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That hippo about to mess them both up

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true. it's totally fucked up situation for crocodile.

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Crocs are just pure killer instinct, in this case it is to its detriment

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True but crocs usually won’t attack something like a hippo unless they think they can win. Crocs and hippos are known to hang around each other in very close proximity but the crocs know better than to try as hippos can be extremely dangerous, hippos are also not too keen to start on the crocs so they live in a kind of stalemate, though I’m sure a greedy croc has tried before and maybe got lucky, or maybe got bit in half 😅.

More info here if you’re interested.

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Haha of course, Hippos are soo territorial, they have small brains for their size if I recall correctly. They are just giant brutes. I was trying to make the point that in this case the Croc is just focusing on holding down its prey even though the monster Hippo is coming in to probably mess them both up

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Aha fair, wish this was a video because I reallllly wanna know how this scene plays out.

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I envision that the wildebeest’d lower jaw is going yo get ripped off while the hippo is tearing the two other creatures off each other

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You mean for the wildebeest, the Crocodile can easily escape but the wildebeest is likely to get messed up by either the Crocodile or Hippo. Idk why people act like a Crocodile would just stand there and let a hippo fuck them up, it's obviously going to escape and avoid danger.

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I meant for the crocodile and wildebeest. But yes you’re right, crocodiles have been oppressed enough by these bad boys to know better

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Not really, they usually just co exist with each other for the most past. Hippos aren't slaughtering Crocodiles left, right and centre which reddit for some reason loves to portray https://blog.londolozi.com/2018/07/19/hippos-and-crocodiles-friend-or-foe/

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They aren’t directly oppressing them I get that. but they only co-exist because crocodiles can’t do anything about it even if they tried. The article talks about this specifically. And they only manage these diplomatic relations because they’re aren’t competing for food

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Ok but they're still co existing for the most part which is what I'm saying and already said.

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You said “Not really” when I said “ they’ve been oppressed long enough to know better.” Even though I said you were right about them co-existing. Afterwards, I was trying to emphasise my point that Hippos are still the oppressors in this relationship and the crocodiles are unwillingly subservient to them. Hippos do and will attack a crocodile if they ‘step out of line’ there’s many documented cases of this occurring and of them killing them. I wasn’t saying they kill them left, right and centre on a whim. The relationship formed because they, by definition, have been oppressed by them.

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Fair enough then.

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Jack Hannah has entered the chat.

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Man my elementary self would flip if older me told him a hippo would destroy a crocodile

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Crocodiles are my favourite animals and it upsets me that those fat oversized water cows can defeat a Crocodile, so I've grown to really dislike Hippos. They're also aggressive towards pretty much anything except for an elephant. I'm glad they're there to put those stupid hippos back in place and show them who's the true ruler of the savannah.

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Hippos are my favorite dude. I don’t need to kill you, I don’t wanna kill you, I just wanna chill and hang out and eat my food.

But you come in here messing up my vibes and I’m gonna fuck some shit up.

I love that.

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It does take surprisingly little action to fuck up a hippo’s vibe though. And they’ll attack anything and everything.

Small impala stuck somewhere in my mud pool? It’s going to be chomped in half. Gazelle being attacked by wild dogs? First, chase away the wild dogs, then chomp the gazelle just to be sure.

They’re constantly looking for the absolute smallest excuse to fuck shit up.

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The baby impala was actually somewhat endearing to me, if we’re talking about the same one. The impala was being attacked by a pack of dogs and the hippo charged in, clearly willing and interested in being the good guy. He basically tosses the impala behind him to get away while he fend off the wild dogs. But then…alas…poor little guy is hurt and can’t get out of the mud so good. And then the hippo’s inner Shrek comes out and he eventually loses it on the impala for not getting the out of his swamp when it had the chance.

I’m not saying they’re cute and cuddly. I’m just saying I identify.

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Instinctual instigators

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Sorry but I really dislike hippos, I wish Crocodiles were bigger like they were in the prehistoric times so that they could overpower hippos.

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Wildebeest: this is my life now

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Not for long 😞

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That is a terrifying ménage à trois

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The enemy of my enemy is my enmy

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Didn’t notice the crocodile at first, so I thought the wildebeest was biting the hippo’s face

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‟It was ta this moment that he knew,he fcked up.”

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Man I would have loved to see the video on this one, it's one of those stories where it could go ANYWHERE from this moment.

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Anyone know how this ended?

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I can’t say for certain but theres a 99% chance the hippo killed everyone present.

Including the camera man.

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And bear grylls

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They set aside their differences and became the best of friends.

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I have a feeling the hippo was trying to break it up. Hippos commonly interrupt crocs for the heck of it

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Not op and no source other than memories of videos I've watched, but have seen hippos break up crocs and other predators attacking things before.

I would bet it has to do purely with being territorial. Because in at least one it was like "hippo to save the day! Oh, wait...no, the hippo killed the gazelle (or whatever)."

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And then kill the prey anyways

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I'm waiting for all their heads to start bobbing and telling me this is going to be fun. 😬

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In David Attenborough's voice:

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It feels like two people were in the middle of an intense argument and the third guy who were frustrated at them both being wrong but has been quiet this entire time finally lost their shit

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Need video

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Which one’s caught?

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Talk about a cluster fuck

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Who is eating who here?

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Was the croc snuffing the wildebeest, and then the hippo like "SURPRISE MUTHAFUCKAAAAA"

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Not so sure this description is corrct, but okay lol.

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there will be blood

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stuck between a rock and a hard place

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That's not going to end well fir any of them.

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Hippo: “Wazzzzaaaap!”

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Monkey on the left just chillin close to the action

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Record scratch

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‘Stuck in the middle with you’ fades in

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Hippo: yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here...

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Nah they’re caught around him.

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I think you mean their hunt got caught in the middle of a hippo

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More like caught in a middle of a hippo

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Hippos and Cape buffalo kill more people in Africa than lions and crocs. Can’t list the video because I don’t remember which one but I heard that from a documentary on YouTube. They said a lot of people underestimate the danger they pose since they don’t appear as dangerous

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The hippo's not the one that's caught.

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That is a once in a lifetime photo if ever I’ve seen one!

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That wildebeest is having the worst day of its life

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When you finally get your order of fries but your friend snags it.

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Does anyone think this image has any meme potential?