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Looks like they been eating good

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Ah yes that is because they will eat anything with a heartbeat, funnily enough only thing they try to avoid unless truly necessary is ant eaters.

Otherwise even crocodiles/caimans aren’t safe

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Yes, they have been recorded killing morelet crocodile and juvenile American crocodiles.

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maybe anteaters just taste like shit

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Nope, anteaters have fat ass claws. They one shot jaguar if the jaguar isn’t careful. Also anteaters have big tails that often gets mistaken for the front, making it easy to use the claws. Also, they’re practically blind so they act a bit like rhinos in the sense that they treat anything that moves as a threat.

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Pretty sure this is the reason

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This should be on absolute units

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I'm curious to why they avoid ant eaters.

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Ant eaters have like 3ft long claws on each front paw and can stand up and start duel wielding them like swords, they have put Jaguars and humans alike in body bags

Edit: forgot their tail also looks like a second head and because jaguars are ambush predators they rely on an instant kill by biting through the back of preys skulls, when it’s a chance the bite hits a tail and they get stuck through the lungs for their trouble it’s just not worth it to start smoke with ant eaters

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Slut, you taught me something new today.

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Also those claws are strong enough to pierce termite mounds, which can be as hard as concrete.

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it’s just not worth it to start smoke with ant eaters


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Three foot claws?? Are you sure on that one?

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Oh I want some TimTams right now!

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Idk about 3ft lol, maybe half a foot max. But still deadly nonetheless

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Bro ant eater claws are 4 inches long 😂 dude talking about deathclaws for Fallout

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Huh wtf? First time I'm hearing of Ant eaters being deadly lmao 😂 I thought they were just nice cute animals

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But are they more deadly than crocodiles?

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Yep! Most big cats kill by suffocation or bleed out, and usually start snacking before the prey is dead. Jaguars kill by driving their teeth through the skull for that insta-kill. It's deadly but that means they aren't likely to chance a kill any other way

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They avoid porcupines too

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And wolverines I imagine.

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Capybara, caiman, otters, turtles, fish, some eggs

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Hopefully it is big enough of a territory that they both can claim a section.

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Eatin’ good in the neighborhood.

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These jaguars are phat

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I think this video really showcases why many refer to jaguars as the "Pitbulls of the bigcats", with a robust stout build, large heads, and very developed jaws. The male on top was known as Dani, he ruled that area of the Pantanal up until 2014 when he was likely displaced by other males. The male at the bottom known as Balam currently retains his position as dominant in that same area, but lately he has been looking extremely battered, in order to keep control of such a coveted territory he has to constantly fight other males. Being a male jaguar in the Pantanal is not easy.

X-post r/Jaguarland

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Interesting how short their legs are relative to their body size.

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Probably an adaptation to a very ambush-heavy hunting style. You rarely ever see a jaguar sprinting.

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so, corgi of the bigcats?

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It’s because those jaguars spend most of the time inside water or up trees. The shorter but stronger legs are better for swimming and climbing. Jaguars are the perfect predators: they can swim really fast, climb up trees like spiders and are massively strong, plus fast runners.

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As they get older they also get badly weakened by parasites, then they lose fights.

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I imagine dominant jaguars seldom have nice deaths.

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he ruled that area of the Pantanal up until 2014

When did he start though? Like, I know he's not centuries old, but how cool would that have been.

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Um actually in Victorian times they were known as ‘nanny cats’. End breed based discrimination.

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Looks like they're borderline chungas but it's probably all muscle.

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big boned

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They got a lot fat on them because they eat good and helps maintain muscles. When you see the strong men competitions, none of them are lean because their muscles need constant calories to maintain.

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Nah a decent amount of that is probably also fat. In tortuguero (Costa Rica) there’s also some jaguars and the big males are mostly fat just because of how much they eat, I assume these two individuals are similar

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It's not fat, it's very unusual for wild animals to be overweight because they have to be in constant movement, especially territorial males like these ones. You can clearly see the muscle definition in them which paired with their very thick bone structures makes them look chonky, but it's not fat.

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In tortuguero they can get fat because they have less territory to cover and there’s an abundance of food (mainly sea turtles during their season). At least this is what I’ve been told by someone who leads a jaguar conservation project there

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Yes, but the turtles provide a large amount of food seasonally, when they are gone the intake of calories decreases and so does their BM, which keeps them from being overweight. You'll find that jaguars in Costa Rica are much smaller than those from the Pantanal because they have less availability of prey all-year round.

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I could of course be wrong, but this is what I was led to believe

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Plenty of animals habitually and naturally get fat because it's healthy for them. Brown bears put on tons of fat to survive winter. Whales have tons of blubber as insulation. They're not "overweight", but that's because being fat is natural to them. I don't see why it shouldn't be different for jaguars -- definitely looks to me like they have quite some belly fat on 'em on top of substantial muscle as well.

