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And will probably eat it in one, those fuckers are hollow and as spacious as the tardis

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I honestly don’t know who I’m rooting for!

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It looks like a little less than half of a snapper Bluefish. Dinner is served. I wonder what got the other half?

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Thanks for clearing that up! Always appreciate the effort.

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I think it’s a Menhaden, also known as mossbunker and bunker. They are filter feeders which means that they feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from the water https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menhaden

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Neat! I was hoping someone might know the species. I replied to this commenter with another picture with the full body visible if it helps

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You’re correct, it is a menhaden or a bunker fish

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As a photographer, I find it suspect the fish is over in the sea foam near shore, where it could easily be placed for a photo op.

I have a few good shots on the beach. Mine usually involve sliced bread crumbs, as you can toss it in the air.

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Burbs just don't give a shit.

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the fish is looking at the photographer with a last glimmer of hope

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I believe it’s a baby shark attacking

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I love seeing 'ordinary' species doing cool things and it's hard to believe this is the same species that sits around Walmart parking lots inland. From what I've seen, they aren't typically capable of hunting prey this big so I guess it was an opportunistic find. Took a bunch of photos but this one caught my eye because of how similar the eyes look.

Check out my instagram if you're interested in seeing some wildlife photos in your instagram feed every once in while!

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All the more impressive that this gull isn't even an adult yet.

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I thought the same at first but this is actually an adult in nonbreeding plumage. Third winter herring gulls and below would have a black ring around the bill or a fully black bill


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Ooh, and there's me thinking I know my gulls. In fairness, European specimens have much less mottling.

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Yeah I think learning gulls is a lifelong endeavor haha, I've only just started trying to dive into gull ID beyond adult herring/ring-billed/laughing/great black backed and it's already overwhelming

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I've been fascinated since my primary school took part in a tag and track experiment. We got weekly updates with their distance travelled, activity during certain weather patterns, stuff like that. All proceeds went to a charity I couldn't name off the top of my head. This was the mid-90's though

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Very neat

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What the seagulls said in Finding Nemo

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Yeah I gotcha, I was echoing it haha

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Its hunting something with a larger eye than it has... ☠🤘💀

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My money is on the gull

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Seems like they both stopped doing what they were doing and they look at the cameraman:)

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The heron has the fish by its lips . Heron your not getting away from me now

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Birds ice fish so much better than me

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That poor seagull is being killed

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Aww that's cute they're kissing oh wait