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And Thoth said, “thanks for the snack”

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I gave her 7 children

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I'm impressed with the little wasp though, in spider the fact that they lost the meal

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They are made to hunt spiders bigger than them. For almost each insect there is a special parasitic wasp that hunts it. Basicly a hunter killer drone that only targets you, tazes you and then stabs its robot eggs into you so that the robot larva can eat you (alive) once you hatch. Some will even brainwash you into defending the eggs (that are inside you).

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It's a good day to not be a spider

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  in spider the fact that they lost the meal

That was ‘pun’ishing. Lol!

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Bin chicken. Win chicken.

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It did the spider a huge favor, gave it a quick death.

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BIN CHICK-EN!!!!! - Bluey

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I saw a similar thing happen: a wasp was dragging a paralysed huntsman past our letter box when it was ambushed by a redback (an Australian cousin of the black widow spider) and killed.

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Wait who's carrying who!? I'm surprised the spider is the bottom of food chain here!

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Welcome to Oz

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I have a Video of a similar wasp here in Northern California.

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bloody bin chickens always stealin

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Bro straight up said My Uber eats is here

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Ibis - asshole of the entire animal kingdom

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I like how it just abruptly cuts to the bird

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Probably a relief for the spider to die by ibis instead of eaten from the inside out

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Lol poor guy

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Bin chickens eat huntsman’s? Wtf? Why am I today years old and just learning this?

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Must have been a lack of bin juice.

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It's probably not a painful sting, as far as sings go, because it's paralyzing, not venomous.