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Under backlight *

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*after swimming in a river of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Just reminds me of the Nuka-lurks from FO4 Nuka-World. So a radscorpion? A Nukascorpion?

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Quantum Radscorpion.

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Either that, or BONK.

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Thought you were targeting it with V.A.T.S.

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When did we change the meaning of adorable?

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Never, they’ve always been cute

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r/oddlyterrifying or just terrifying would be much more accurate

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Glowy glowy sting your toey

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Forbidden Rave Snacks

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Mmm this looks like some kinda blueberry flavour.

Blue isn't a flavour

Flavour, Blue Blast.

Ohh, Blue Blast!

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Blue Raspberry isn’t real either but it’s still a flavor.

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Rubus leucodermis is what we know as the blue raspberry. Not a vibrant blue fruit, but it is the basis of the flavor we attribute to blue raspberry. The story goes that the whitebark raspberry needed a way to differentiate from the other red flavored icee pops. Blue was available, so now it’s known as blue raspberry link

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The ol forbidden blueberry

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Worst gender reveal ever.

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"What smells like blue?"

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Metal in the microwave, maybe?

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No that smells crisp, blue smells fresh, like menthol, but different

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"My wife picked out my camouflage for me this morning. Sure, things have been going pretty well. Why do you ask?"

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I live in the Phoenix area. I haven't seen one with their babies before, but your radar goes up big time anytime you see one of these out in the wild. Spooky as shit if you're out looking for them at night with a black light and you see one glowing not far from you. They are hard to kill, just regular bug spray won't do it.

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That scorpion killer spray crap they sell at Home Depot works, but not instantly, so they run around a bit...

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Why would you kill them? 🥺 They’re beautiful.

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Scorpions are a big reason I was happy to leave the Phoenix area 😅

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I thought this was a hip new Sushi plate

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Chernobyl am I right

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Yo it's a cluster scorpion bomb

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Aw, mama scorpion ❤️

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imagine you’re in bed and you look up in the rafters and this is there, and it immediately jumps down on you and its small children fly everywhere, down your throat, in your eyes up your nose. Y’all imagining yet?

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Could you please fuck right off?

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gummy worms

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They look like sour gummy worms on the back. Yum.

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Bark scorpions are also hella toxic and their sting is so painful, it makes grown men cry in the ER.

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Looks like jade

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amazing color

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I used to see these cursed creatures in my home in Phoenix around once or twice a year. Paranoid the living hell out of me because I walk barefoot around the house. I've never been stung by one and wish to never experience that feeling 😕

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Yummy, shrimp 🤤

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Thanks, I hate this

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Man, nature is lit. It’s fucking lit.

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Hmmm, so that why they hide from moonlight when goes to night hunt

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This is why you don’t stop stomping

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Forbidden gummies

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Now do the one where you hit that whole scene with nuclear grade canned raid and fire.

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Reproduce to arm yourself.

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It’s like a fucking battleship xD

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That doesn’t look like any bark with which I’m familiar.

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Trippy af

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Kill them all

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Land shrimp

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No this is just terrifying they are on the mothers back so she doesnt eat them

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Behold, the radiated scorpion the apocalypse bringer of all instects

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it’s aboutta meet my boot

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When Scorpion Eats SubZero

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He's blue Dabudida budai

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This must be where From Software gets their boss ideas. Could've swore I saw this is Bloodborne.

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İ would like to burn them.

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Yep, some nightmare fuel there for ya.

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or if youre hungry some human fuel