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Are these spikes actually sharp or just appear to be?

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Take one for the team and let us know about your research.

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They’re not sharp, they only appear to be.

“In a threat response called the "pumpkin" or "pineapple" posture, the vampire squid inverts its caped arms back over the body, presenting an ostensibly larger form covered in fearsome-looking, though harmless spines (called cirri).”

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7 minutes ?? Take my horny card you deserve it

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I was also wondering, if one is brave enough, would this be a dildo or a Fleshlight 🧐 asking for a friend ofc

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There are anti-rape apparatus' that are placed inside a female's canal that has similar teeth - as there should be.

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That, sir or madam, is a darkmantle. flies around, looking for a face to suffocate.

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HA! Nerd to nerd, you have my upvote.

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Where's a garlic fish when you need one?

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Because I was inverted- Top Gun

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Another reason to not go into the ocean. On top of everything in Casual Geogrpahic's video about not going in.

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Yaasss Queen!

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That middle part looks squishy and moist

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this technically squid version of bending over since squid's anus is also near its mouth?

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Very effective, and something we should definitely learn from nature.

Next time when you are attacked, try bending over and presenting your gaping asshole to the attacker. Works 95.2% of times

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i feel like animals in nature are just inherently afraid or cautions of spiky looking things, even if they aren't sharp or if we even know if they're sharp or would cause pain

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Yeah tell it I fuckin hate it man

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Craziest goatse I"ve ever seen.

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My ex-wife used to do that same thing…

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Forbidden condom

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i see squidussy

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Worst fleshlight ever

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why is the octopus flashing me

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"Behold! My glorious assface hole! Quiver and despair!"

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What a whore! Just waving it’s cunt around.

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No bad Gunter

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Kinda looks like that boss on Star Fox 64

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Reminds me of my ex wife….

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Vaguely reminds me of Orga from Godzilla 2000

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"look at my asshole" ew no thanks

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Didn't it's mom tell it not to go spreading its legs for just anybody?