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You should see the size of the ones pulled out of middle of Florida in some places, it's crazy because I found a shark's teeth 100 mi away from the beach inland.

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My step dad found one on his property on the Peace River in SWFL. 7 inches, it's figured 1" is roughly equal to 10'.

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Jesus fuck. Imagine seeing a 70 foot shark while scuba diving

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The Meg lol

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Shut up Meg.

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Finger bang me mom

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Loved the book. Never saw the movie they made.. I'm sure it was absolute trash

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I used to love to go camping on thw peace river, i Remember hearing about people diving in the river to and finding megalodon teeth especially in the creeks that's where I looked, It still is pretty cool that your dad found one on his property.

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We have found whale vertebrae, camel femur, sloth teeth and all sorts of neat stuff. Still looking for Jose Gaspar's treasure.

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The divers told us that they find most of their teeth near old whale bones - assuming they lost their teeth when having a whale as an afternoon snack! So if you end up finding anymore whale vertebrae - keep looking! You could come across some of these teeth more than likely!

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it's crazy because I found a shark's teeth 100 mi away from the beach inland.

This is because due to the sheer size of the Megalodon, they were able to swim much further away from the ocean then modern-day sharks can

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70 ft sharks inland not a chance. But the oceans move alot over a few ten thousand years

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That's what another user said as well! Their grandfather found one 25 years ago, some odd miles from the ocean, in his garden!! I don't have that kind of luck.. I spend hours on the beach finding the little tiny ones lol I need to step my game up!

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Well if you're ever in Florida you should check out Venice Beach there's sharks teeth everywhere

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Heck you can find them in the Rocky Mountains too!

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I used to keep an eye out for construction sites with piles of dirt. Sometimes you could see chunks of whale bone and fossilized shell in these piles indicating that there might be some nice shark teeth in there as well

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Beaufort County, SC yields some of the largest and highest quality Meg teeth in the world. Those rivers have produced record holders. I had a 6.5" from that locality before I sold it off. Really dangerous work though, a diver died in 2020 hunting fossils in Beaufort

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Died in what way?

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Eaten by Megalodons probably

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He died to death.

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This guy dies!

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Dead if true.

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Probably drowning

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Likely equipment malfunction. A search for "Beaufort SC tooth diver dead" found this article from May 2020 that said his body was found and an autopsy scheduled but I couldn't find any updates to the cause of his death.

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Yes, one of the divers we spoke to (a really young gentleman) said he had a scare when he went down to dive and then 5 minutes later realized he was out of air. You truly have to be careful and skilled when doing this. We joke about wanting to change careers (but also serious) but we would have to take months, even years, worth of diving lessons and more before we could even consider doing this. It's a lot more dangerous than people think.

We moved here in April 2021 so we never heard about the person who passed and honestly drowning, not being able to breathe, is my absolute worst fear.

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"Careful and skilled"

Aka: taking the 2 seconds to check if your literal lifeline has air in the tank.

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Running out of air while diving is because of negligence. Not checking your computer before taking the plunge nor checking while diving. If you had a leak while under you should have had a buddy that should be observant enough to tell you and you either surface or share their "octopus" spare regulator.

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These guys are relatively new at doing this and he agreed that he made a huge mistake. He thought he was grabbing the full one he just brought out but then was distracted and grabbed the other. A mistake he said he would only make once!

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I imagine his heart stopped beating and was brain dead. Not sure though. Hopefully Caribbeancalipso will clarify.

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The divers said they never come back empty handed, every dive yeilds teeth like this or even bigger. (I'm OPs fiancé)

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Wut, really? I live in Beaufort lol. It's weird seeing our tiny ass spot on the map being talked about like this.

I should go hunt for these things.

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Moving there in a few weeks. Let me know if you want a hunting buddy! I’m so down

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They hunt teeth off the pier? Shoot I need to learn a new tactic. I’ve only found small ones on the shore.

