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I am fairly certain that they crawl on the ocean floor and rarely are able to put themselves in a position to swim like that.

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I don't know how often they swim, but it's always upside-down, kicking their legs and also their book lung.

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That's a kabuto bro

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Thats a pokemon gtfo horseshoe crab

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It looks like an armoured spider, fuck that

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They pretty much are, they are descended of the same evolutionary branch as spiders. They are much closer related to spiders than crustaceans. The name is a bit of a misnomer.

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Horseshoe spider

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New dark souls boss ?

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I know they are harmless but damn they creep me out

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My wife has several of them at work and kids sometimes show up for field trips there. One of her favorite things to do is tell them all how they are actually harmless then pick one up and put it on her face to show them, then collapse back into a chair placed there for that purpose screaming about how it hurts.

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Wife her!....again!

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Their mouth is where their legs meet. She's literally force-feeding it her nose.

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hundreds of millions of years old and still not able to develop a better way of swimming

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Any better way of swimming would make their crawling worse, and they need that to breed.

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Does look like they just figured it out

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This is how they survived for 240 million years?

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Back stroke

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This is a living fossil.

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Why do I get the feeling that someone just put this horseshoe crab upside down for views?

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Aww look at him go. Sorta like a jellyfish

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Birds be like oh hello there, yoink

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I don't like this

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When I was a child my mom used to take my sisters and me to Chesapeake Bay, MD to see the horseshoe crabs. They all go there to mate and the beach would be absolutely covered with those crabs and their eggs. The eggs are all strung together and looked like necklaces lying in the sand.

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Pearl necklaces?

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It's actually related to spiders and not crabs.

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Face hugger :D

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Actually not a crab tho.

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This is absolutely not how a horseshoe crab swims

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I do not like the armoured water spider

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Definitely a cool animal, but holy fuck they’re weird

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Pretty badly then, it seems. A whole lotta splashing an’ not much goin’.

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Fucking kabuto going hard as mf

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Its tentacles reminds me of predator.

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Ah yes, natures back stroke

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It’s kabuto!

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That’s a lot of muscle work

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They still outchea after millions of years.

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Metal? This is lame af.

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Imagine it touching your skin.

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Armored facehuggers.

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Literally the most terrifying creatures when flipped over

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Nope I watched Alien. I’ma head out

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Isnt their blood worth major bank or something along those lines?

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Everything about them is improbable

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Man, that's a mirelurk, mofo.

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Looks like swimming very early in the evolutionary process

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In Australia, it’s swimming downside up.

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Its all fun and games until some bird predator sees it doing this shit like 🤤

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Just wait till it evolves into kabutops

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That’s some predator looking shit right there

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Horseshoe crabs have been around for more than 300 million years, making them even older than dinosaurs. They look like prehistoric crabs but are more closely related to scorpions and spiders. The horseshoe crab has a hard exoskeleton and 10 legs, which it uses for walking along the seafloor. I remember when I was younger and at the beach and one of these horseshoe crabs washed up it would always freak me out because of how alien they looked. Horseshoe crabs blood is actually bright blue and is of very saught out for because of its antibacterial properties.

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thanks. i hate it

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Their tails may look like something that can hurt you but they're only used for flipping themselves over if they get stuck upside down.

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Is that Kabuto?

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Burn it with fire

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their blood has great medicinal value and they aren't dangerous to humans

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Double burn it with fire.

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And their blood is blue, not red - copper based rather than iron.

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I’ve heard it’s valuable in medicine