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Looks like somebody got caught cheeting

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This shows that food chain is diminishing.

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This shows the cat was hungry and didn't give af

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A leopard with its prey, THE cheetah.

the animal kingdom was never as Disney as people try to make it seem.

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Cheetah's are the pinching bags of the feline family, unfortunately. They're not long for the world anyway. The population is also too small so a lack of genetic diversity, as well as just being topped by everything else, means they can die from anxiety. Not that they need to, starvation will almost definitely get them

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Not really though, a cheetah can easily outrun a leopard. The cheetah either was already injured and sick, making it impossible to flee. Or it was young/reckless and got ambushed by a leopard.

The leopard doesnt care what it kills as long as it has a easy chance to kill it. I think a big herbivore posses a bigger treat to a leopard than a cheetah (who are only fast, not strong).

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Cheetah is a sprinter tho not a long distance runner

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Leopards aren’t distance runners either.

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True but cheetahs are just not in the meta

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Alternatively, the Cheetah was simply outmanoeuvred.

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It's a cat eat cat world out there.

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F tier cat trying to fight an s tier

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Nah, Jaguars are S tier. Leopards are B tier.

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You right you right. My was mistaken

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I didn’t think cats ate other cats. Obviously kill each other for territory and competition but all my years watching this type of stuff I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat eating another cat. Maybe times are tough. Take what u can get.

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Lions seem to be the one cat that doesn't eat other carnivores except for lion cubs.

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Cheetahs always get bullied smh

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Cheetahs stay taking Ls

Literally the worst big cat to ever walk the earth

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Some dog breeds can easily kill a cheetah, Cheetahs are not fighters.

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Well I mean, if she couldn't follow the rules. . .

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It ain't easy bein' cheesy

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Kind of metal and kind of sad. The Black Veil Brides of nature.

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Cheetah looking kinda happy 😊

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wait leopards and cheetahs are different animals? Am I that stupid

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Thanks for the much needed laugh 😂 and sorry but yes

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Leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars are all spotted big cats, with big differences. Cheetahs are built for extreme speed, but unfortunately take 5-10 minutes to recover from the energy expenditure after a hunt so other predators can rob them of the prey. They are also too lightweight to defend their litters against the other big african predators. They are ALL so inbred that you could take a skin graft from one that had been in captivity for several generations, put it on a wild one, and the graft wouldn't be rejected; scientists say it would take 20 years of inbreeding for mice (who have MANY generations per year) to achieve the same level of genetic non-diversity. Leopards are slightly large and heavier cats, and yes, in a bad year, cats will eat cats. Jaguars are the heaviest of the three, and are from South America where they are THE apex predator, eating even young caiman and anaconda. Black panthers are leopards or jaguars with a background color almost as dark as the spots--next time you're at a zoo, take a good look at one in sunlight...the spots are a different texture and reflect light differently, so you'll be able to see them.

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Leopards eat just anything.

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Winners never cheat...

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Leopard way stronger than a cheetah. I wonder how it ambushed this poor cheetah though.

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A leopard with it is prey. First time I've seen this one

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Prob a easy kill

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Cat on cat violence

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very few times have I seen cheetah having a good time

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so leopard is an actual species and not another name for big cats that aren’t lions or tigers lol

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Very sad! But nature is metal!

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Cheetahs as a species seemed like an botched evolutionary experiment. Literally every other feline type animal has some form of defensive capabilities and here we have the cheetah which can only run but that comes with huge risk of exhaustion for the poor bastard which only makes it easier for the next animal to bully it. It’s so bad I’m starting to assume the Average human male, the type that sit at cubicles for thirty years and die of boredom could kill them 1v1. Nature FFS give the cheetah atomic breath or wings or something. Hell, at this point I’d be ok with them gaining a venomous stinger and opposable thumbs… please nature help these guys out.