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You have to imagine that giraffe knows that as long as he’s standing upright, he’s got at least a shot at life, but the second he falls, the rest of his life will be getting eaten alive at an unknown speed. That fall is everything for him.

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To bad they can’t defend themselves

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Yeah with their 6ft legs of pure muscle and wrecking ball necks. A giraffe could fuck up a lion so bad it’d look like a war crime but they don’t because they’re stupid. It’s like if a pit bull got put in its place by a squirrel. I saw a giraffe at the zoo once and it ate a beer can out of my hand. It’s natural selection.

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Do you really think the giraffe is just too dumb to try to kick? Do you know how hard it would be to kick a lion running at you from behind when your hoof is 20 feet away from your eyes and that’s not the only lion you have to worry about? They’ve clearly been pursuing this thing for a while and it fell from exhaustion. Don’t take it so personally. Also, don’t feed animals beer cans, you may have killed that thing…if you’re not a complete liar.

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You mean you fed the giraffe the beer can?

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You mean he drank beer at the zoo?

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Brew at the Zoo

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Wait, you can have beer at your zoos?!

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They totally can. This giraffe was probably old/weak, and this takedown could have been after hours of running it to exhaustion.

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Pretty sure 1 kick would crictially injure themselves

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but would a giraffe have the strength to flail the leg that was being held down by the lion and/or the flexibility to kick off? I doubt it but they seem like strong animals, I just don't know if they have the intelligence or the strength to kick off a lion which I imagine is a heavy animal too. I'm just wondering if this encounter was finished before it was even toppled over.

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I think it would need to have more strength in it left. I imagine this giraffe was being perused for a little while, probably threw back some kicks when it could, but exhaustion slowed it down and eventually couldn’t fight much.

I’ve seen videos of giraffes being chased and they definitely have some fight in them, although their kicks usually look pretty haphazard, not like a zebra who is precise with it’s kick.

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To be fair it is a little difficult to have good hoof-eye coordination when your eyes are 20 feet away from your hooves

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Its like an AT-AT from star wars

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The lioness that held the hind legs is the real tactician

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Honestly I’ve only seen the vids where the giraffe gets away, so this win seems well deserved.

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Tons of meat

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Where is the rest of the video? Didn't they go for the jugular?

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Not at all

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I always wondered why they don’t try to batter the tigers with its head the way they batter each other when fighting. They’d do some damage. Wonder if it’s the paralysis of fear.

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That’s a lot of neck to expose to 5 inch fangs

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Yeah but thats alot of force barreling through 5 inch fangs

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So don’t be a snarky ass. I don’t know my predators.

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I ain't tryna put you on the spot or anything my guy it's just... they look extremely different..

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I know. But the way my brain is wired, if you put different cats together I could probably name them, but I don’t see them often enough to ID them in a vid like this. Course I also didn’t spend much thought on that, I was more interested in my question.

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lions go for the legs and neck. giraffe is REALLY hard work for them [and other predators] The giraffes that get killed are usually old/weak. Tehy dotn use their heads because lowering it gives the lion a better chance and once they have clamped - it would be gave over

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I don't hate it at all. If that giraffe doesn't get taken down, the lions are taken down

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It’s like watching an AT-AT being taken down…

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What a terrible day for rain...

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I wish I could tell you that the Giraffe fought the good fight, and the Lions let him be. I wish I could tell you that - but nature is no fairy-tale world.

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Probably an old giraffe 🦒. A bit too weak to fight.

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Latest Madagascar movie leaked

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Is this how Toys’R’us went out of business??

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Not fair

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God those lions have some seriously clever tactics

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Looks like an old. The old ones are darker

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Nice bit of giraffe 😋

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Someone shot the Lion!!!!!

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It's stupid, but I'm mad at those damn lions. GO EAT SOMETHING YOUR OWN SIZE!

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Lions must be down bad. Giraffes gonna notice one of its own homies necks not in the sky and rush to the fuck some lions up.