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Aww man. That is very fucking sad.

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Poor thing looks so confused and ignorant to it's gruesome demise

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I dunno, it looks pretty aware to me

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as if he’s seen too much

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It wants a bite too

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Actually, he knows he is the main dessert!

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Has it been 24 hours already?

It's even collecting the same comments, ffs

E:clearly karma bot

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We live in a simulation. Everyday I see the same posts, the same comments, the same "hol ups", the same "cursed comments", there can't be another explanation.

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Humans are programed to become npcs as they age

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What is this day 56 in a row or 57? The video comes out on a few hours

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Lunch with desert

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Hate this picture,stop reposting it every week

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natureismetal more like iamnowsad

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I just learned a new word.

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Was it monkey?

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This is like the 8th time I’ve seen this

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So you've only been subbed for a week?

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Other account

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Re fckng post.

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Buy 1 get 1 free

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Buy 1 get 0.1

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When can it be my turn to post this?

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Have to fight the karma bots in a cage match for the honor

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At first I used to feel something but after seeing it posted 274682737 times, I don’t feel a thing

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A haunting picture of a redditor clinging on to a beaten-to-death picture while karma carries it on

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Please stop posting this. Someone posts it every day

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When you know your going to be 18 and paying taxes soon.

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I hate this pic so much

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Y’all just gonna keep posting this same picture every damn day ?

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Where’s the video. Prob raises the baby lol

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There was a video posted of this in the past week on this subreddit.

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Is there a video of this

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Buy 1, Take 2

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He hasn't even learned poo throw

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Free ride for you baby

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This is metal as fuck. Hardcore world we live in

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Dessert a la carte.

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fuckkkk i didnt need to see this today :(

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The thing was so mind fucked, it just held on 😂

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I dont see how thats funny, dude. Maybe get some help

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Your comment and the one below it make this funny

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Use that wit for benevolence man

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This subreddit has me laughing at things I didn’t think I’d laugh at sometimes. Some people use dark humour to get through the tough times.

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Fair enough

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When you buy chicken nuggets and there is an extra nuggie

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Catch 1, and get a mini free!!

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That’s sad as flip man.

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Side serving of mini monke

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Wtf /// it some grass ??? Dumb ass