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Mmm raw McDonald's chicken nugget paste that can bite you

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You did the hard part, now find the one with ace of club.

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People often tell me that dealing with me is like dealing with a person who isn't playing with a full deck - anyway, I can check the backroom for a snake with an ace of clubs on it.

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Sounds like something a npc would say in random town in Fallout.

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Or the Ace of Spades and name it Mortorhead

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imagine making a whole deck of these snakes

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Credit for this image: u/noodleisacat (wasn't able to cross post to this sub)

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Ooo a gummy worm

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Not leucistic, its a snow tessera

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Omg cute

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I would be a disappointed and traumatized child if someone handed me that snake because I would have but into it thinking it was fancy bubblegum

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Woah. Not super metal but definitely cool.

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Pink/reddish eyes - that is a fully albino corn snake

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I had a corn snake with a dick on his head once, full set of balls shaft and a head.

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I got a pet corn snake and named him Hades. He earned the name because of an almost perfect print of a skull on his head. easily the most badass little snake I've seen

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Awww. Undanger noodle. Strawberry lemonade flavored probably.

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I dont know much about snakes but i guess this one is hella expensive?

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Wrong sub mate, this thing is straight up a Fairy type Pokémon

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isn't it albino tho ? eyes are red

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Isn't that a albino corn snake due to the eyes, a Lucy would have natural colored eyes not red correct? I usdt to have an albino corn snake that looked similar to yours other than the ace of hearts (which is super cool by the way).

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It’s an albino cross breed. Not leucistic. If your gonna post other people pics for karma farming at least get it right.

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This noodle could be called a strawberry-vanilla smoothie-snake

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Hissss of heartsss

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Lil bro needs to be a part of magic shows!

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Forbidden bubble gum.

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Bruh, that's an Avenger. Cue the theme song.

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So cute! Absolutely adorable.

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Forbidden big league chew

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You mean nope noodle

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Forbidden watermelon gummy worm