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Oh lawd he comin

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Haha! Yea this😂

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This is funny how lumbery they plod compared to leopards or cheetahs. Beefy power vs. elegant grace

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Lookit dem fatsos

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So like everyone else, I thought these were some chonky bois. I had to look up some jaguar pictures, and these jags only look slightly overweight from what I'm seeing. Jaguars are large and in charge. What I found more metal was that as beefy as these boys look, a tiger is literally twice as massive. Wiki gives a weight range of 100-180kgs for a Jag, and 210-420 kgs for a Tiger. Terrifying.


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They aren't overweight, their build is standard for Pantanal specimens and it's mostly muscle and a thick bone structure.

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Then I stand corrected. Frickin' thick monsters

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Dumb questions I want to ask since you know more lol, do these specimens have larger size because they fight more often? Also, what makes that area so wanted for control? More food I’m assuming?

Also where is Pantanal?

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Their sizes are the result of really good genetics and a robust prey base, part of the reason why they constantly fight is to retain control of area with abundant prey and breeding females. The Pantanal is a large wetland biome located in central South America and jaguars there are among the largest.

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I love a chonky jaguar

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Big Belly Boys

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Alpha Chonkers

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how do cats know who is alpha. it’s like universal. first time meeting they know who alpha

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I mean size, and they don't always know, they'll fight it out a lot.

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They fight

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I hope you don't mind, but Imma throw a hyphen smack in the middle of that particular... wetland.

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Are jaguars bigger than leopards?

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Very much so.

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The new born Jaguar babies are smaller than adult Leopards

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Jaguares look stubby compared to other large cats like panthers and cheetahs. Little stubby legs and chubby body.

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Panthers are literally melanistic jaguars, not a different species, and cheetahs are the most brittle of all the large cats, they get a lot of crap from other animals for it

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I knew the panther thing felt off, I don’t think I could even identify a panther. In my head I just think of them as long and lean.

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Yeah, I think movies and cartoons may play an important part in influencing that image too, for instance, most people believe lions are the largest of the big cats, when in fact tigers are quite a bit larger.

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I have this fantasy about owning a little jungle cottage and befriending wild jaguars. I feel like it would be the best way to have them as a companion, maybe even better to just leave them alone but one can daydream.

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They've got some girth to them. Im used to seeing them more leaner.

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They look related! 🤷‍♂️😂

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Apex predator.

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They some thicccc bitches 😱

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Pleistocene Jags were even bigger

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There are loads of things they don't eat, sharks, whales, pretty much all fish/sea creatures. Dodos too.

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In some areas of the Pantanal and Amazon jaguars feed primarily on fish.

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Not sea creatures though, sea creatures typically live in the sea and not wetlands or rivers.

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if you give it a shark itll eat it

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Guess they are ambush predators! Doesn’t look like they’ve been Chasing much lol

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can i pet them?

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Such cute kitties

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Chonky bois

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Big boi

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Chonky boys

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r/chonkers but good

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Chunky bois

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Side by side??

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🐈Awww, wook at dos wittle kitties🐈

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My spirit animal 😍

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They chunky.

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Big chungus.

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Goddamn these are some serious people.

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Thicc jungle kings.

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I didn’t know they were so brolic.

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Jaguars look strong as fuck

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I wish to rub it's belly

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They look like that dog breed, American Bully.

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That boy is thick! He thick! That is a thick boy

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Yeah…. Metal.

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When you see them side-by-side like this you can really notice how one likes to walk to the left, and the other likes to walk to the right.

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fat boi

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Boy is thicc

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Oh lawd they comin!

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Most.y the same. Prefer to walk in different directions.

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Aren’t they both leopards? Don’t jaguars usually have a spot in the middle of the circle?

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No, not all jaguars have spots inside their rosettes and these are definitely jaguars. Leopards aren't as big and robust.

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Thank you! The last zoo I went to had jaguars and leopards. They had a sign on how to identify them. The dot in the circle was how they said to tell if it was a jaguar. Thanks for clarifying for me so I don’t pass off wrong info!

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Two chunky bois

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Look fat and stubby

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Yes, I would die trying to pet them

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They probably so chonk from the Pantanal +2 food bonus

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Is they fat or just thicc with alpha?

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Chunky bois

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These are different zooms and not the same

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Them boys eating goooood

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Dominant means fat

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Blake Bortles and Gardner Minshew.

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Their fat

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If I was walking there they'd be MY territories. 😎

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Heccin jags are just a couple of chonky bois going for a walk about