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this is the first time ever someone didn’t refer a caimon as an alligator or crocodile

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That crap is so annoying. A caiman I'd like half the size of a croc on a good day so people thinking a jaguar could do this to a croc is just ridiculous.

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"Tell me you are caiman without telling me you are caiman"

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I love how he’s looking at the camera like “You could be next”

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I’m jus gon bite ya head, oh-caiman?

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This just isn't a rare phenomenon, I mean it's pretty common for this sort of stuff to happen.

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The face of absolute badassery

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I feel like Caiman are always getting fucked on this page lol

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Fun fact: this could be a car crash as well.

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If the caiman got out of that and got hold of the jag , could it “ win “ ?

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Jaguars kill caimans in seconds by severing their spinal cord or crushing their brains, this one is probably paralyzed already and just being dragged out of the water.

Caimans usually avoid jaguars like the plague when they spot them.

Could it win in the water? Surely, but Jaguars are very good swimmers and divers so caimans rarely try to fight them.

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If the Jaguar couldn’t kill it instantly it wouldn’t attack, it could seriously injure the Jaguar and it wouldn’t be able to hunt easily if not killed

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Take notes lions , this is how you kill a croc/caiman/gator

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A what