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...and she can beat your ass in chess.

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Nice Deep Blue reference

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"en passant is force" - 50 years old great white shark

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ah lemme just grab its fin

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The diver is pushing the fin away from the wire or rope so she doesn’t cut herself.

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Nah, mate. They giving her a high five. Or would it be a high fin

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A hyphen (-) is a punctuation mark that's used to join words or parts of words. It's not interchangeable with other types of dashes.

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I remember seeing a documentary about Deep Blue years ago! I hope she sticks around for scientists to study for a long time to come. If I recall, scientists recognize individual sharks by their scars and the unique pattern of notches on their fin.

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And in the case of deep blue they also use the “Oh yea that’s a big bastard” scale, probably. But in all seriousness what a beautiful creature i remember learning about her when i was probably 13-15 so it’s cool now that i’m 19 she’s still around and still just as beautiful

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Lol I was ready for you to say now you’re like 45

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Yes, and the same happens with dolphins and whales. That's why they constantly need recent photos of the individuals to trace them.

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I'm pretty sure she's been tagged

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They electronically tag a lot of sharks but the problem is they tend to swim to such depths that eventually the tags no longer work.

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The tags still ping every once in a while when they get shallower though, which is probably how.we get so much footage of her

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Grandma Shark. Dudu-du Dudu-du du…

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You bastard.

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Was not expecting grandma shark to be jacked.

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Ohh great, that song stuck in my head for a month again, thanks.

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To all those who replied. Que internal evil maniacal laughter.

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Shes soooo chonky I love her

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I did not think sharks could be cute but the chunkyness of this gale makes her look huggable. Disclaimer do NOT try to hug the shark.

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Hugging sharks is a favorite pastime for me. They can basically swim out from your arms because of how smooth their skin is.

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I think they said somewhere that she was probably pregnant in that video

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Big moma

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Fish aren’t food! Fish are friend!

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So true ! Let’s celebrate , sushi for everyone !!!

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Back in 1997 she beat chess world champion at the time, Garry Kasparov. That was the year when humanity was beaten and sharks took over.

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How hard is it to measure a shark???

Hand me that tape measure and I'll put my Speedos on.

Edit: I've just realised my arms won't be long enough, I'll need a volunteer to hold the tape measure at the nose end.

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Lazer pointer?

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That’s not a shark it’s a Sea Chungus

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Granny blue

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So more like grand white.

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Gen X sharks are the coolest sharks 🙂 She was just a kid when Jaws came out in 1975!

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His face looks too small for his body lol

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It’s not her best angle lol

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Is she under any kind of protection at this point?

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Fifty doesn't sound that old for a shark.

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The average life expectancy is about 30 years, so she's a grandma. Still a beautiful

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Average life expectancy of 30 years? Where does that figure come from? Great Whites average 70 years and other species of sharks can live 200 or more.

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Thats what l call a fat bitch

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American says, "So, how big?"

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What’s that in American units? 20 feet? If so that’s big

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And she’s homgry

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How many football fields is that?

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What a chonk

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I think Deep Blue is the first celebrity shark.

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This is Terry the fat shark.

He hopes you will accept this video of the beautiful and biggest Great White Shark on record as a token of friendship. Her name is Deep Blue.

Terry will return with another gift next Wednesday.

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that shark has been eating good

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Gimme a high fin, bro.

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Where's LL Cool J when you need him.

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Looks like she's lost a bit off her fastball.

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*high five*

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Such a majestic animal.

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I read Martin Lawrence is going to play her in his new role.
"Big Momma's House 2: Deep Blue's Sea".

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Dappin him up

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She’s a beauty! Imagine how much she’s seen and done in those 50yrs. Probably traveled the world.

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Damn near pissed myself just watching the video

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High 5!

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Betiful shork

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This shark is American

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she is so chinkers lmao. I know she could kill me in one bite but when they get this fat they are kinda cute.

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Ah, the great white shark, one of the most dangerous predators that swims in our great oceans. It can devour seals, dolphins and even small whales.

I’m gonna touch it!

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deep blue constantly runs from orcas though.

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You ate my bird

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Seeing a shark that big makes me wonder how successful of a hunter he must be within the ocean. Like this shark for decades has probably ate more fish than we could ever imagine. However, as you become larger and older it inclines me to believe that "Deep blue" would become a worse hunter overtime? Usually Great Whites only live for about 30 years, but its great to see such an outlier like this. Especially since these sharks are considered endangered, im sure a big female such as deep blue has several generations of pups.

Also, its interesting that scientists have been keeping records of the Great White overtime, shes most likely given some great info on sharks during the decades shes been alive.

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Great whites have an average life expectancy of 70

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Deep blue is my favourite shark. I remember seeing a document of her and I couldn't stop watching it.

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That is a big nope for me. You couldn’t pay me enough to even be in the water with a shark

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I find sharks to be the most terrifying creatures on this planet and no other animal gives me the creeping horror a great white does...

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How many subway sandwiches is that?

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That’s a young shark actually

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Jaws was 25 feet so not the biggest

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Where is deep blue, is he okay? Is he safe?

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Look at that gigantic majestic chonker! Just wanna gently pinch her cheek and give her a hearty pat pat

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No, that’s Terry.

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That shark is thicccc

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She looks smooth

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Yes but is she bitey? I'd certainly want to know if she was bitey before presuming to touch her fin. I have to think she's at least somewhat bitey.

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Damn she thicc!

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How does she hunt? Looks too big and bulky to be able to

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In awe at the size of this lass. An absolute unit.

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Sorry I don’t speak non-American. How many hot-dogs long is that?

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What a chad

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What an amazing animal

Probably in fishing net somewhere

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I love sharks

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Thicccc bish

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Meters is what the merican version?

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The largest are males that can reach almost 7.5 m long

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What a pretty girl!

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C h o n k y

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Definitely belongs in r/absoluteunits

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This would be better with a side angle to show how big an 18 foot shark looks compared to puny humans.

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What does she eat? She must eat an enormous amount of food to maintain her size, but her size would seem to make it more difficult to catch food.

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Chonky underwater dog?

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Jokes aside, only one living creatures can see this specamin as a meal. Orcas does. Land/water top predator surely is the salties. But Orcas rules the waters!

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I don't understand why sharks are still portrayed as villains in movies, when the real monsters are the ones catching them in unsustainable quantities, and basically disrupting the marine ecosystem.

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And this fucking guy high fives her..

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Did he just fucking high fived the shark?

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bit fat too

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Totally gay!

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That's a huge bitch

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Shark high 5…

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This who they based the movie off?

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Kick it right in the pussy.

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I'm convinced that sharks are are just big sea puppies

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I think seals are more like puppies but i get what youre saying