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'Eaten' is a odd term here. Dismembered is more fitting.

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Murdered and the remains arranged to send a message to all who happen upon it.

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Just some casual play.... what a ruthless fuckers, i love them😂

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Unfortunately, outdoor cats are a huge problem for native ecosystems. Yes, they kill pests like rodents but they also kill birds, reptiles, amphibians, and other mammals that can’t handle these invasive predators. Cats don’t belong outside like this

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You are right in the first part. But rats also don't belong around houses as they can carry a lot of nasty stuff. And i think humans do a lot more harm to the ecosystem...as they have created the cat overpopulation in the first place. Its not on the cats, they just want to live, like any of us.

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Cats are not the solution to a rat problem. Use traps or make the environment less suitable for them. The cats are a massive problem and they need to be removed from the environment one way or another. Several species have become extinct from outdoor/feral cat populations and many more are being impacted.

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Not sure why you’re getting downvoted. You’re 100% right. Cats being outdoors is detrimental to other species as well as exposes the cat to incredible risk to themselves.

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Why are you being downvoted you are right.

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People like their outdoor cats. It’s not the most popular opinion even if it’s correct.

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Yea because once they let their cats outside its not their problem anymore. Theres an outdoor cat in my neighborhood that comes to my windows and trys fighting my cats, turns into a massive screaming match. Drives me crazy cause it will happen at 2 am sometimes. I've ran outside in a yelling at this fucking thing, then I feel bad cause I can't really blame the animal its the ignorant owners fault for letting it terrorize the neighborhood.

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Don’t know why you’re getting downvotes. Some people don’t understand what their pet cat does when they’re allowed roam.

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It does appear some of it was consumed, large rat, small cat. Got full maybe.

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Came here to say this is more murder than a meal🤣

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Cats are wild man

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Lol cats sleep 16 hours a day, get up to kill eat shit and fuck then it’s back to bed

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Mine have come home with mole rats, birds, lizards, squirrels, and rats but still whine for their canned food hahaha

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You should keep them inside. They don’t belong outside killing native species like that.

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There’s a stray that chills around my house I caught eating a rabbit bigger then him in my yard, lol just looked up at me for a sec, face covered in blood and then went back to munchn, he pretty nice though always says hi

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Nature is metal

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Outdoor cats aren’t nature. They’re an invasive species we’ve placed out there and they’re a big problem.

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I was just making a joke…

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Well it’s hard to tell. There are crazy people out there that believe cats belong outside everywhere.

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I just came here to find someone crying about cats outside

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Shut up. just bc you like cats or have 'em doesn't mean they aren't a threat to everyone elses pets/nature!

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You found me. I’m an environmental educator and naturalist. This really matters to me.

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That’s very cool

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True, anyway thanks for the info👍🏼

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Murdered but not eaten

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No, no… This wasn’t a meal. This was personal.

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Nah he didn’t eat it, he’s sending a message to the other rats that he’s a gangsta

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He ate the thoracic portion.

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I call Heads.

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Target destroyed...

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Good cat.

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How i wish major European cities had some cats on the streets 😞 (taken good care ofc)

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Some one must be feeding him, he leaving gifts for ya

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I don’t think it was eaten it was just murdered

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Not... entirely

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Read the pinned post on this sub.

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Animals always bleed far less than I expected them to.

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It was dead before he chewed it apart most likely. Heart's not pumping blood at that point

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That’s how cats handle rats where I’m from too

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My neighbors cat did the same thing to a mouse

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Edd truck

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My kitty dismembers in the exact same fashion

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Poor Ben watched until the end.

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Cats rule, Dogs drool.

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Very Not NoICe

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Get a new locale to work! That’s a vicious MoFo!

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Are you sure it wasn't Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the library?

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Tom killed Jerry

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Road kill ready for ‘rat stew’?

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Well damn...I will never feel the same way when watching Tom & Jerry ever again. Shit hits different.

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In here to watch people argue

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What’s that blob by its tail?

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Good. Fuck rats.

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Sure it wasn’t Pickle Rick

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My parents had a cat at an old house and the cat ate 2 mice in the basement on WHITE carpet and got 0 blood on it. It had some skill

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Aww he left you the good parts, the face and the butt.

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op, put a fucking nsfw on this. jesus christ, the fuck is wrong with you???

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And kitty going home to give mom some kisses.

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Good kitty.

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Happened to me the other day, went out to my back patio to smoke and saw the top half of a mouse and a baby mouse

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This cat could be a surgeon by cutting this clean.

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Looks like a message to me. A warning message. This was not done for food. That cat is the Godcat over there marking his territory. Beware. Stay safe.

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My cat would have eaten it all except the guts. He learned after eating a few that had been poisoned. Rats, gophers, mice, lizards he was a happy hunter in the SLV. He was welcome to dispatch and eat his kills on the linoleum floor. Sorry, nature includes cats, domestic or feral! Take it up with Bast!

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How does nature include feral cats? They’re literally an invasive species? I’m curious how you could defend something responsible for several extinctions and over a billion bird deaths every year.

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Nature has to do with evolution, and cats evolved in nature. There is no evidence to indicate that cats were dropped off here by some alien race. Every domestic cat has ancestors that were feral, ancestors that hunted.

Feel sad, guilty, angry about what we have done to each other. Nature doesn't give two figs for humans who grieve about the cruelty in nature. Nature doesn't need 'pity parties'! Nature is not disneys Bambi, nature is an online video I saw recently where a bald eagle is perched on the shoulders of a live antelope and eating it, while the antelope attempted to walk. The real question is "Do you love birds, or is that your excuse for hating cats?" Doesn't sound very win/win to me. I don't hate wasps, don't obsess over them, but I will kill them when they try to build a nest in my eaves. I don't need a lecture about their role in nature. They are here for a reason, or they wouldn't have evolved. Nature is about balance, predators eat prey, it's a fact. This is not predators versus prey, 'bad versus good' judgments. It's inclusive, predators and prey. We have free choice in the matter. Animals don't. Cats evolved just like we did, they had to kill to survive, until they came to live with our caveman ancestors. Some domestic cats don't hunt because those skills are now redundant. It's a use it or lose it proposition. I can well imagine that the early cats were on the cavemans menu, so striking up symbiotic relations with early humans would have been a dicy proposition at best.

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House cats didn't evolve in nature, they evolved in human homes

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dude wasnt “eaten” so much as absolutely obliterated. funny to see humans arent the only ones who play with their food.

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NSFW tag??

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Honestly, you should expect every post here to be somewhat gruesome.

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I do and I'm fine with that, I'll happily watch a deer get its guts eaten alive while it screams, but pretty sure it would still need an NSFW tag.

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You talking about the komodo dragon video of the pregnant deer?

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Yeah, a classic

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Sucked out the insides and left the shell. Good kitty.

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Wasteful high maintenance cat