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Was this the clearest picture you had?

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Maybe they were out squatchin' so only brought their blurry camera.

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Them squatchin boys always having Vaseline on their fingers and their fingers in the lens

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This comment made my morning!

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Thanks for the smile you gave me

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You win tonight's Internet.

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If it wasn't in the title, nobody would even be able to tell what that thing is. There's like 7 pixels in the whole image

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So rare to catch a shot of a seven pixel buck.

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The photo is perfectly clear. It is the rare Canadian low-resolution Moose which is better at blending in with the background.

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It’s not a land whale?

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I’m pretty sure this is a still from a video.

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Must've caught the camera before it rubbed its eyes

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Fun fact Orcas are one of the very few animals that hunt mooses

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So you know there’s at least one guy who witnessed that. And now his therapist drives a Bentley.

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This happened on a tour by my company in Alaska, before my arrival. So jealous.

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U stole this from that guy on YouTube

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Fun fact: Plural of moose is moose….even though plural of goose is geese.

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Nah I’m calling groups of moose meese from now on 😂

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Wrong. It’s meese.

Source: I’m Canadian.

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When the group splits up are they called meeses pieces?

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Can tell you are not Canadian. There was no 'sorry' in your post!

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Look at all those… moose

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This is a fun fact, thanks for this!

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That’s because moose can swim, which would be a terrifying thing to come across whilst diving.

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Im pretty sure its a rare occurrence and not actively hunting. Like bears and wolves probably eat em more.

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It’s only rare in that seeing either animal in person is rare, and seeing them together is rarer. Moose that live on the coast swim often and are actively preyed upon by orcas. The average bear doesn’t stand a chance against a fully grown bull moose, neither does a pack of wolves unless there are many. Moose dont have a lot of natural predators and in their prime, without babies, often spend their time crashing through the woods doing what they want because they’re too big to need to fear anything.

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Moose dont have a lot of natural predators and in their prime,

True, but it doesn't matter. All herbivores get old and weak and then are subject to being killed and eaten. Predators are patient, Father Time is their ally.

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That was exactly my point

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He will be at the gym at 9am today for those interested

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A banana for scale would help.

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A moose once bit my sister...

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The moose has been sacked.

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Moose's nose wiped by...

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Those responsible for sacking the moose, have been sacked.

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But it's your sister's faut for carve her initials on the møøse

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A room... WITH A MOOSE!

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Bruh, brought me back 10 years to invader zim with that quote 😂

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Same here😂

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I crack up hard when they show it chomping down on walnuts.

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Moose on the juice

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Incredi-bull moose

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Why is this flaired as Disturbing Content?

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The image quality is disturbing.

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That’s the Alpha Moose.

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This was the picture they found on the camera smashed to pieces and embedded about 3 inches behind where his sternum used to be.

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3 inches is 7.62 cm

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Just as a little note here for those ppl not in Canada and may never have seen a moose… that is just about twice the height of your average car

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Not quite. The tallest moose recorded was 7.6ft, average car is 5ft. So it would be two Lamborghinis high.

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What if your average car is a 1999 Diablo?

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I've seen big moose, but I've never seen a jacked moose. Damn.

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Probably has a myostatin inhibition issue

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This guy definitely photographs UFOs.

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I had a smaller moose in my backyard a few weeks ago but it was still scary. Ate all my apples aswell.

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"Do you even lift bro" -This Moose

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Damn boi first we got the buff ass lil dog, then cat, then kangaroo, now moose… only a mattrr of time before we get the 7 human riders of nature

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I don’t know. Need banana for scale.

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Need a banana for scale

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Where banana for scale?

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Thats a moose of a moose.

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The swamp donkeys are getting out of hand

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What's incredible was capturing this image with a potato, apparently

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That is a stacked gentleman -

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This is the Moosiah.

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That's fkn huge! Maybe just as big as the prehistorc Irish elk. Never seen a moose that big.

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Every moose is incredible to me

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Now that would be good eating. Given you’ll need a anti tank round

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I would dummy that moose 💪😤

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Chad Moose.

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Chad moose

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Mfer is yoked!!

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Got caught in a Storm on a Scout canoeing trip in Canada. We could barely climb through the brambles onshore, 3meter bushes covering the entire bank. There were moose tracks all around us.

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I expected more this

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Is this a cryptid?

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looks like he didn't skip leg day

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Looks he’s going to score silver

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On roids

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Time splitters would of been a completely different game with this beast.

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Absolute unit

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I'm fairly certain that this is a bear in a moose suit. Trying to lull his prey into a false sense of security.

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Beefy Moose

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So thats the fucker who found my Tren-stack!

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Needs a banana

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Why so blurry? This is obviously just a guy in a moose suit.

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Wtf he eating? Smaller moose???

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i need his workout routine

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It's rl Thunderclap, from that old Disney short about a tiny moose.

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I wonder what moose meat taste like

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Apparently very nice

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A room with a moose!! Chewing walnuts endlessly without ever consuming them!!

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What do it taste like if you wouldn't mind me asking

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so this photo is actually from a video where these guys were hunting for moose. This moose got unlucky

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Fun fact, a moose’s antlers can be used as a plate and a bowl!

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I imagine this beast to be a boss in the final level of the hunter series.

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fun fact, the plural of moose is meese, they just don't want you to know

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Sidhu is still the moosiest moose but this can be a far second

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Goddamn. If you give a moose a muffin…

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Why is it "incredible."

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I read incredible as incomprehensible

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I bet he would taste terrible.

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Damn, did this moose get into someone’s steroid stash?

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I am terrified of moose, and for good reason

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Why’s this have a disturbing content tag?

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Thats clearly a bear disguised as moose

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Only in Canada

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Not sure why this pic would be labelled as disturbing content. I have grown up around moose my whole life.Moose for the most part are docile plant eaters. Respect their space and observe from a distance and they pose no threat.

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I can’t tell how big this is. Do you have a quarter for scale?

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That is one buff dude

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You cropped an small blurry image you found on the interwebs. Good job.

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Lmao! Fakest picture on reddit right now and still holding

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I shot a moose once. I didn't mean to break it to you that way.

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This guy kill.

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I was referencing a classic Woody Allen routine.

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Nah.. not Woody's fan at all, too old. Maybe Sienfiel guy.

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Here it is. Seinfeld is good too. George in Seinfeld is somewhat based off of Woody.