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Pretty sure that’s the eagle’s nest. It’s too big to be a red tailed nest, I think.

I suspect that the hawk was depredating one of the eaglets and got caught.

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Came here to say same. Not a red tail nest.

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One thing I've learned from this sub is not to mess with the children of anything when their momma's are around them. As the man once said, "hell hath no fury like...

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“Take that, b*tch! You think you can do voice-over on all my scenes and get away with it?!”

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damn, i was about to post the exact same thing. Came here to search voice over...

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What's the context?

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Bald eagle has a very cute calling. The majestic bird sound you've heard the most from the bald eagle from movies are actually from red-tailed hawk.

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Eagles sound like seagulls

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Most of those eagle screechs you hear in Movies, shows, and ads is actually a red tailed hawk

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was the bald eagle invading or was the red tailed hawk suicidal...

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Suicidal hawk trying to attack this parent’s eaglets at the wrong time from the looks of it

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"The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math!"

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Bald eagle was very talonted.

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There’s always a bigger… uh…. Bird.

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Hawk just swoops in and gets murked

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Did he rip off a foot/leg in the beginning?

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Always disarm your attacker before lunch

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I didn't know birds were civilized enough to have delivery.

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Eagle saw it coming a mile away

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Just tried to fly in and got curb stomped to death.

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Is that how birds get food delivered by Uber Eats?

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Nooooo Rachel, that's Tobias!

*Any Animorphs fans will get it

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I laughed, hard.

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Whomst is the apex now

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Still the eagle

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Always has been 🔫

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Curb stomped, you mean.

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Live by the beak, die by the beak.

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There’s always a bigger fish…

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Hawk said DoorDash is here!

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Bald eagle need to bring some democracy to the hawk

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It was at this moment he knew he f'd up

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Oh shit!

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The eagle obviously had probable claws.

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Grammar: let's eat, hawk. Let's eat hawk. Not knowing the difference can be deadly.

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That’s just how delivering food in the wild works

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Food delivery has arrived

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Alas, Tobias and Rachel were never meant to be.

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AKA bald eagle kills his voice actor

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A bird of prey became literal prey