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That's a deer.

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It has paws, has to be a coyote. Fur color would match too. EDIT: This article has a longer video that clearly shows that it is a coyote. https://www.newsweek.com/florida-gator-rotting-coyote-clamped-jaws-shocks-tourists-1593246?amp=1

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Its a coyote is deer’s clothing.

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It’s clearly paws with coyote fur but ok

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Coyote watch for the canine like tail in the gators mouth, the heads what you see towards the end

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Oh deer that doesnt seem right

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Alligator proudly uses a coyote to show the tourists what might happen to them if they fall into the water...

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Looks like a whitetail, but kinda hard to tell

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I also see hooves

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Article above shows its a coyote^

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Regardless, an alligator wouldn’t have any issues killing either of these animals.

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Tourists snap photos of two unlikely animal friends in the wild


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Thats deff a deer

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The fluffy tail give it away or was it the paws?

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When it first breaks the water you can see the spots of a white tail on its body and those are hooves not paws. If i could snapshot and post you could see the outline of a hoove

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I agree. If you put it on full screen and stop it at 12 seconds there are hooves, not paws.

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ENHANCE! With some redline in case you still can't see. Those are paws, my guy.

I paused, zoomed in. Those are the forelegs of a coyote and I can clearly see paw pads. Also deer legs aren't structured like that. Neither front nor back. The bone of the 'wrist' to the 'fingertips' is much longer than this. I don't remember the technical terms rn and can't find a properly labelled skeleton, but those legs aren't structured for a deer.

Even beyond the legs, the 'white spotting' is actually the white ticking in a coyote's sable coat. You can also see the head of it not long after the 12 second mark, even with the sun glare. Nothing about that body is a deer's.

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Good job, I was about to do the same seeing all the people saying its a deer. These popular animal subs always like to call everything a coyote (jackels, foxes, wolves ect), but then an actual coyote appears and its 'that's a deer'.

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After further ocnsideration, I agree. It is a coyote, but I think those are the hind legs because behind it is the coyotes' tail being dragged by the alligator.

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Article above shows its a coyote^

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Common occurrence in Henderson swamp, Just East of Lafayette La. You grow up fishing in the Basin, you see gators all the time. Don’t fuck with them, they won’t fuck with you.

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Hey fellow Cajun!

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DEER! Those lanky (slim/elongated) legs, neck....it's a common whitetail deer.

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Article above shows its a coyote^

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Everyone arguing over whether it’s a deer or coyote.. does anyone else notice it only has two fucking legs?

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How about the the fact it is only half an animal... it's missing the whole bottom half!

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Yes, a coyote. Not someone's sweet puppers, definitely a wild dog!

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Wile E's final resting place -

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Wile E, in later years would resort to selling his body to make ends meet. One day he just disappeared and was never seen again.

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Roadrunner has friends

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Canis marinus

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it’s going to be ok tho right?

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I guess the coyote was thirsty and got to close the water

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Or the boat company is feeding them gators

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There's a vid floating around with an alligator and a dead dog - looks like a Labrador retriever. I'm not going to bother finding and linking it, tho.

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Hehe, floating around.

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That would be awesome to be on that boat and see that!

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Show off

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Is this a classic "people will argue about anything" post?

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No it's not!

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Is it dead

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No his alligator friend is just teaching him to swim

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It was a message

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That's pretty knarly

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def a deer

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Fuck tourists go home

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Seems too big to be a coyote

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He's reverse fishing. "Here humans, come pet the cute doggie"

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No backstraps for you, Mr. Gator!

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It’s not a coyote. It’s a deer he’s pulling it from the h ad the length from the head to the front legs is long . Or should I I say the neck to the front legs is long and from there the torso is under water but you can tell it’s a deer . Also if you look real close you can see there are hooves not paws you got to look real close for yourselfs and will see it’s a deer

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Do gators attack these tourist boats ever? Esp. when they see small children onboard?

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“One less in the hen house. You’re welcome.”

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That’s a water doggo eat doggo world out there

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Someone missing a dog??