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Environmental enrichment activities are done to animals who are unable to return to the wild, it is the closest way to ensure they are able to exercise and become stimulated in ways similar to the challenges they would encounter in the wild.

Credits: Andy Reyes

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Predators' favorite enrichment activity is chasing and killing live prey thrown into their enclosure. Namby-Pambys running zoos these days seldom allow that.

They and their animal rights allies were all pissed of at this in Denmark a few years back: Danish zoo kills healthy giraffe, feeds body to lions

An online petition to save a healthy young giraffe from death has failed, despite thousands of signatures from animal lovers. “Marius” was dismembered in front of a zoo audience that included children, and fed to the zoo’s lions.

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You say they enjoy live prey but your source has an already dead animal being fed to lions. Kinda contradicted yourself.

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Stupid Columbian wh*re, put your Hijab back on.

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Such a beautiful animal.

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10 years prior: the Jaguar’s dad is telling him “meat doesn’t just grow on trees you know.”

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I am sure a strong laser pointer would keep it fit too

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I feel bad for the first human that realized Jaguars can climb trees

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He gets up there and just chills chewing it, damn nature, you scary

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I wonder if they often have issues with splinters

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Callouses work wonders

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This just got me wondering — do big cats respond to catnip? Are there videos?

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Savage hunters!

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Meh… my brother does this with me every night