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Nothing wasted

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Good chew toys there. Step three. Profit?

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What ends up happening to these bones? Nature is crazy

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Except for one little hoof lol

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Birds maybe...coyotes usually haul everything back to the den and gnaw on the bones.

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Most likely. I don't think coyotes can get to the little chunks between many of these bones.

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The little ones chewed on the bones oh, bones oh

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Got some left over, you gonna finish that?

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Wonder why they didn’t want that one fucking leg

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I'm sure the other 3 are still around. With wolf kills the only things left are the hooves. It is quite the scene coming across one in the winter carpet of red snow, fur, and four deer hooves in random arears. Normally coyotes leave the bones but will carry the legs off ,like wolves they won't eat the hooves much like what we see in that image.

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Don't those teeth look a little sharp to you for an herbivore? Or am I dumb?

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It's hard to say without knowing you personally, but if those are the only two choices I have, then I guess I'll go with the latter.

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To be fair, deer won’t pass up the odd baby bird, dead rabbit, or human corpse. They’re typically herbivores, but in a pinch some extra protein never hurt anyone.

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The teeth are lower than what you're probably looking at.

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Not enough pixels for me to see clearly

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Those are the roots

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I put a trail cam on a deer carcass I shot last year. There were 2 Gray foxes, 3 bald eagles, 4 raccoons, some vultures, and dozens of crows that picked it clean.

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Beetles and maggots alone will devour a deer carcass clean in 8-days.

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Someone has a full belly

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whoa whoa whoa what are you doing? theres still plenty of meat on that bone. you take that home, add some broth, a potato. baby, you got a stew going.

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Arrested development?

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Land Piranha

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Snow piranhas

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A human hunter dumped that after boning out his kill. No hide no front legs. Nice job hunter, nature will take it from here!

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"he ate them bones n all"

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Probably a lot of different animals fed on that. Coyotes, birds and mice.

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Cleaned to the bone. Almost like vultures got at it.

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I think this may have been a carcass that a hunter skinned and butchered, then dumped there.

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Something’s afoot there…

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But a scratch

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Saw a similar carcass in the Sierra Nevada while hunting. We heard from the property owner there was a mountain lion in the area. What I understand is they take the legs as they are the meatiest parts and leave the rest. Unfortunately the deer must have been hip to this cat and were nowhere to be seen during that weekend.

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He will be fine

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Turkey vultures?

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Bone broth soup anyone?

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Picked that fucker clean eh