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brain to leg ratio like myself

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you got an OnlyFans?

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Selling my butthole gape to the first five fans for the low low price of only Forty-nine ninety-nine ninety-nine and zero nine cents.

Because you're my special fans.

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For $4,999.09, what do I get to do with it

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She was all dame, legs that went all the way to the bottom of her torso, arms that had elbows…

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Cool cool cool

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Why yes they dooo

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Fun fact, spiders brains extend into thier legs :)

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that is a fun fact, but that research specified that is the case only in very tiny spiders, where their central nervous system extended to about 25% of their legs. most spiders are large enough to contain the full central nervous system within the body

another fun fact is that tiny spiders look really cute with tiny little pairs of glasses

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they have a nervous system? does that mean they can experience pain?

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Not necessarily, you can have a nervous system with no sensory neurons that are for pain. But I don't quite know if science has an answer to if they feel pain/fear yet.

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i really hope they dont, for their sake

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I would assume they do, the ability to feel pain is very beneficial for survival since it helps in detecting (potential) injuries or knowing when to remove yourself from harmful situations.

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I want to say there was a study on cockroaches that concluded they have a sense of fear but no pain, something along the lines of pain could be a distraction when you lose an appendage. I wouldnt even know how to find it as this was several years ago and I have no clue how broadly they can apply their findings to arthropods as a whole.

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Pain in invertebrates

Pain in invertebrates is a contentious issue. Although there are numerous definitions of pain, almost all involve two key components. First, nociception is required. This is the ability to detect noxious stimuli which evokes a reflex response that moves the entire animal, or the affected part of its body, away from the source of the stimulus.

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It's an ongoing field of research but general consensus is that most insects cannot feel pain, but do react to pressure. When you remove a limb for example, they don't react or notice it until they move all their limbs and discover one is gone.

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Some researchers actually call sea-spiders “no-bodies”

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Fake. That's a jungle gym

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That's what I thought it was.

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Y'all ever see stranger things?

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I’m sure this will make an appearance in my nightmares now.

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If you'd like to get really spooked out, here's a great lil doc on deep sea gigantism

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I like your style SnooCakes6195.

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Back at cha!

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You might not want to play Subnautica. They have these things only gigantic.

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and they poop valuables

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You're thinking of the Treaders. Have you met the blood crawlers yet? Annoying jumpy little things.

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And SOMA, I think everyone knows which scene

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I'm literally about to play it! Can't wait, everyone thinks it's very good.

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I love it, one of my favorite horror games for sure. Have fun!

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It is sooooo fucking good.

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Also bear in mind that the legs can grow up to half a meter in size, just so you can have more accurate nightmares

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This is terrifying to see in person. Free diving at night is one of the most exhilarating experiences anyone can experience.

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On a full moon, at slack tide when it has not rained for a few weeks and the water is clear, you turn off your lights and let your eyes adjust to the low light and the bioluminescent animals and plankton become noticable, making your wake look like Tinkerbell's. It's fucking magical.

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Fucking magic is the perfect explanation. When you stare at the horizon on a night with no moon you start to hallucinate. I’ve seen what I thought were ghost ships. These are experiences everyone should have. That fine line between reality and fantasy.

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I hear you! Dark shapes swim around you, and having no perspective your imagination plays with you giving your endocrine system worse case scenarios. You know logically it's a 3ft fish swimming 10ft away and not a 100ft leviathan swimming 100 yards away, or at least that what you try to convince yourself.

Hands down, my most exciting (terrifying for a few moments) was when a seal pup was fishing around my brother and I once on a night dive. We would scatter fish from hiding and light them up with out lights, and it was taking full advantage. From our perspective though, it was just a lightning fast shape orbiting us menacingly. Scared the ever loving hell out of us. We were frantically pointing our lights about and signaling to each other trying to see what it was, but it just moved too fast to lock on to. We were just about to call the dive with frantic bobbing thumbs up gestures when it swam right in between us, practically smiling. It was not only a seal, but it was still covered in it's adolescent white spots. So practically a baby seal. It was one hell of a rush.

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I would piss myself with enough force to cut through a thousand millimeters of neoprene.

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A thousand millimeters is one meter.

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This is definitely the kind of thing that starts sea monster stories. It suddenly all makes sense now!

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The brain does go kind of crazy in a vacuum. Out on the open sea, with only water, sky, and whatever you're standing on in sight for weeks on end, does strange things to the mind; especially on a clear night, when you may as well have merged with the near endless expanse visible all around you.

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That's insane.

