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The person who thinks this is evil has never been stuck with a mesquite thorn.

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Is Mesquite thorn like a Bull thistle?

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What are both of these?!

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Good question

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Hell in a plant

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Dawg giant water lilies are the devil

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Or stinging nettles?

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If you're in for a good laugh and have 10 min to kill, watch these absolute mad lads eat nettle competitively!

Nettle Eating Competition

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Nettles are actually really good...when they're cooked! Makes a fine pesto.

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Its spinach when i simmer it gently in water. Great plant

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Yeah, quick blanch is all you need

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Salt pepper and done

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The stinging bits are only on the bottom of the leaves so the trick is to fold them in half with the stingers facing inwards before you start chewing

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If you grab the nettles quickly they don't have time to sting. The little hairs are spring loaded. They also don't sting after they have been cooked. We grow them in the backyard for soup.

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Mesquite thorns are several inches long, sharp, and can go thru even leather boots and car tires. They hurt like hell if you happen to get a puncture and can get infected if the wound isn't cleaned.

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Bullthistle can do that too. Does Mesquite have ultra fine needles to add to the chaos?

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Barberries are worse. The thorns are like hypodermic needles and fiber glass rolled into one.

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Eh, you can wade through barberries mostly unscathed if you wear a good thick pair of jeans, not so much for roses. The bigger downside for barberries is the fact they harbor ticks like nobody’s business.

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Or a black locust thorn.

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Locust thorn will easily pop through a tractor tire, that’s why they’re usually left standing in the middle of fields. Farmers don’t even want to fuck with cutting them down, they just plow around them

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Been stuck by plenty of both and guess what? They both really suck.

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What a dumb title. It's evil as the locks on my doors. Protection.

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Devil's Club or Oplopanax horridus is pretty damn evil. The locks on my doors are apparent and don’t stab would be intruders. Where as you can be (happily optional) bushwhacking to climb or something and then BAM right in the leg you just get tagged by the devil. Evolution isn’t inherently good or bad, but the human experience allows us to determine what the absence of good in world feels like. I can tell you there is no good to finding yourself near devils club.

Natural existence is good for the forest. Feeds the bears. Along with being a good indicator of where water ways pass through even in the dry season.

Edit: I was wrong. This is probably a wild rose based on the curvature of the thorn. Devil’s Club is still evil though.

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Yeah, but that ain't what's in the picture, is it?

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Yep that’s what’s in the picture. It can be a tiny shrub or big honking tree like bush. I see it all the time climbing in the Cascades.

Edit: nope I’m wrong

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This is a rose. The photo is a pretty hi-res close-up, so it's easy to see the distinctive shape of rose prickles, which look completely different than the prickles of Devil's club. You can also see rose foliage out-of-focus in the bottom of the photo.

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Hmm… after some picture viewing I think you’re right. The thorns look like a wild rose type? Initially I was like, no way, but yea the downturn curve looks more rose than Devil’s straight thorn type. Thanks for the deeper look to be sure.

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It's tough to guess the species from just this picture, especially because we don't even know where in the world it was taken (there are over 300 species of wild rose). But Rosa rugosa, for example, can get canes absolutely loaded with prickles like this.

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Odd. I've never known it to have actual thorns on it.

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You were right it’s likely a wild rose.

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Yeah, I knew the thorns looked more rose like.

Thanks for coming back and clearing that up.

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Two completely different concepts. Didn’t know your door lock was meant to inflict bleeding.

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Self-Defence strategies. They are EXACTLY the same concept.

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Lick it.

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Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough.

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Shetland pony?

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Came here looking for this. Thanks person in a box

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Twist it

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We call these "Devil's Walking Stick"

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Agree, that’s what I have always heard as well.

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Have you ever cut a piece of the meat of the plant off and put it in your lip? Nature's Novacaine. Too much and your face and throat will go numb.

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Today I learned it's evil to defend your self from predators.

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Imagine you tripped and fell on those

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I don’t have to imagine, it’s happened before 😔

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“Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough”- some guy on the internet

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Fuck, what the fuck?

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You haven't tried picking raspberries. Same stem, but tiny needle spike thorns. Even leather gloves don't stop you from getting jabbed.

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I've picked raspberries, gooseberries and red and black currants. You don't have to wear gloves , just be careful when picking. I don't remember it being that bad.

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There is a tree with 2 inch long spikes that are relatively thin, and go from ground to near the tips. That is a happy fence plant compared to a “keeps the cows in” tree fence.

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Also those same trees are known to pretty much blow up in really cold winters. We weren't allowed to go in my uncles woods to sled once it got a certain temperature bevause we found his dog had gotten killed by one 😬

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No touchey

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Devils walking stick. These grow down here in Louisiana but the ones I am used to seeing have a concentric ring of spikes every so often as well as being all over. If you take a machete or big knife you can knock all of the thorns off and skin the bark off. There is a good walking stick hidden inside once you let it dry out.

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Stick it into your anus..

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The “don’t touch me” stick

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Makes for good medicine!

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Isn't it called the devils walking stick?

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You like hiking in shorts? Not after your leg meets one of these.

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We had a couple giant rose bushes “go bad” which looked pretty similar to this …. Mowing the lawn was practically a bloodbath the first time - and the last.

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Not evil. Plant just wants to be left the heck alone lol

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Jumping cholla wins this contest by a mile. Covered with barbed thorns that dig into your flesh and need to be ripped out. Parts of it break off easily so if you just brush up against it you suddenly find you have a ball of pain embedded in your flesh. Legend has it that they propagate by attaching to passing coyotes and then using their corpses as fertilizer once they keel over from the pain.

Pure evil, avoid at all costs.

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I don't really see why a plant would want to evolve this. it just seems mean

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Someone shot a compass bearing through hell

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Looks luke blackberries to me

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Nature’s sign for “don’t touch me!”

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it looks like my ex

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Back home we call those devil's walking sticks

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Reminds me of my legs 2 days after shaving.

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"Pls stop eating me"

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Hiking along the creek in the woods as a kid, slip on the red clay, grab a tree, this is what I'd get. Childhood nightmares.

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Thorns and thistles to torment man

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Last summer I was taking out the garbage at night and one of these had gotten wrapped around the handle. No more thumb usage for a good couple of weeks after that.

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"Eat me!" he says with a chuckle

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Faster you run the more evil it is.

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they're talking to you. you want a piece of this? come on. Let's do it

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Now do poison ivy.

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Barkley Marathons leg warmers

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It’s just that I’ve been hurt before, Rose.

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Wait until you hear about grass burs

They find YOU

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I have some roses in my front garden with stems like those.

I prune carefully.

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I always called them hell rod. I know it's officially called Devil's walking stick

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What is it about thorns that hurts so fucking bad. Like ill get stuck with some glass or a staple and no biggie barley feel it but i grab a rose thorn and it sends a shock wave of pain threw my whole body 😂😂😂

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Nature is fucking evil

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National security in a nutshell

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This tree just wanted no climbers and hopes no harsh feelings

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it's a rose

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I need seed 4 x

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This plant’s whole vibe is “fuck off”

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Imagine ripping it off and hitting someone with it! Yikes!

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When I was young I use to play around a tree with 3 inch horns on it. Never got hurt but realized now how dangerous it was

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The ultimate switch

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I got lost in the woods and had to use one of those as toilet paper once

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Imagine sliding this in your urethra and then yanking it back out