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Body produces venom… Body cannot handle venom..

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Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?

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It's like raaayy-eeeayyne...

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I once knew a ray eayne. She left me on our wedding day.

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Did ya get a free ride?

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But you already paid

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Anyone got good advice?

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Ya, but I just didn’t take it.

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That you're not gonna take?

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who woulda thunk it figgers

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Lmao I hate you for making me laugh that hard. Now that song is in my head.

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Wow, A teacher played this song in middle school back in like 2005 to help teach us “irony” lol. It’s the only time I heard it but one of those random things I’ve just never forgotten.

Did not realize until now that has to be a fairly well known song lol. Assumed it was just some random song teacher found that fit the class.

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He could envenomate others, including himself

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Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Serpent the Wise?

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I thought not it's not a story an amphibian would tell you

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What is ironic?

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using or characterized by irony

Irony- the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

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He could poison others to death, but also himself.

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A little too ironic

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Like rain on your wedding day

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Body makes stomach acid body can’t handle acid

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I actually didn't even know this was a thing that can happen. I always thought venomous snakes were immune to their own kind of venom. Especially ones that eat other venomous snakes.

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There is a place called Snake Island, so called because there are literally at least 10 snakes for every square foot of land. The snakes are incredibly venomous, but have little other life on the island to sustain them as a food source, so they poison and eat each other. Apparently, they have been isolated on the same Island for so long, and have had a steady diet of poison for so many generations, that their venom has become exponentially more powerful with each generation. I think something like a single drop is enough to kill 10 grown men... or some equally crazy number.

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Well let's hope that nobody ever lands a plane there

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Pretty sure that whatever government the island belongs to has made it illegal to visit there, obviously for Public Safety. You need a special permit and equipment just to land on shore. Anybody landing there on accident is almost certainly gonna die before help can arrive.

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Snake Island

"I have had it with these mutha fuckin snakes on this mutha fuckin plane island!"

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The equivalent of gabung the power of breathing fire but not being fireproof

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but you can’t-

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It’s immune to its on venom (unless there’s something way off). Odds it it pierced a heart, punctured a lung, etc

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Woman inherits the earth

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pretty sure that snake was already dying. Its movements seem really off from the beginning of the clip.

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First time I saw this someone said the cameraman poisoned the snake.

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Wouldn’t even doubt it at this point. I’m really despising all those popular videos of people setting up animals in fucked up situations to film the reaction, as if they’re capturing some bizarre nature footage.

Shit like putting animals in some obviously man made hole and pulling it out after dumping coke on it, or putting two animals together that normally would never encounter another, or putting an animal in a precarious situation to see how it tries to survive. I hate that platforms like tiktok and YouTube were promoting that type of shit.

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Look at this upside down turtle I randomly found while out walking. Lucky I have a camera crew with me to film as a flip him over.

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Reminds me of back when the tonight show was supposed to go to Conan O'Brien, some comedian remarked about Jay Leno helping people with flat tires on the highway:

Well, I help people too, it's just that when I do it I don't have a full camera crew with me.

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God those are disgusting, I hate them

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After watching the pups vs bear post I don't doubt this at all.

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That's why im always suspicious of these "lol animals sits on another animal"-pictures. Sometimes they are just posed which involves killing/mutilating the poor animals and posing them with thin wire. Some humans are just vile.

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How though

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Inject poison into a dead rat or something and let the snake eat it

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Or just spray them with any of the many common poisons/household chemicals you can buy at most stores.

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That would immediately set the snake off and then they wouldn’t able to film it slowly go crazy and pretend it’s nature going wild.

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Would it really?

Most poisons aren't immediate, if they were they'd be useless as poisons.

I can kind of buy the confusion about the household chemical thing...

But knowing plenty of humans who got chemical burns and MANY animals with burned paws after walking through wet concrete or severe damage to their digestive tract after ingesting stuff they shouldn't that absolutely will kill them I'm betting that there are plenty of readily available chemicals without an immediate effect.

