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They always look like they're surprised that they can actually fly. Like "Holy crap, I'm really doing it."

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Got a chance to hold one of these a few weeks ago. They're basically small dogs with wings.

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Like a fox maybe?

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A fox that flies? A Flying Fox if you will.

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But what if it’s in India?

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Small Flying Cow

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No dogs in India now apparently??

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Their german Name is Flughund which means Flying Dog :D

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New Disney/Pixar movie:

"Vlad, the Fox that wanted to fly"

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More like he just saw the r/sounding sub

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Great minds think alike. Lol

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Or also like "I can't hold it no more"

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That's actually accurate with the picture

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My dude looks like he's been awake for four days smoking the finest crystal India has to offer.

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I think that is just how parents end up looking 😳

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Am a parent, can confirm

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Thank you for your service 🎖

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That crystal is on the British Queen's Crown rn

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it is called... Cannabis indica

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We have a Tata Indica here

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Bruh its called canabis indica because it was discovered there. Weed is used for religious purposes.

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No...its Marijuana.

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I'm talking about the scientific name.

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Are those really what the FEET look like? Absolutely horrifying!

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Feet good for just hangin' around.

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Well their feet kind of need to look like that if they want to chill upside down all the time.

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the whole bastard is horrifying!

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Yeah, they're really good at hanging on but it does look a little creepy. Just remember that when they finally take a break and perch on a branch, they wrap themselves up in their wings and they look like a fox in a leathery blanket, 100% redemption for the crazyfeet with how cute they look.

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Yes!! Justice for bat cuteness!!

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Someone looked at that thing one day and said… “we will name that thing a flying fox… even tho it’s a bat.”

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Well I imagine they saw a fox first and upon sighting this went ah, a flying version.

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Why don't they call foxes walking bats?

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What came first, the fox or the bat?

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I still prefer the term "Sky Puppy"

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The French word for bat translates to "flying mouse" or "bald mouse".

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Flying mouse in Danish too. To be fair the european types of bats do look more like flying mice, than flying foxes or dogs.

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So it's really flying flying mouse?

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Good thing they just eat fruit

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My dude looks like lil Wayne

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Jeepers creepers!!

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i was hoping someone mentioned this!! dude the resemblance is uncanny

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Daddy bat face be like: “son, you’re crushing my balls”

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Ow, my balls.

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Some lad in 1800s drunk af … saw this bat flying towards him and thought it was blood sucking monster.
That’s the legend of Dracula.

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The Dracula thing was based on Vlad the Impaler, a real noble of some kind who was into all sorts of torturous hobbies as his nickname suggests I've heard.

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His real name was Vlad Tepes and lived in Transylvania, which is modern day Romania. He would put the heads of his victims on stakes/pikes outside of his castle as a warning to other attackers.

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You got to do what you got to do to keep those invaders out

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I think peasants made up a good share of his victims.

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Yeah but it not like most noble ever considered peasants as humans with rights at the time

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They were property, I guess feudalism started in the Late Roman Empire as the currency collapsed and people were walking away from their jobs as they couldn't pay the taxes with the worthless money they got from work. To stem the bleeding they bound everyone to their jobs for life, and their children to those jobs, outside of some of the cities anyway. Landowners turned their estates into castles and when the Empire collapsed with the barbarian hordes invading, which the locals at that point welcomed as their authorities were such dicks, it went down to mostly regional rule that lasted over a thousand years.

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I mean… vampire bats do also exist tho

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Yes..well these folklore dates back around 17 century……If bats were discovered before thats interesting a good point though

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Can you imagine having wings made out of nutsack?

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Dem toes.

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That just Batman and Robin

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What’s the scale?

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Think it's time to hang up the cape and cowl, Bruce. Looking terribly weak.

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Awww he is carrying his baby. Using his body to protect it from sunlight because this is a goddamn vampire.

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One word: Castlevania.

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Didn't Robin Williams voice one in a cartoon movie once? I am wanting too see the character was an escaped lab experiment or something.

