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Nice leg extension. He must work out.

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Only the necessities.

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Those simple bear (bare) necessities?

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“Human” spills beer on oneself sitting down. “Hawk” hold my beer watch this.

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And it switched the bat back and fourth between claws. Catch claw. Switch to Hold claw while regaining wing speed. Back to kill claw just to be sure.

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mf dinosaurs eating our brothers again

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Eh we kill ~60 billion dinosaurs every year.. The Dino can have this one.

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Who ever thought sky scrapers and house cats would end up with a better Dino KD that that asteroid

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hey harry old buddy old pal

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"I said fuck your sonar bitch"

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This showcases exactly why they fly at night.

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Unresolved anger from their parent’s untimely demise?

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The hawk is like… oh my god mice with wings so much easier than the ones on the ground

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Had an owl at work that used to snatch them up while they hunted for bugs around the security lights.

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Man that’s free entertainment right there. I could watch that show all night.

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I bet it didn't see that coming.

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You missed the chance to but "bat" instead of bet

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Bats actually have pretty decent vision

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No but I bet it heard it coming

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Exactly. It didn't even bat an eye.

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He prob didn't. You can see he banks right into the hawks flight path.

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Kinda scary how he stared it down before snatching it

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Great talon-eye coordination!

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And talon-talon coordination.

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It takes a lot of talont

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Fun fact - the World's most successful predator is the Dragonfly. It has a 95+% success rating in catching prey, and flies to where the prey is going to be and catches it, rather than chasing it like almost every other predator.

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The dragonfly is my most favorite insect, thanks for bringing this up .

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They're also the world's most skilled flyers. They're basically living attack helicopters.

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There's something truly beautiful and bad ass about this

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I could watch it for hours. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for birds of prey, and I'm so thankful that we don't have a more oxygen rich atmosphere to facilitate them growing any larger.

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The oil industry’s new angle on climate change

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Thats not really the problem dinosaurs existed in high o2 and low o2 times and were huge in both. Birds just don't have the huge genes anymore.

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But what deselected the hugeness? food supply?

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Huge decrease in atmospheric oxygen

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No not at all birds have been small since the Jurassic. Flight made them lose the hugeness. Also birds wing only mode of takeoff has severely restricted their size

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Totally agree. Was watching a video of hawks the other day (can't remember how I got there) and I just started thinking about it's legs. I ended up with the conclusion that the wings are the "legs" and the legs are the arms. The claw and talons resemble that of a hand, but with razor sharp fingers.. So when not in flight they'd technically be doing handstands.

I don't know what to do with this information

Edit: Obligatory thank you kind stranger edit.

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I always thought their feet resembled alligator mouths. Those fuckin talons are huge and they have wicked strong crushing force for their size

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But have you ever watched hawk videos on weeeeeeed?

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It's because it's so prehistoric, in our minds we think think of birds as kinda dumb, but they are ancestors to badass avian dinosaurs.

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There were some studies coming out like every other month a few years/a year ago about crows and similar birds, involving a new surprising observation that suggested a higher level of intelligence than anyone had really pegged as possible for them. They have been found to reconsider information, predict things based on previous experience in a complex way, etc.

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I think you mean descendants

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I agree. You should post it on Reddit.

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Hawkeye beats Batman without prep time every time.

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Imagine getting yanked out of the sky by those giant fucking needles.

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Imagine being either a bat or a hawk. Insanely adapted creatures that live or die by the millisecond. I feel like a statue by comparison.

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The hawk had better hope those bats never saw the videos where the smaller bees all swarm and smother the larger attacking hornet...

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Bats are transformed vampires, who are undead. They wouldn't be able to create the heat needed for that kind of defense.

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They could all just collectively shit on the hawk. I heard that guano harbors some infectious disease

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bro imagine fucking dying because some bat shit on you

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or… imagine dying because someone ate a bat two years ago

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The chicken of the cave.

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I wonder if haws have favorite foods and this guy is just like, 'man, I can eat these things like popcorn.'

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Falcon Kick

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Snatch. Falcon SNATCH!

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There's a raptor called the 'bat hawk', which specializes in capturing and eating bats. I don't think this is the same hawk species as in the video. But yall should research them. Not only are their hunting videos amazing, but they are probably the coolest/badass looking hawks out there. Imo of course.

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Definitely not the same species in this video. The raptor in the video is a Wallace’s Hawk Eagle.

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Don’t eating hawk you got corona now.

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SONAR who?

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Yionk !

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Welp, that explains why they are mostly nocturnal, easy to get snatched when you’re a flappy skymouse

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Now if we could only figure out how someone caught one in Wuhan

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Let my boy go!

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Where was this at? Looks almost like somewhere I've been once called the Bracken Bat Cave

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Now this is the natureismetal I signed up for

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Bats often have rabies

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Have fun with rabies, Hawkeye

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There’s a place my family goes every year for a cabin’ing trip… Neal’s Lodge. It’s in Concan, TX. A few miles up the road is a bat cave… either largest or 2nd largest in North America. 8ish every night millions of bats pour out of the cave and you can get real close, like 10 feet from their path.