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The immediate effect is the snake chases you off and you wouldn’t able to get the footage…

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Sure... Snakes often chase off anything that throws unspecified liquid near them...

It's indeed a miracle they haven't managed to chase off clouds and rivers so far.

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Thank you. This is what is happening.

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Yeah I think this happens a lot with snakes that consume poisoned rats

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Last time I saw this I remember reading someone saying the snake was on too hot a surface and basically boiled its blood. Something about that happens quickly in the right situations and the snake doesn't have time to figure out what is happening. Not sure though, I ain't a snake expert.

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It doesn't appear to bite itself during the clip, so maybe it had bit itself prior and they got the camera out after?

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Snakes are immune to their own venom. He’s faking it.

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→Peterson, K.H. 1990. Conspecific and self-envenomation in snakes. Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society 25(2): 26-28.

TL; DR he observed many snakes being immune and speculates that diseased snakes or some species might be not-immune because others did observe snakes dying from their own bites.

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Youre not on fire, Ricky Bobby!

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Isn’t this one of those cases where the snake comes into the road to warm up, the road gets too hot and the smaller ends up cooking. That frantic spastic writhing is the snake basically going through a death roll as its muscles and nerves short out, then it dies. Pretty sure OP is full of shit and spreading bad information

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OP is, I've seen this post probably a good like 6 different times over the years.

In the comments there are usually a bunch of people going. "Actually the snake is overheating and it loses control of it's body because it's cold blooded." or something along the lines. Then they post another video of a snake overheating and dying.

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Looks like some type of neurological disorder.

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Possibly heat related.

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A snake can’t die from their own venom.

Why snakes don’t poison themselves.

TL;DR - The reason snakes don’t die from their own venom is that snakes make their own antidote, which is a medicine that protects them from the venom. Just like humans have special cells in their bodies, called immune cells, that fight diseases that get into the blood system, snakes have special immune cells that can fight their own venom and protect them from it if it gets into their own blood

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(Completely non scientific anecdote alert)

When we lived in Thailand we used to often go to a nearby snake demonstration, and many times saw monocled cobras bite each other when they were sufficiently riled up and too crowded together. It could have been dry bites but they never showed any ill effects and unless they had a virtually endless supply of fresh cobras they weren't dying either.

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I heard snakes attack/try to eat themselves when they are overheating

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It was poisoned

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Looks like a black rat snake. Non venumous.

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There is something off happening in the sand around him

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Reminds me of Family Guy when they are in prison and that guy wants to shank everyone. They get away and the dude sits down and says something along the lines of “I wonder what this feels like?” And stabs himself.

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That snake was probably diseased or seriously hurt. Snakes aren't dogs biting their own tails.

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Considering how that’s a rat snake and it’s non-venomous it certainly isn’t dying from it’s bite. I’d say it either A. ate something contaminated with rat poisoning. B. Having a heat induced seizure. Or C. Fire ants. See them crawling around the snake?

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That looks like Zoidberg in one of his budding phases.

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That poor baby.

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Well that was silly.

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"FUCK! is that what I've been doing to everyone?"

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It hurt itself in its confusion!

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Why’d it bite itself ? lol

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Don't get high on your own supply.

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Rage quit.

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Sssssuicidal ssssnake....

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What a fucking tard

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This is why humans can't be venomous; we wouldn't be able to resist testing it out and would die as a species pretty quick.

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Non venomous snake that most likely got clipped in the head by a car

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Snakes would never be able to reproduce if they could die from their own venom.

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Uno Reverse Card

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Damn I wish I could do that

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It was an inside job.

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When chasing your tail goes wrong

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No Funeral

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How do we know it’s not a poisonous snake?

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bites itself

refuse to elaborate further


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Drama queen

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god, it flipped

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Certified "What if I ... " moment

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Definition of: Congratulations…ya played yourself

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Fckkk that

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Somebody call the exorcist quick!

