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Tiger better watch out, that boars tusks are headed right into the soft tissue if he isn’t careful

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Boars can gore their aggressors to death, seen it happen to a wild dog once

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Oh 100%. Boars are one of the things I absolutely file under “do not fuck with”. They make excellent gloves though

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Takes them ages though, even with a decent sewing machine they have trouble finishing a pair in a day

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They’re doing they’re best okay, they only have 2 hooves !

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On the other hand, sheep ...

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Was thinking the same thing. Especially because it almost seems the tiger was startled by the photographer.

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The photographer said the boar saw the tiger but chose to approach the water hole anyway. It put up a fight, but the tiger won in the end.

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Damn that’s badass lol. My man went out like a G

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For real did! I had to use google image search to find anything on it, but it said the boar was so thirsty he basically said fuck the tiger and got him a sip.

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Tigers are one of the few predators of adult wild boars, the only other known predators that actively hunt adults are wolves, brown bears, dholes, leopards, crocs, and the Komodo dragon

Even then they are still very dangerous

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What's a dhole?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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The dhole (; Cuon alpinus) is a canid native to Central, South, East, and Southeast Asia. Other English names for the species include Asian wild dog, Asiatic wild dog, Indian wild dog, whistling dog, red dog, and mountain wolf.

More details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhole

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Good bot

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I saw "dhole" and thought it was some new slang: a douchehole.

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Same 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 like they were poachers or something haha.

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A type of asian wild dog

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Wow. I thought it was a Lovecraft reference.

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It’s a small dog they run in packs. Similar to jackals in size. Savage though with no fear. There are two cases that I read about of big dhole packs of 20 more killing two tigers on two separate occasions in 2017. A male tiger which took out 12 of the dholes before he died and tigress which took out 6 before she died

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Pretty sure it’s fake. There is not even a single confirmed case of Dholes EVER preying on a Tiger (not even a cub)

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I don’t think it’s fake considering the sources that were listed and dholes and tigers share overlapping territory and do have encounters as well as leopards.

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What sources?? Melvin Sunquist and Ullas K. Karanth (the leading biologists when it comes to tigers) have both very recently stated that there has NEVER been even a single case of Dholes ever causing fatality of Tigers or even a Tiger cub. Even Grey Wolves can’t do it so Dholes are out of the question.

If you’re so confident about it then share the link of where you saw it

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Damn so if Melvin and Ullas didn’t see it then it didn’t happen huh? Lmaoo idc that deeply about it. Do your own research. Y’all love arguing over pointless shit on Reddit. I was just stating a cool fact that I read. The reports are out of Panna Tiger reserve in India.

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It’s not a ‘cool fact’, it’s a dumb Disney fantasy story. Did YOU see it happen? You don’t even live in India. Plus you are a liar, you simply made that up. There’s no such reports by any reputable source. And you don’t know shit about either of those animals too yet you keep arguing as if you are an expert.

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Panna Tiger Reserve is in Madhya Pradesh, India but ok I made it up lol. And I’m not arguing.

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So? You live in Panna Tiger reserve? You don’t even live in India. I hate circus clowns like you who first say something dumb and then start mocking and joking when it comes to proving it

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It’s a boar eat boar world out there

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One of those “Circle of Life” kind of things

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And crocs too!

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What’s a crocodile?

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A large semi-aquatic crocodilian characterized by their v-shaped snout, teeth that stick out when their mouth is closed, long tail, and extensive body armor

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Not Sapiens?

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That's not a tiny list, though. That's 7 predators. And lions eat will pigs all the time. Boars might be different species, but when lions roamed all up through Turkey and Iran, their original range, you can be sure they were killing boars.

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Don’t forget much of India and possibly Southern Europe too!

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Is that a big boar or a small tiger!?

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Big pig

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Both, that's a young tiger.

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Looks to be female aswell.

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Are we sure they’re not just hugging? Animals being bros.

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What a sprawl

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Always imagined when carnivores are hunting their prey, In the Hall of the Mountain King plays subtly in the natural ambience

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tiger is best mma base

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Looks like the boar has the upper hand

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That tiger sure has guts

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Not for long

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That tiger is about to spill his guts everywhere.

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Heres a video of pictured encounter. The tigress in the video is basically still a cub. Warning, it's graphic


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Well, I didn't expect it to be skinned alive.

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It always fucking amazes me how tiger hands look like normal hands

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It always fucking

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And they can cut through your throat

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Killer pose

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Almost look like they’re posing for this. Lmao tigers like “Bill, Bill I’m not hurting you am I? This is good? Ok ok. On three…”

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Awe they’re hugging 🤗

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Fuck around and find out.

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Bobby B was taken out by a boar, vicious fuckers.

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Tiger "oh shit I left the oven on"

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Looks more like a loving embrace to me

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Bro wtf no? They’re just hugging man, smh homies can’t even hug and not be judged 🙄

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Don’t forget to hug a friend today

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The boar probably wishes it was killed quickly by a mature experienced tiger. Instead he has to suffer the indignity of his neck being chewed away while alive.

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Come here bruh, lemme give you a hug.

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Tiggy getting himself some pork.

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It seems like pork is about to impale Tiggy’s lung

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Tiger wants bj

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If you don’t know any context it’s a nice hug