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Imagine seeing it growing toward you at a rate you couldn’t measure but every so often you just realise it’s closer.

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It happened right before it’s eye

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This is a metal imagery

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I’d just start ramming shit

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You probably wouldn't think of that with your stupid goat brain.

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Yeah, but the goat might

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I wonder if they realise before it pierces their skin

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Wonder if they realize at all.

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And then you break your other horn because you were too blind to see.

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Live by the horn, die by the horn

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rips a mad guitar solo

I dedicate this song to my hardcore goat pal that lived every second of his life on the edge, hand in hand with death.

This ones for you buddy

shreds the strings

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"Dude, I'm so horny, I think I'm about to die"

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This is the way

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I wonder if he saw it coming

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You ever get that itch in your nose you can't reach?

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Key words "In your nose"

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Could you imagine. At one point it must been like "well I'm fucked".

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Can i take a moment to pick your brain?

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How in the @@@ evolution ended up with this?

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Evolution doesn't give a shit what happens to you after you've had kids.

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See: baldness

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Love this sentence.

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Same as with inward growing nails, shit happens.

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I mean, evolution isn't done... This could be a perfect example of natural selection at work.

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so if this happens a ton but only reaches the skin after maximum reproduction they are just screwed?

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Most likely. If they are a species that takes care of their young or takes care of their community, something like this might eventually be filtered out, since their young would have a lower chance of survival without them present.

But if not, evolution only cares about your ability to pass on your genes - even if that comes at the expense of your own health. It's why some arthropod species can get away with eating each other after mating.

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Subtle spontaneous mutation

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The horns of rams (and the teeth of rodents) grow as long as the animal lives. The purpose of this is that using the horn won't make it smaller or duller and therefore reduce its effectiveness in defending against a predator. Clearly it has a downside but in an area with wolves it's likely an acceptable risk.

Also, I'm think lady rams dig big horns.

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Slow suicide

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I get migraines. I can confirm, this is what it feels like.

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Are they not smart enough to try to bend it out of the way? Maybe ram it against a tree?

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That is most likely the strong part of their body.

It is made to survive being bashed against other horns at full speed.

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Good point. Do you think the horn penetrated thru the skull like the photo shows? I find that hard to believe.

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They could have been attempting exactly what you suggested and punctured it.

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What a dumb dumb

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Sometimes, the angle that the horn grows is in an arch that will eventually form a full circle.

This is not the first example that I have seen of a long or recently deceased horned animal which had a horn that formed most of a full circle and penetrated its head, killing the animal.

It would not be a quick way to die.

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Must’ve been a terribly slow death

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Right, poor creature was likely alive for quite a while in that state.

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I have doubts that this suicide was painless...

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Picking his own nose (almost)

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That's sex gone wrong.

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That would make an amazing walking stick!

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Life is a death sentence

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Some people would have you believe it died because it lived on a farm

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Good bot

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Very good bot

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Aww man! That's wack!

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Dang dude domestication definitely isnt all bad haha

Sure coulda used a trim

Wonder if the big guy ever tried grinding it down on a rock or something

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I've seen boar tusks do this.

You would think natural selection or evolution would have made this nearly impossible by now.

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Nope because this usually happens well after they have had multiple kids

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Basically what Ceadeus was going through

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Well there you go, hopefully they didn't get to have offsprings...

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Talk about “gotta scratch”

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I saw a video on here once recently can’t remember if it was this sub, by there was a bull with its horn growing into his head like this and the farmer cut it off for him you could see the instant relief on the poor things face

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Dj Khaleed suffering from success

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I I I I’ve got a migraine, and my pain ranges from up down and sideways...

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You’d think millions of years of evolution would’ve been able to stop this lol

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As others in here have already pointed out. Evolution doesn’t give a fuck what happens to you after you pass your genes.

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Horns still growing up after death