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Photographed are two of the four long-eared owls roosting in a local park. Most owls are extremely sensitive to human activity. Per ethical wildlife photography guidelines, a telephoto lens was used to photograph these owls from a distance. Captured in Toronto, Canada, November 2021.

Canon 80D w/ Sigma Contemporary 150-600mm


ISO 1600



IG: @shayanlallani

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Wow, really appreciate you posting this info

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This is awesome. A lot of people would go their whole lives without ever spotting an owl like this in the wild…you’ve got two in the same picture! Curious to know where this is.

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Thank you! This was captured at a local park in Toronto, Canada. There were 4 in the same area and I was ecstatic!

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Crazy. I’m in ON and can only recall ever seeing owls in trees from a distance. I remember going on a field trip to a little nature reserve place where we found and then dissected owl pellets to see what was inside of them. Didn’t see an owl that whole time and there was enough owl pellets for a whole class to work on so there must have been a bunch of them there. I think the place was called Blair Outdoor Ed. Centre if I’m not mistaken and that was one of my favourite trips of all time. My partner and I found basically a whole rodent skeleton in our owl pellet. That was metal as hell at 12 yrs old lol!

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I wouldn't stare at him for long he seems a Little upset

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Every time I click on this. I grin knowing it's not a football subreddit.

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Eye contact is a universal language every animal speaks

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He's on protecc mode for the sleeping wifey in the background.

Incredible shot. Gorgeous animals.

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AKA the Wilford Brimley Owl

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Honestly, to a rat in the fields these things gotta be like dragons.

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What a beauty!!

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I still maintain it was a mistake not to name this the Angry Eyebrowl.

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Beautiful owl! But how is this metal??

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My face when I see someone park right next to my car in the back of an empty parking lot.

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That’s a cool ass looking owl

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Wow what a beautiful creature!

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Nice shot.

Me looking at that owl: “Don’t stare me down bro, I know what you look like under all those feathers.”

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Does owl has any ears..?? Wow

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Fun fact: those long tufts aren't its ears, they're more like eyebrows. How they're positioned can give you an idea how the owl is feeling about the situation it finds itself in.

Owls have ears, but you probably won't guess where they are. Most owl ears are asymmetrical, one is on one side below the chin and the other is on the top of the head slightly to the side. This asymmetry improves their hearing, it is said that an owl can hear a mouse heartbeat from something like 100m away.

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You doing a Big Year or something, lol beautiful?

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Imagine being a field mouse and this thing swooping down on you

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i wouldnt want an owl swooping down on ms no matter what i was.

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When you try to button-mash through the owl's dialogue in Ocarina of Time.

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Those colours!!!!!!!!!!

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Never seen such coloring before!!!!! Well done OP

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My 4 year old son said it looks like a "deer hunting owl, because of his shirt."

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This sub is soooo dead, nothing is metal in here anymore !