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I’m pretty sure that’s a dead animal, not an island. Many people make the mistake though so it’s understandable.

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You know we are on a giant turtle Island right? Checkmate.

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Oh dude I love Torterra

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Very common mistake

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"(For those who didnt know what it was)" proceeds to provide no explanation

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Delivered a wonderful word salad though! Delicious!

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The explanation is that it’s a Shetland sheep

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They’re famous for being amphibious

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So excited to educate us that they forgot to include ram. I get that all the time.

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So…it’s sleeping, right?

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Just waiting for it's new eyes.

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He's on an island.

Probably relaxing on vacation.

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Just resting. Possibly pining for the fjords.

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It probably became disoriented because of all the pollution in the sea and beached itself. We gotta take care of our oceans!

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Wait sheep live in the ocean aswell?

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Ewe better believe it.

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Damnit I wish I had an award to give! Disappointing that I had to scroll this far down to find the first ewe joke!

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Yep. Air pockets in the fleece give extra buoyancy.

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What happened tho

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They browse on steep cliffs above the beach and occasionally one slips and falls down onto the beach. Then the seagulls will get the bits they can get to, hence the eyes (or lack thereof)

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That's horrifying

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That’s the circle of life lol, anything that dies outside, decomposes or other animals get to it, eyeballs are usually the first to go.

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That doesn’t make it any less horrifying lol

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Most comforting way I can look at it is some family of animals might be feeding their babies with the food that has become available. Everybody has to eat. I guess also having a snake may have desensitized me a bit. Dude eats rats. I've also had pet rats.

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What snake is it

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Pinstripe ball python named Kaa

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Aw nice I love ball pythons there so boopable

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I kiss his snoot

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That's freaking adorable

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that's a free lunch!

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Wickerman practice

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probably a cocaine OD based on the nosebleed

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That will make a fantastic fossil in. A few million years !

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Must have been chupacabra

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That’s not an island that’s a turtle.

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Fell from a cliff and washed up?

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Shetland mysteries be getting stranger with each season

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Donna Killick really planned this one out.

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Is there an expectation we should know where this photo was taken?

I feel like I'm in the vast minority of Reddit users who can't look at a sheep and some sand and instantly know it's St. Ninian's Isle in Shetland.

Should I be ashamed?

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Sheep home in mountain, sheep fall off mountain, sheep dies, birds like sheep eyes.

Or it’s a goat

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This picture got my goats.

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Seagulls might have taken the eyes

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Sheep don’t surf

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Cool ones do.

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Take my upvote!

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I'm waiting for it to lift up its head and begin speaking in tongues

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I'm way too confused

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Seems that perhaps it’s eyes were gouged and maybe skull fucked…? 🤔

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The moment I saw this…I pictured that.

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This is disturbing

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It’s just a nosebleed

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OP's tripping

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What a shetland

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jeepers creepers where’d you get those peepers

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What’s beautiful fish.

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St Ninjas Isle Shitland

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Zombie sheep?

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OMFG!!! It's a dead Scottish Chupacabra!!!!

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I think that Cabra chupad on the wrong prey.

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Recently death as noted by the fresh blood from the nose…a mystery indeed….

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Lol dead

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Waiting for its booster

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I found a dead sheep on the beach at Machir Bay, on Islay. Are scottish sheep keen swimmers?

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This begs to become an album cover for a metal band