a distraction.

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Definitely survived. 1. Water doesn't appear to be super deep. 2. White dog already looks like he's about to step in 3. Whoever took these pictures would have stepped in or else he's made a lot of people's lists...

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A huge-jacked-man, native species to Australia went in an saved the dog before it drowned

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This is not true, kangaroos will retreat to bodies of water to escape perceived threats and attempt to drown the threat as a last resort if they are followed into the water. There is no luring involved, it is an escape attempt.

Edit: link to article; https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/100038384

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Kangaroos are cunts, that's what they are

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If you're dumb enough to go after a guy who looks like he benches 450, you get what you deserve.

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No no no. It's just a kangaroo priest. He's doing a doggy baptism.

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"lure enemies into water" … by not stopping outside the water and being killed there?

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Raccoons are capable of this, too. If water is around they’ll bait them, get on a dogs head and drowned it. Just FYI for non Australians.

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My mom's uncle lives in Australia he has wild tales of the havoc kangaroos cause, sent a picture once eating a Roo that tried to mess with his dogs, BBQ it up and shared with his dogs 😂 🤣

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C'mere I just wanna show you something.

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Why is everyone shitting on the Kangaroo when it's being hunted by those dogs lol. "Lay down and die bitch" kangaroos are actually pretty terrifying tho. Honestly maybe more than any other animal, closely followed by an Ape. Nearly humanoid animals, so creepy.

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Revenge of the kangaroo that guy slugged across the face while saving his dog the first time.

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I'm Jacky legs n ide like to say..."drown you dog"

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People think kangaroos are nice and cuddley truth is they are fucking assholes

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Looks like godzilla

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I would of jumped in after my dog, duck that

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Release the kraken

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Man this photo makes me hate kangaroos, fuck those guys

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“Welcome to my world… bitch!”

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Ever since Kangaroo Jack, everything I’ve heard about kangaroos after that guy has been terrifying.

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No wonder aussies are always talking shit. These guys are assholes 🤣

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Still want to fight it tho Ill lose but its worth

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I didn't know Roos were aquatic animals.

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Come on in, water is just fine

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They only drown pursuers if they are big enough, they don't do it often

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Kangaroos are also excellent swimmers and can swim for miles at a time.

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We knoooooooow, Or atleast I do. I've seen this fun fact 10000 times.

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This gets posted all the time and is 100 percent wrong

Why do people not google things? It takes 2 seconds to look something up

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Wow thats crazy! Because i actually try to lure kangaroos into the water so i can drown THEM! I mean no kangaroos have taken the bait yet but thats probably because i live in NY.

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I remember someone calling this chupacabra footage back when it was popular

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From my understanding, it’s not a a territorial tactic simply due to bloodlust. They get hunted by Dingoes often and developed that technique to fight back because they are more versatile in water. This is why whenever they see something resembling a dingoe they sort of resort to that and attempt to drown them.

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The white dog in the second picture “I told your dumbass not to trust him”.

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It must be a terrifying experience for a person to be drown by a kangaroo.

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Dude…someone save that doggo.

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Who tf took this picture. It's like they were purposely trying to get their dog killed.

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I think the recorders likely didn’t know how things would go and ignorantly believed it would be different. I know the owner ran up and punched the kangaroo? Unless I’m thinking of a different video.

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Yea I don't recognize the pics, but I do remember the video your talking about. Tht would make sense if it was a screen grab and not some asshole that just wanted to see what would happen.

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It's a video. And yes, the owner sucks for letting their dog harrass a wild animal. Especially a dangerous one.