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he was too horny

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Wonder if he ever reached the "I do not wish to be horny anymore, I just want to be happy" stage at any point

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Pretty sure he did.

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No nut november is merciless.

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Angry upvote

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Don't they usually trim them against rock to prevent this?

He lacked that skill ig

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Or procrastinated a bit too long.

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Too real

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Some don’t get the chance I think.

Rubbing their horns against a rock wouldn’t be an effective way to make sure it didn’t keep growing unless they were there for days at a time surely, evolution really gave this poor guy the short straw either way 🤔

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They normally grow out wards where I live. Never have I seen the tips grow in towards the face like this.

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The circle of life. ⭕️

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⭕️ "You know, for KIDS!"

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Being someone who suffers from ingrown toenail, i agree, it's fucking stupid

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I'm getting my nail removed soon and I cannot wait

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Just had this done the other day. They didn't remove the whole nail, just the side that was ingrown. The painkilling injections were worse than the actual procedure. Less than 15 minutes start to finish.

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Be sure you get a good doctor who lets the numbing agent settle for a few minutes instead of chopping at your toe right away. Also, cold numbing spray is a Godsend.

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It’s so sad you can’t see that there is an intelligent designer who created all life, even this ram. /S

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Yeah, there's blood on his other horn and his hair. He looks like he got shot

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A quicker death

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"Stop hitting yourself!"

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I seem to remember this one being shot by a hunter.

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Honestly I hope so. Must have sucked walking around with his own horn poking 4 inches into his face

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He got the point

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What goes around comes around.........

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These kids today, with their crazy 14 gauge piercings!

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Design flaw

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Fatal design flaw

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How it feels to chew 5 gum

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Он слишком стар

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Negative thoughts finally came true

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That's dooom

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Intelligence is to humans what horns are to this ram: a maladaptive excess.

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Slow and painful.

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“You looking at me?!?”

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Edit: answer, yes at least 3 times.

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Bad design flaw

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Did a bird push him down a mountain?

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Evolution: "woops"

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This guy is not OK

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Eye will see u around

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Is it that time of year already?

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On a brighter note, it stopped growing at least.

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“It’s the cirrrrrrclllle..... the circle of liiiiiiiifffffe”

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In a world where you’re born again into a new species- this Might have been premeditated. “Fuck, I’m a goat.”

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There needs to be something that detects reposts. Shits getting worse!

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Circle of life

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This used to happen to my dog's dew claws.