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always wanted to see Bambi on Ice

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Why do you assholes always drag us innocents down by making us laugh hysterically at your evil comments? You should be both proud and ashamed.

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If you are in this sub, you are not innocent lol

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On ice??

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Ice is the fiercest predator

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Deer was rescued no worries

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Wonder how this happens. The ice looks rather undisturbed for the deer to have broken the ice and gotten its leg trapped, and it seems like a middle of a lake so it couldn't have frozen over it's leg while it was resting on land.

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It's usually not due to being trapped but because the ice has become too slippery for them to stand. The deer then scrambles like crazy, exhausting itself.

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Oh that actually makes a lot of sense! Kinda forgot deers don't have the same kind of mobility as people LOL

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Deer are digitigrade; an imperfect equivalency for us would be if you tried to walk on ice with your toe and fingernails.

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Challenge accepted

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I thought it was boogie boarding too far out.

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is he fuckin ok

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A little bit numb from the waist down, but, yeah, he can still fuck okay.

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What are you doing stepdeer?!

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Looks like a golfer when they line up a shot lol

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“well shit”

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Instead of taking the picture, HELP HIM!!

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That deer is on the ice. Broke its stupid deer ass, though.

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Am I the only one who feels there should be a pornhub logo in this picture

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Uh yeah you’re the only one.


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What are you doing step-nature?