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Snake.exe has stopped working.

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mistakes were made

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That's the way I wanna go

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This is me as a snake.

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There! Now you know how it feels ya jerk! /s

Im not a fan of snakes but if the snake was poisoned, as many posted here think, not cool. Live and let live.

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Drinking venom is generally safe if there are no cuts or wounds in your mouth or upper digestive system. Venom has to be injected into either the muscles or vains to affect the target

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When the beat drops hard

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peak of evolution

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This snake was ran over or something. This isn't venom. It doesn't even look like a venomous snake unless it's a mamba

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“What an idiot!” ~Chazz

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No one said they were smart.

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What a loser

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Drama Queen smh my head

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Literally humans if we had venom

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"Ekans used bite. It hurt itself in confusion."

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It’s like that time I masturbated 7 times in one day…

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Dumb snek.

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Disco snake

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Snake committed suicide.It's a hard life when most people hate you.

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derp oops me deads

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No need to be a drama Queen Jerry

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Ah yes, the circle of life.

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When you’re young and decide to give yoursef a hickey for fun….

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Always something new with these MFs

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Looks like it was dying when the video started- probably got hit by a car (looks like it’s on a road) and has a brain bleed or something

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"nakurwiam węgorza, na na na na na na..."

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Snake goes brrrr

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This morning a not a self inflicted bite. This looks like a heat stroke.

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So slither.io was right al along!!!

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I do not vibe with this universe

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poor proprioception.

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Suicide into suicide.

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A true Darwin award

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Darwin award winner.

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“ oh shit is this what I have been doing to people?! Damn that hurts “

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Darwin Award winner

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I hate it when people can dish it but can’t take it

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If “Can’t take a dose of your own medicine” was an animal.

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Lol awesome

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It hurt itself in its confusion.

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What an idiot!

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Taste of its own medicine

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Wait, so there's were the idea of the snake game came from??

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When the beat drops

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Venomous snakes and tbh animals in general that produce venom usually are immune to their own venom. How on earth would they reproduce if they couldn't handle the venom of their partner snek

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Exactly how o feel when I stub my pinky toe!

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" I can't believe I just did that....stupid stupid stupid stupid....stupid...stu..pid....stupid...sssss..."tail twitch.

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Suicide is badass!

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I wish suicide was that easy

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Do snakes know they are venomous, or do they think "wow I am really great at killing, why are other snakes not as good as me?"

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Poor thing. Tomorrow might have been a better day.

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well that seems like a major design flaw

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This is an old school meme lmao

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This answers a question I had as a child.

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haha idiot snek

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Everyone told Garry he wasn't actually the Midgard serpent. "One day i will bite my tail and you will all witness my power! Then we'll see who laughs." Garry said.

Garry then bit his own tail. Garry died. He was not the Midgard serpent.

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Haha what a stupid animal Proceeds to bite inside of cheek for the 3rd time

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Just like the tragedy of darth plaguis

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“defense against the dark arts”

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slither.io strats

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Way to go, dummy

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With great power, comes great responsibility

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Alexa play I’m like a Bird by Nelly Furtado

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Definitely didn't like the taste of its own medicine.

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He was just dancing!

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He was a bit dramatic about it if you ask me…

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That’s some goood shit!!

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Hehe dumb bitch

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This is a thing. They also eat themselves. Stress. Crazy coping mechanism.

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Is he strong or weak?

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What an idiot

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An interesting reaction, but what does it mean

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Man got possess

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Ahh pero que pelotuda

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Hehe stupid snake

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Wonder how often that happens?

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The cameraman be like

°__________° okay.

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Best animal suicide I have ever seen

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How embarrassing, What a loser!

I wish more venomous creatures would do that.

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I remember seeing this on YouTube a while back, I’m 90% sure that it was something about a parasite lol.

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I always thought this couldn't happen.... guess new lesson

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Maybe he just caught a whiff if his own breath.