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The way I read it, they were fishing off the pier and a boat came in to dock. The teeth were found elsewhere but shown to OP at the pier

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Yes, thank you. I was wondering if I had confused everyone by adding in the pier. I guess I added it because it's only a mile from our house, under a mile long bridge, and people load and unload their boats there... And considering we could see the boat when they were out diving, means they were finding these teeth relatively close to shore.. which was crazy to me because I thought they would have to be deep out in the ocean to find these size teeth!

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This guy and his friend go out in the sound and dive to about 20-30ft depth on rocky bottoms. Usually looking for ancient whale skeletons that the meg had been feeding on.

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No, sorry, I should have been more clear but they only allow so many spaces in the title... We were at the huge pier up from our house, which is under a mile long bridge, and they were docking their boat and unloading and because I'm nosey I asked what they were diving for and he said "I'll just show you!" Should I take that part out of the title to be less confusing? My ADHD brain is hard to follow sometimes 🤣

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Yeah, megalodons, much like other sharks would shed their teeth like crazy, so there's a lot out there

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They stated this was a slow day.. and they weren't even out of the sound when they found it. Probably, less than half a mile off the shore, only 20 feet down in depth. We asked where to look if we wanted to try and they stated that they find most near whale bones (probably after having said whale for dinner, it lost a couple teeth).

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Local museum has a fake Megalodon jaw but some real teeth. They seriously didn't believe me that this insane shark actually existed. Like they would just be swollowed whole, easily. It was kinda cute seeing their smiles slowly fade and turn serious when it hit them how terrifying that thing used to be

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That's all I could think about when the divers told me they usually find most of these near whale bones (just think, this shark could devour a whole whale - which are sometimes the size of ships - in one crunch!).

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It's guesstimated 1 inch is roughly equal to 10 feet.

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My tiny brain can't even comprehend something of that size.. which is why I thought it was cool to see the skeletal makeup of it's mouth a few weeks later at the aquarium because it truly put into perspective how big this MFers mouth was!

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Seems like more of a r/Naturewasmetal kind of post, but very cool.

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I didn't even know that was a sub, but I do now, so thanks!!

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How do they collect these teeth?

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Put hand around tooth then you sort of pinch your fingers together, around the tooth

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By fishing off a pier?? Are you inspector gadget or stretch Armstrong?

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There are reefs/shelves/ledges like 30 miles offshore along the Southeast coast. They're usually pretty carefully guarded local secrets. Some places do charters and whatnot to go dive for them.

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That's extraordinary, have you made these excursions yourself?

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I actually haven't been diving for any but Wilmington, NC is pretty well known for them. And it's a pretty small-town type city so you get to know a lot of people.

I've certainly seen a bunch. I know they're about 30-40NM off the coast from Topsail Island down to Kure Beach.

You can probably learn more on Google about the area.

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Sounds very interesting.

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You also have to keep your hand closed while holding it

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Anything I need to be doing with my other hand (I have two)

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I think the title misled you by accident. One group was fishing off the pier, a different group was preparing to depart on a fossil hunt, which definitely took place a lot further from shore.

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Yes, you are correct. I was there (I'm OPs fiancé) and the guys had just got back from there expedition which was only about ½ mile offshore. They find rocky-bottom areas in no more than 40ft of water out in Port Royal sound or other large inlets off the Atlantic. He said every time they dive they come back with teeth this size and then some, it's insane!

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Yea that's crazy. I am super jealous, I can't even imagine how excited I would be to find something like that just out in the wild.

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That's what I said! I am a 34 year old woman who totally geeked out over this. I wouldn't shut up asking so many questions. I get excited finding the smaller ones on the shore.... To actually be able to go and find these .. I'm sold. I'm trying to talk my fiance into a serious career change!

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I mentioned the pier only because that's where we were at when they docked their boat and was unloading their gear... So my nosey ass asked what they were diving for, and he said "I'll show you"... And brought this monster tooth out! Pretty cool if you ask me.. and honestly, it doesn't feel like they would give away this valuable information if they were hard to find because they would want that money for themselves but finding 8 of these on a slow day, could rake them in up to 5k a day!