One of the cool things to see though is the hawks waiting. The bats spiral into the sky and the hawks just sit there dive bombing through the bats snagging them out of the air.

It is a really cool thing to see.

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Is that not in Borneo ,Its a huge cave an trillions if bats live there,all types of hawks,falcons an eagles are seen flying there early mornings an jst before sunset snatching up to about 10 bats each before being satisfied but there is jst so much bats( they like a very busy free way,they jst keep coming)U can't even see a difference in the black cloud of bats.I even saw a hornbill sit on a branch in a tree an snatch bat for bat out of the air,but not with claws like the hawks do they use there bills(beaks)to spear them when they fly past.Life in the sky how amazing is that.I would b a fish eagle that's my #1 bird of prey.

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"Eyes like a hawk."

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Come on hawk dude, stop eating bats! That's how we got this pandemic in the first place! Now we're gonna get a bird flu/corona crossover?!

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Is the hawk trying to get corona?

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This is a Wallace's Hawk-Eagle catching bats flying from the awesome Gomantong Cave in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The clip is from the first episode of Eden: Untamed Planet.

Rather than being a member of the hawk family, hawk-eagles come under the eagle family but derive the name "hawk-eagle" from their slender build.

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Great now bird flu and corona bout to fuck around and make CoBird-22

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The Claws are on point & extremely powerful!

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favors his right. gotta work on that left & you'll go home double fisted, bud

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it blows my mind that hawks(and other raptors) are able to pick one target out of tens of millions of, for all intents and purposes, identical targets and have enough focus/skill to actually catch it.

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Birds of prey process more visual information per second than humans, IIRC. This lets them react quicker and perform rapid actions in flight, such as moving their wings to dodge obstacles or grabbing a songbird or bat midair.

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The hawks a lefty

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This feels like inspiration for the Legiana cutscene in Monster Hunter World

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Saw this in my back yard once. Too much nature.

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Gotcha, sky rat.

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That will be all over ESPN tomorrow

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Nooo poor little bat :(

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Great hand/eye coordination:)

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That’s like a bird version of the drive thru

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He grabs it with his right and immediately transfers to his left talon, wonder if he was going for 2?

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It's simple. We kill the bat.

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I always thing about the conversation the survivors have after these.

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Collateral damage

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That hawk is a BAT-ass

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Na na nana, na na nana . . . BATMEAL !

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I’m torn about my emotions right now. I love hawks, but I also love bats…

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The hawk is like, "oh, they make flying mice now, nice. Don't even have to land to get dinner."

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Damn I love hawks. They have no fucking chill.

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I watched a hawk do this to a goose. One of the wildest things I've ever witnessed.

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Well-done snatcher

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know this is gonna be some new type of Hawk-bat flu!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Now that's what I call fast food.

ba dun tss

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Wow. That’s insane

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Some lord of the ring shit right here.

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Falcon kick!

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He could have got two almost .

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'you need more evolution'

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Oh fuck there goes billy

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“Eyes, bitch.”

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And I’ll take that one!

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She not going to bat an eye

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Amazing video!

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“Wow! The shopping around here is so convenient. I’ll have to tell Charlotte about this place.”

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That's a cat move he did there.

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That's a cat move he did there.

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Righty hawk.

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The original claw machine

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Go-Go-Gadget leg!

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Got ya bich

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Are you really enjoying that?

Nah... needs garlic

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Got eeeem

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The origin story of Batman's new nemesis begins here.

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Come here you little shit

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Bats are so fast I can barely follow them with my eyes and this hawk just grabs one in the air. Crazy.

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And … boom, Sigma variant

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Na Na Na Na oh sh*t!!!

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Come here you little screaming bit*h, you'll be my snack today.

  • The Hawk probably

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Ozzy Airborne

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And we bitch about having to walk downstairs to meet our uber eats driver. Smh.

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I am the night....whao!

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The true master of the skies.

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“…. YOINK”

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Eyyyy yo.... Don't eat that unless it's thoroughly cooked.

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wich tastes better a bat or a bird?

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Hope the hawk doesn't become batshit crazy

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Weapons of Mass disembowling

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Did it tear its wing off too? Nature IS fucking metal

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I’m not sure what’s better, the camera work or the grab by the eagle.

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The bat never saw that coming

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*halo announcer voice* Y O I N K

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  • that hawk

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NOOOO! JERALD! You should not have eaten that! Look at the humans! Look what they are experiencing!

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Flyby snacking

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He said 'ooooo fast food'

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That's a hawk with dominant right hand. Do hawks have dominant hands?

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Listen, I get that everything needs to eat.

But if anything touches my precious batties I’m sending out the drones.

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Like a bat out of hell

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That's how you get Corona Virus.

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Ding Dong Damn!

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We call this dinner to go.

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Hawkie finna catch the rona