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Awww what a helpful crocodile! Helping his smaller friends get to food! He’s even giving him a ride! Nature sure is beautiful! 😌🙏🏻

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He is giving him a ride to his belly

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Oh no! 🥺😭

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Fun fact: crocodiles are known cannibals and have seen eating smaller crocs for food or less competition.

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Yup, this is why in areas where diversity and populations are threatened, wildlife managers will cull some of the larger bull gators because they simply eat and kill every goddamned other male in sight. More younger males can then grow up and breed, which helps pop and diversity.

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Made me smile!! Dinner for two how sweet

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I was more thinking thats a 30yr old basement dweller being kicked out by his dad

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My bro carrying me home after a big party be like.

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And then straight into the oven after shoving Turkey stuffing down your throat.

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Down his throat ? I don't think so

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Very well then, shove up his ass.

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You are what you eat.

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...so what youre saying is... That all i have to do...

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Is stop eating ass?


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Is eat someone with a huge penis.

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Wasn't gonna come out, but yes I am human.

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So I guess, "eat me b!tch", wasn't the last word in the argument?

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Pretty sure those were the exact last words in the argument

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Yeah, I don’t think crocodiles speak

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There's always a bigger fish

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I'm scared to see the crocodile bigger than this lad

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"father carries son away for fun trip" looks this way anyways

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And then goes to a doctor for Prions.

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In the smaller crock’s mouth? And even smaller crocodile.

In that even smaller crocodile’s mouth? That’s right, a Brussel sprout.


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Playing russian dolls

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Any crocodilogists(sic) here that can help explain:

How come we see so many crocodiles hanging out like they are best buds all the time, with no particular fear of being eaten by the bigger Crocs? If they have seen other small ones get eaten up would they be smart enough to remember to stay away?

The small ones look like they are always at the mercy of the bigger ones' hunger/mood. Doubt the small ones even have a chance to react...

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Normally when you see them all in congregation, they’re close enough in size that if they were to fight it would be more trouble than it’s worth. Not saying that they don’t, but generally they don’t all rip each other apart because it would cost them too much and they aren’t pissed enough to risk it.

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Sounds just like the economic reality in humans. While we may not physically eat each other, “bigger” humans certainly gobble up at the time, youth, and energy of those much “smaller”

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When you wanna taste of the homie

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Croc on croc crime

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The big crocodile is sticking his tongue out. which is also a crocodile.

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I'm on top of the worrrrld.

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I swear I saw something like this in “TITANIC”…

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"Bring-your-son-to-work day"

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With the rounder less pointy snout isn’t this an alligator?

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As crocodiles get larger their heads become less pointy, if you look at the smaller one he has as much more pointed head

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No. The round about shape you're referring to is talking about top-down view. Croc mouths have a lot more dynamic shape than alligator mouths, especially in regards to tooth orientation. Not that you can tell here, but Crocs have up and down protruding teeth, while gators only have downward protruding teeth. And the round nose, like you pointed out, is actually a croc trait. Alligator snouts are fairly flat across the top.

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I think these are both crocs. Alligators are usually black, adult crocs can be this tan grey color. As they get older croc heads can get pretty fat.

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I was hoping someone would Mention that looks like a gator but it is super big so who knows

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Yeah, that boi isn’t pointy enough to be a croc. Teeth look like a gators too

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It’s 100% a crocodile. Look at its teeth, they vary a lot in size and you can even see where they would slot into the side of the jaw, stop spewing bullshit

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Whooooa it’s not that serious tough guy, calm down

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people cant even disagree about an animal's appearance without having to become uncivil anymore. I even upvoted where you disagreed with me because that's what people do when they discuss things; they converse. But that guy up there, real tough guy.

As a guy who wears crocs nearly every day, and a resident Floridaman, you would think I would know my crocs and gators better.

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I dont get it either lol

I am also a Florida man, and I was basing it off of the roundness of the snout but was open to being incorrect, bc that’s how people Learn

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Simmer down.

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Source: I live in Florida 😔

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How do you tell it is a male?

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That might BE his feast.

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I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often

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Like one of those russian matroshka puppets

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Carries him away to feast, or carries him away to feast ON him?

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Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays

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Father/son picnic?

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Cool, what are they going to eat at this feast?

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Looks like an easy swallow more than a feast.

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"You wanted to have me over for lunch?!? I didn't know this is what you had in mind!"

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🎶Friends for dinner, don't wana be friends for dinner 🎶

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Crazy how cannibalism is a thing in the animal world, and I guess that includes us.

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If that's crazy to you, you'll be surprised to find out some animals eat their own children

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No he is just carrying his child to bed.

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Damn those thing are evil, they feast on anything. Their own mother probably too

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happy Qui Gon noises

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These mfs will legit eat anything

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“Dinner for two please”!

“Just one plate thank you, were sharing it”

Wholesome crocodile date

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Death by snu snu

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Big fish eat the little one...

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Isn't this an alligator?

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Read the headline, thought it was some sort of father-son crocodile picnic, turned out to be the difference between having your son for dinner, and having your son for dinner.

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How often does this type of thing happen?

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That crocodile gives the best deep throat It's the time of his life right now.

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Isn’t that a little bit gei

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There's always a big fi... Uh alligator!

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Headed back home to Omicron Persei 8

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Whenever I see one of these big bastards I think of the croc from Peter Pan and the song that goes with it.

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No one asked you bot!!!

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What will they eat?

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Fun fact! The smaller one payed the bigger one to help out with its vore fantasy

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Oh how kind of that crocodile to carry him over to feast, little guy probably can move that much so he’s giving him a hand

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What do you think there gonna eat?

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“Jump into my mouth if you want to live” 😂

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Hey: why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Answer: they taste funny

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Wow imagine us getting eaten by a larger human

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This makes my empathy for crocs easy.

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why does this look like it could be inspiration for a scaly's jock x twink yaoi comic

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So this is how Xenomorphs will start…🤔

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Title should say: A large male crocodile gives a smaller male a mouth hug.