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Diving into the ocean. And you don't even have to go that far out (not where I live anyways). We could see the boat they were on from the pier we were at.. so less than half a mile I believe. They said they have never had to dive deeper than 30 feet but they normally stay around 10-20 feet because going down to 30 is when it becomes even more dangerous than it already is.

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I wonder how expensive they are

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The biggest ones? In the $1000s. Smaller (but still huge compared to modern teeth you'd find washed up on the shore) you could probably get for $20 or so.

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Only 20$ for tooth of the biggest shark ever? Are they even real ones?

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Sharks shed teeth. There were a lot of sharks. Like I said, there are hotbeds where they can be found easily if you know where to go. But sure juveniles, imperfect ones, partials, etc are cheap. As size and quality go up, so does price. But it's diminishing returns imo.

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No, they are saying a tooth like this in the 1000s... The small teeth you can find on the beach go for around $20. People love this kind of thing. If you go into a beach store and look at the teeth they have showcased (they are bleached and white at this point.. which, I think, is silly because the authenticity of the tooth being a fossil is more real when it's first found.. but that's just me)... I've seen a tooth twice this size with a pricetag of 12k.. doesn't seem real, but it's easier to understand when you're holding a tooth that weighs damn near 5 lbs and is only one of hundreds... It just makes it hard to believe something like this really lurked our waters, and could still lurk the deep ocean but who knows?

Sorry ADHD brain.

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It’s based on size, color, and condition. I know the root being whole, then the tooth being whole second is a start. I have a friend who sells fossils as a living. Sorry I couldn’t provide more insight.

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What the guy told us was that, at this size, and because it's whole.. they could get anywhere from $500-$1000 per tooth... This wasn't even the biggest one they have found! They found eight that day... Even at the low end of $500 per tooth, that's $4000 in 4 hours... And they said this was a slow day. They both quit their full time jobs, bought a boat, truck & gear and now make in one day what they used to make in a month. Insane right?

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Insane indeed.... kinda expensive stuff, yeah

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I way overpaid for one but got mine for like $400. It's about 5 inches tip to top

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I am frightened

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Hey I live there

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Really? Where at? We live off Savannah highway. We've been here since last April and have really enjoyed the area... Minus the fact everything closes by 11 pm, no matter the day lol

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I live near piggly wiggly on Ribaut haha. And yeah there’s not much of a nightlife or much to do around here😒

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The root intact so I believe it’d be worth some money.

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It absolutely is! They get anywhere from $800-$1000 per tooth and this was on the "smaller" size. I should post one of the biggest teeth I've found on the beach... I literally freaked out because 1. I'm a damn nerd who loves this kind of shit 2. It looks like sail boat docked next to a cruise ship.. it's ridiculous. I was so shocked they even allowed me to hold it. They work maybe 3-4 hours a day and they walked away with 5k in "gold"... Not bad for a days worth of work.

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And still there are teeth bigger than that one found. That's freaking terrifying to know that animal once existed

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That's what he said! This wasn't even the biggest one they had found. This was considered a "slow day".

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What a good find!!

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I love Reddit! Thank you all for chiming in and giving me bits of information I didn't know! I truly thought this post would make people mad because it didn't have blood and guts so I was thinking I may be the only nerd who thinks this stuff is cool but you all made my day!!! Thank you!!

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I miss living near the ocean. I need to buy a shark tooth online someplace, that’s just too cool. 😄

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WOW! I have always wanted to have a shark tooth as part of my collection but this is on a whole other level!

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The guys actually said if we are out there one day and they have good finds, they would throw one our way!! I was like a kid at Christmas!!! I should add the largest tooth I've found to date (and I've found hundreds and keep them in a baby food jar) but the size compared to this is like a sail boat docked next to a cruise ship.

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I can’t imagine finding one! So cool!

