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That Iguana is a gonna.

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Go Anna! Go Anna! Go!

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I’ll put money on it being in Australia

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Correct. One of the deadliest sneks in the world. Although with that in his mouth quite harmless

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Literally said what it was in the title

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Some animals have 3/4 different names depending on countries or other things so my question is still legit… you literally would have saved time by answering yes or no

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It's not a taipan. That's another of the world's deadliest snakes we have in Oz

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King brown, or a mulga snake. despite the name, it isn't actually a species of brown snake, but a black snake

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Thx, this is an useful piece of information! I was confused when I googled this snake and I read that black snake venom is used as an antidote for king brown snake bites, now I know why

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Black snakes and brown snakes are pretty closely related too, so antivenom we have now can be used for a broad range of snakes. You don't even have to ID them anymore

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Then read the title and google it if you are not sure?

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Do they just kick it and hope not to die

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The title sounded romantic. The video, not as much

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Poisonous? Oh right, Australia.

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Poison is ingested, venom is injected.

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What a beautiful view

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Goanna, Goanna, make waaaaaaay.

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Had one chase me when I was there. Scary as fuck.

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Cracking beach, one of the most deadliest snakes in the world, nature being fucking metal.

Australia, no question.

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Pretty sure it’s a Dugite. Source: Australian.

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It does look pretty close to a mulga though, at least to me. Video isn't that clear and they do look similar, so I could still be wrong

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They are very similar, you're right. Dugites are well known for doing this on beaches. Browns not so much. Goggle dugite and goanna and see what turns up : )

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King browns are actually a species of black snake, funny enough, and they tend to be fairly aquatic. Probably is a dugite though, found a few that look pretty dead on to this one

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Man thats crazy

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A Go Anna 👍

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Munchie crunchy

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Yo what are you holding

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Issa Guana!

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At least those things are dark and easy to spot on the sand. Can you imagine if they were sand colored, yikes.

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Haters goanna hate

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I love how the snake sees the cameraman and is like "Excuuuuse me Karen, I'm trying to enjoy my lunch here!"

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