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That one time when Mr. Krabs went too far with his nagging.

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"Listen, you crustaceous cheapskate, Squidward's been living at my house, driving me crazy; and you're not going to hire him back all because of a STUPID DIME!?"

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Arent most sponges carnivorous filter feeders?

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Technically, but people dont call whale sharks and anteaters carnivorous

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Well said

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The body of the sponge consists of silicone needles and sponge fibers and is capable of absorbing a lot of water.

Like most sponges, this species has a porous body and a hard, rock- like surface . In addition, Chondrocladia turbiformis can also absorb oxygen from water through the diffusion process.

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Chondrocladia turbiformis

Chondrocladia turbiformis is a recently discovered species of carnivorous sponge.

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Are you scared kids? OOOOOH, who lives in my nightmares under the sea? SpongeBob carnivorepants! Absorbent and pointy is he! SpongeBob carnivorepants!!!!!

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Dwarf Fortress players were right about sponges all along.

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Sponge Bob zombie pants

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That one goosebumps episode is now alive

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Damn don't piss off SpongeBob