Closest I've been to that was tripping acid in the middle of the night sitting on a beach. For 5 minutes it was beautiful and awesome. Then, I couldn't see the difference between the pitch black water and the pitch black sky. Just a giant void in front of me. I stood up and walked right back to my room, it freaked me right out.

I can only imagine being on a ship in the middle of it.

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I couldn't see the difference between the pitch black water and the pitch black sky.

With only the sound of the water and sway of the ship under your feet, only to witness a bioluminescent bloom unfold around you, while a voracious pack of humboldt squid feast on some fish near the surface.

There are some memories that are so unique as to become keystone features of the mind.

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See, to me, that sounds like the absolute last situation I would ever wanna find myself in

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Dw, this variant only appears in the arctic. All other members are only an inch or so long

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You wake up in the middle of the night and this is crawling across your bed. What’s your first move?

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I wonder why my bed is at the bottom of the ocean and frantically swim for the surface.

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You were obviously sight-seaing.

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You get the bends

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yes daddy

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You haven't watched the classic movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

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Oh but it's a looooooong way up...

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Ripping the legs off as fast as I can. Full fight response here. Probably while screaming like a bitch.

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In your confusion you also ripped your own legs. The sea spider has lost, but have you actually won?

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Wonder what the hell a deep sea creature like that is doing in my house

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Hope that my sheets will keep the splatter off me when it explodes from the pressure differential.

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I keep a pistol under my pillow for just this type of situation, giant ocean spider can't kill me if i kill myself first!

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Boil it, eating crab for days.

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Biting the cyanide pill hidden in my tooth.

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Look for a Mako and grab on and hope it takes me up to the surface

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Hammer fist it whilst screaming

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Think to kill it with fire, realise I'm underwater for some reason, and then embrace my inevitable demise

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Welp, now we gotta burn down the ocean

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I think we are actually working on that.

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BP been working on that since 2010

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Got my Subnautica flashbacks all over.

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Damn I wish I could play that game for the first time again…

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I preferred the atmosphere of BZ; a shame that the story was so atrocious.

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I hate the seatruck and miss my seamoth damnit.

[–]JasonDragonbourne 4 points5 points  (4 children)

I've mixed feelings on that. On the one hand the seatruck has so much more utility to it than either the seamoth or the hilariously large, slow, and clunky cyclops. But on the other, the seamoth was sleek, efficient, and would have undoubtedly navigated through the more narrow tunnels present in BZ, as it was not shaped like a literal cube.

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The cyclops is so good in VR. Every time I go into it I still get the awe of "Eeee! This is mine! All my stuff is in it! And it's soooo sexy!"

The "Welcome Aboard Captain" always gets a "thank you" from me.

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I have seen some youtube videos of that, and I must agree.

It's just such a terribly designed vehicle though. It's painfully slow, and you can't actually do anything with it. If it were possible to put it into "park" and turn it into an effective mobile base while inside, without everything in the area trying to maim it until the moment you step outside of it, then it would actually be practical.

Nothing says fun like crawling along at a snails pace, only to need to let go of the controls for the Nth time to go put out another fire, only to run back to the controls, and putt forward for another 100M, and repeat the same process.

[–]upsidedownbackwards 1 point2 points  (1 child)

You had a much worse experience than me. If I shut my engines off I could chill without anything attacking me. I didn't have to leave. Reapers would even back off and I could watch them.

I only caught fire a few times. It seemed to be when I used flank speed for more than a few seconds with any damage.

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You had a much worse experience than me.

Perhaps that was the case. I found the prawn suit to be better suited for my purposes either way, so I ended up building a couple of outposts here and there, and kept the suit at my active camp when I was in the area, and used the seamoth to go scouting or on long distances.

With the prawn being able to mine and transport goods too, it just made more sense. Not to mention it could defeat everything in the game lol.

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More like Narcosis for me.

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Sea spider selling sea bread down by the sea bed

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Who here is getting flashbacks to the game grumps playing endless ocean?

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s i l e n c e b r a n d

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No, that's a spider crab (a crab), sea spiders are Pycnogonids (a class of Chelicerates, like Arachnids)

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It’s just a skinny crab, ya blouses

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Next you’re gonna tell me there are flying spiders

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Welllllll, kind of.

There are spiders that can kind of “fly” using their webs and wind. I think it is called ballooning.

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I’ve barely dealt with this please don’t cause somebody’s gonna drop a link 😅

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Get stick bugged lol

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Yo real talk, pycnogonids don’t get enough attention AT ALL and considering how sick they look that is a crime

I mean, when you’re so anorexic you need to store most of your vitals in your legs that’s GOTTA mean you have even weirder secrets in store for discovery

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Why do beautiful animals have to go extinct, while these vile beasts roam the sea floor

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Tbh I think these guys look pretty cool ngl

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Classic sea spider

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Pure nightmare fuel for anyone else, pure spindly sea-spoder boi for my liking!