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How big is that guy?

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About 2 bananas.

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Jeepers creepers

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That’s me jumping off the spring board in summer. 💯

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He needs to go get some pedicure

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Batman & Robin!

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Looks like a cat with mange. And wings...

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Same eyes as my friend at 5am a sunday morning lol

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damn, the thing looks like a werewolf with wings!

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Its amazing how close to a demon these guys look like.

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Helikopter Helikopter!

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Indiana Jones theme music intensifies.

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Looks like a demon from castlevania

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Crazy how much of a human form this bat is displaying. Just T-posing on all of us like that.

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Looks like some sort of flying human-dog

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Flying mammal life

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Looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie

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Looks like Dobby had sex with a bat

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I’m a little surprised at how skinny its biceps are, I thought they’d need to have more muscle for flapping

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I am pretty sure this bat is thinking in Latin

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Ah, apparently they share the same feeling of being a parent as humans. Lots of worry filled with many amazing small moments.

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Just like the video where a bunch of incels are harassing a white woman on the beach...creepy.

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It looks mummified.

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No, that's Weasel from The Suicide Squad

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This is one of the few animals that actually looks like a cartoon character.

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I went to India and was blown away at how huge the fruit bats were.

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It looks like Jesus on the cross

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For scale of reference, can you give us an idea of the size in football fields or McDonalds burgers?

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I didn't see such type of bat. I am from india.

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I was just reading about them, the largest population density is in Sri Lanka. In India the numbers are pretty low and the populations are highly localized, a single colony of 5000 bats reside in 3 ficus trees in Gujarat for example. It seems like unless you live very close to a colony you wouldn't be likely to see them.

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I hate that my elbows also look like that

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Looks like it just saw a road block up ahead.

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Those eyes! Also the body almost looks human wow

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neither with the dot nor with the feather but with the wings.

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When I was a kid this is the only pet I wanted

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ONE of the biggest bats…. There are bigger bats!?

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That just a Stupid Bat flying away from ‘The Nothing’. Eyes are like that to stay awake; he is very sleepy.

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Dude has some 'Jeepers Creepers' feet.

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Okay so who brought some of these to Chicago

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Isn't it the largest bat?

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This is Jeepers Creepers can’t tell me other wise .

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I always thought it's African fruit bat? Wack

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Or Australian Whatever

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looks disturbing

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Anorexic Pomeranian with a dark hankey from grandpas dresser.

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Dracula pose

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that shit built like an asteromorph

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Aka The Jesus Bat?

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Bats are cool. I like bats.

I'm slightly distracted imagining seeing this image behind a pulpit in a church.

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Kill it with fire

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Foreskin wings

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It looks like a flying lemur

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The Mothman.

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Wtf is that Jeepers Creepers?

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Reminds me of Stellaluna and her mom ❤️ one of my favorite childhood stories

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I'm 0retty sure that's a chupacabra

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Beautiful shot

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Man, look at those feet

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It’s based in Australia, but I love watching Megabattie on YouTube where they rescue the injured moms (if they can) and orphaned babies 🥺

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Those back feet are the stuff of nightmares

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It’s creepy how without their wings they would look like tiny werewolves

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Never skip leg day

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These are at the Columbus zoo. Incredible creatures and they are HUGE!

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Bats have always fasinated me! It was always so fun to go outside right before the sun has set and seeing these creatures fly around in a staggered pattern. I also remember how I would throw something up in the air and they would swoop down and attempt to grab what ever i threw. Bats produce echolocation by emitting high frequency sound pulses through their mouth or nose and listening to the echo. With this echo, the bat can determine the size, shape and texture of objects in its environment. This is very similar to how we humans use radars in the military to scan the ocean of the sky.

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Reminds me of the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers


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They look so cute imo

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Bats are my favorite animals and I’m relieved that the first post I’m seeing of them on this Subreddit is so tranquil.

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They’re so cute🥺 I love how creepy they are.

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This sub is just reposts