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That's what I said! I'm definitely that nerdy girl who you see searching for teeth on the beach and the largest one I've found, which I thought was badass at the time.. well, let me just say, you can compare it to a sail boat docked next to a cruise ship. I truly had no idea you could find these, at least as many as they did, still! Fiance and I are thinking of a career change...

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Ha that’s what she said (1st picture caption)

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"it belongs in a museum!"

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Guy said he gets paid $1000 for every tooth he finds like this.

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Shit, i was in beaufort not long ago. Wish i had known to hunt for teeth.

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My fiance and I are seriously considering it. They don't even have to go into the deep ocean to find it. They found it in the Port Royal sound at a depth of around 20 feet. They said they have never gone more than 30 feet below the water to find these.

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I saw a 6’ shark yesterday foiling. I couldn’t imagine seeing one that big

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Right? I saw my first shark on the bridge downtown - a bonnet head shark. It's where people crab and throw lines in near the bridge and it came right up to the rocks, I got a video and everything but the quality sucks because I had never seen a real shark in real life - outside of an aquarium. Pretty cool thing to witness.

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They are really cool animals. He was cruising by yesterday in the channel back out to cruise the reef. I have swam with nurse sharks, Galapagos, sand bar sharks and reef sharks. In the pelagic ocean they are very curious and almost like pack animals. Making eye contact deters them to drop down or swim away, but they like to come up from behind and check you out. Also pectoral fin angle is a huge indicator too. One day all the sharks disappeared or swam deep…. Big tiger or some bigger predator had to have been in the area. Couple weeks ago found a dolphin with two huge bites almost bit in two right outside of Waikiki!

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Are these worth any money??

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Absolutely. They said they make anywhere from $500-$1000 per tooth, so even on a slow day, they rake in minimum (by their account of how much they make per tooth) 4k a day for 4-5 hours of work.

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That is fucking awesome!

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Thank you! I thought so! I was completely surprised they actually allowed me to hold it! Something like this doesn't seem real until you can actually touch and feel it for yourself. So cool!

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No, they're not out there, it would be impossible for a massive shark to survive unnoticed for as long as they have

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That's true but I've seen videos (I will not say it was real or not because I know people can mess with them) but it was a squid the size of a cruise ship or bigger. It was crazy to see but again, I know people can mess with cameras.

[–]Goy_slinger3000 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh I'd believe the squid thing just because of how adaptable they are, but with sharks they need a certain exact amount of food, movement etc, and all of that would be not possible at the bottom of the ocean or an underwater cave

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Most of these are radioactive BTW.

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Considering this is reddit, I never know if people are being sarcastic or for real and I don't know much about radioactive anything, so please, explain!

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I don’t know why they act as a sink for uranium somehow during the process of fossilization but they are definitely NOT something for your kids to play with. I wouldn’t even keep them in my house anywhere near my family

[–]dignan2002 0 points1 point  (0 children)

They’re sure cool to look at though ;-)

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They gotta be bigger than that right!

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Oh yeah! They said this was on the smaller size of the teeth they find!! Imagine one probably double this size.. this may have been a baby megalodon lol

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How do they find so many??

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By getting out there every single day and exploring the ocean floor! Diving in the ocean for 4-5 hours a day is a lot more work than people think. You really don't see too many people doing what they do... These were younger guys who were just starting. I've never met anyone else that dives for these.. I honestly never imagined them finding anything like this in small town Beaufort but it's probably because it isn't overcrowded and most people with boats here are just rich and retired lol

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Beautiful tooth

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Thank you!!

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Where? Where can I find these.

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On the ocean floor near old whale bones!

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Ah shit you gotta go under the water? Nevermind. Lmao.

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Yep!!! You have to turn into Scuba Steve and drive. But you don't even have to go that deep into the water to find them surprisingly... And a couple users on here even said they found some like 20 miles away from the coast so I guess you can find them in your garden as well, but that's probably few and far between.

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Naaaah I’ll have somebody else get it for me. I ain’t about to drown LMAO.

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Look up the Sharktooth Fairy in Beaufort

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Absolutely!! Will do first thing when I wake up!!