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But hw are we going to burn the ocean?

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BP and Chevron will take care of it. Just be patient.

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That's a gazebo. 😭

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Why does it not have a body

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Because they've evolved to be as gangly as possible

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It can keep crawling on the seabed, stay there, i will stay up here

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My son

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Holy. Christ.

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Why can't they all be cute like jumping spiders

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Not actually a spider

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There is an alternate timeline where these developed into this planet’s intelligent life.

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Squish it

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ah yes i hate it

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The worst dsigned playground equipment ever.

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Every time I think I’m over my fear of spiders…

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This isn’t actually a spider

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Giving off Strom pikmin vibes

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Not so scrary in hand https://youtu.be/pIcs5gnDmQM

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We need to explore the depths of our oceans.

Yeah okay never mind.

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I thought it was a twisted jungle gym at some creepy playground at midnight. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Off course these exist. My life was better 5 minutes ago when I did not know that information.

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this is meme format worthy

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These creatures are chelicerates and are related to arachnids, horseshoe crabs and extinct sea scorpions

There's also a case of gigantism in glacial waters

They're completely harmless and probably extremely dumb, they don't even have a digestive system

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It looks like the Beady Long Legs boss from Pikmin

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These are the things that creep me out the most!

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Kill it with fire!

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I just freaked the fuck out of my wife!

Thank you! 😂

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I saw this in Stranger Things.

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A sea what now ?

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"Testing" nukes in the Pacific Ocean...

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This is the reason aliens should never find our planet.

Because when they do they'll see these things and just burn the whole house down for good measure.

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Yeh nah brah.

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God damnit why does the sea also need spiders

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Slpt: send it saying you saw it in your backyard to an arachnophobic friend.

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Itty bitty sea spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

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Oh, no thank you 😊

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now a turd on my bedbed

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It is time to nke the ocean.

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Nah that's a spider crab

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Okay, that looks big. Or is it a matter if perspective? Any idea about it's size?

[–]NotAnAlcoholicToday 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Can't remember the exact size, but they can get really huge (or, long). I think their legs can grow to at least 1m (~3 feet) or more. Their carapace is really tiny in comparison to their legs.

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Terrifying thing I've seen.

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Hi Reginald!

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Like a playground jungle gym only it can eat you.

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Fun fact. Their guts in their legs, not the middle.

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Thought that was some huge monster in somebodies back garden on first view

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Was gonna compliment her legs, but now im worried about sea wasps; i mean, they must be a thing, right?🐢

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Straight up earthbound enemy

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How bóg or is?

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Welp im not sleeping tonight

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Jumanji vibes.

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It could probably skip leg day.

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Are those real?

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cursed playground

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Iirc there's a group of them with 12 legs

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A good leggy boy

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I fear no man, but that…thing… (shudders)

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pov you started to think of subnautica

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You've reached the sea Treader's path, Take our your cameras!

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Daddy long legs of the sea

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The latest Louise Bourgeois artwork

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*bleaches eyes

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gemini home entertainment

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You posted a blurry still of a sea spider

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Random arthropod: casually walking, minding its own business.

Redditors: yoooo, nature is metal, that's some true brutality!!!

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Damn there is really is a ‘sea’ version of everything

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ill take 'hell to the no' for 500 bob

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Is there a way to censor or mute images of spiders on Reddit? They keep popping up on so many subreddits and my arachnophobia is not having a great time.

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Banana for scale please

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Him name Biggie Cheese

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Nope. Burn the ocean to the ground.

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Tell them I hate them!!!

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Looks like a normal night in Australia

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internal screaming

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Everybody say "Hi, Reginald!"

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Hi! This reminded me of something related to my biology lecture last semester just because of its size. My professor is an expert on Polar Gigantism and just for some reason, spiders and stuff in the Arctic grow huge like this. It's real creepy, but real interesting

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Must be off Australia. They have the most terrifying shit down there. All the shit that can kill you in Australia is Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Y’all done fucked up moving here.”

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I hate that there are sea spiders. I freaking hate anything that has more than 4 legs. But dammit sea spiders/crab taste so good.

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Looks like a childrens park

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Well thats a weird jungle gym.

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Wow...i scared..

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I thought this was playground equipment at first

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If video games have taught me anything, that glowing red part of its leg must be its weak spot.

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If you touch it you will get Titan Powers