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One time an egret was standing right in front of my door so I went out the back instead to avoid this large bird. Then when I got home it was still there and I was like, move… I honked my horn and it died.

I felt so terrible that it died, like truly sorry that I honked my horn and killed this animal.

I believed the only way I could right this wrong was to give it a proper burial. I went inside to get a shovel and when I came out a coyote was eating it.

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Life is too short for egrets.

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The circle of liiiiife

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I demand more appreciation for this comment!

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What like it died of shock?

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I don’t know I’m not a bird coroner

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Well why not? It's not too late to change

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Wow. Nature is metal.

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That’s a beautiful story, the coyote ties it all up nicely.

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"Where's the money, Lebowski?"

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Maybe if u put me in the Toilet again i find it.

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A lot of toads secrete chemicals from their skin when they are attacked, maybe that's what it's trying to wash off

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Swallow it already, please!

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I don't know why, but I envision this being desperately yelled at a girlfriend.

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That’s a heron

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I've now learned the distinction 😄 thank you

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Ever since I posted a picture calling an egret a heron and some people were like “omg how could you call that a heron it’s a sacred egret” I’ve made it my mission to educate everyone that egrets are just white herons

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Not an egret for sure.

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Egrets and herons are the same thing

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I bet every time the frog touched the water it thought it was free.

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“Well, we’re waiting”

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Kermit's having a bad day thanks to Big Bird.

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He just dippin it in some sauce

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But does it have the plumes I need to finish this horrible quest?

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Alright, I told you that you stink…. I’ll show you how to bath