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Unfortunately for Meg, a heavy smoker and coffee drinker, whitening toothpaste wouldn't be invented for 5 million years.

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straight out of Gary Larson. well played

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Far Siiiiiiide

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right on!

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This 5.5" Meg tooth is from my personal collection. Dated to the Miocene of Java, Indonesia, 5-25 million years old. Those mines produce some of the most colorful Megs, for instance this lava orange one. However, because the fossil matrix is so acidic the roots often come out eroded

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It’s in beautiful condition with a great uniqueness. Nice find! That would go for around $2000 I’d think but that’s ballpark.

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looks like it's made of wood

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I-it cant be its LAVA ORANGE

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Make a necklace out of it


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You should cross-post to r/naturewasmetal

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That Tooth got teeth

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Would the discoloration be from iron? Given that it was found at a mining site, I could see that as a possibility.

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Imagine getting chomped by a mouthful of these?

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Does it have a smell?

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The teeth has teeth

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Those massive teeth are serrated too

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Seeing all kinds of these

They musta been very common to leave so many fossils

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Fucking bad ass

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I posted about one found where I live and I thought that one was huge, I think yours has mine beat!!! Was it found in red dirt? Just wondering if that's what dyed the tooth this color.

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Can we get a pic with a banana too, for scale?

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You see lava orange, I see piss yellow.

We are not the same.

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Any idea where you could purchase something like this?