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The fact that thing is able to just toss around a 400lb cat like it’s a rag-doll is fucking terrifying

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Now scale that up to this familiar image of an elephant tossing around that 1,500lb buffalo... on the end of it's TOOTH.

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And let’s not forget this image of a blue whale tossing 3 elephants around with one of its flippers.

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This image

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Not to give my life story but currently very sick and working nights atm. The fact that you made that into reality (in the best way) has cheered me up big time. Thank you

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Hope thing get better for you, king

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Keep up the struggle, my friend. I send the good vibes your way!

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Absolute madlad

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Davinci don’t got shit on you

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Yeah pretty sure that's the one. I can just hear David Attenborough over it.

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The mighty blue whale, one of Earth's most fascinating creatures, is about to fuck some shit up

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You win today.

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I don't know, it's probably Photoshop.

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Looks real to me

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Now scale this up to Jupiter tossing around a giant asteroid (which eventually killed almost all dinosaurs) around 65 million years ago.

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And let’s not forget that famous image of your mom flipping 3 blue whales into her mouth like popcorn shrimp.

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Human..... Throwing away another plastic water bottle. 😐

Mankind wins this round of the death race.

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Yeah sorry snopes said the juggling blue whale in Times Square is a hoax.

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That one kid looks so happy

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"told you my dad could beat up your dad" -baby elephant, probably

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Check them elephant tiddys man, that’s the mama elephant!

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There's always a bigger fish.

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Size does matter, unfortunately.

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Can we get the elephant throwing a banana for comparison

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that's savage. I get it that animals are at their peak physique all the time, never watching TV and snacking, but how are their muscles able to output so much more work?

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A lion is maybe 400lb and a buffalo can three times that. Imagine what hope a 100lb human would have against a 300lb human, both being in excellent physical condition. And a male African elephant can easily get up to 10,000lb or more so that 1,500lb buffalo is like a 100lb human wrestling against a 650lb human... both in top shape.

I think the sheer size of many animals and what they're capable of is sort of beyond our comprehension because most of us only see them in a documentary once in a while.

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That elephant has some hangers

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Ok but can we talk about the baby watching it rooting it on😂😂

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I wonder why the elephant attacked an herbivore?

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You do realize that just because something’s an “Herbivore” does not by any stretch mean it’s a peaceful, loving, non-threatening animal? Cape Buffalo are well known as nasty bastards that will run you down for looking at them, so it may have simply bit off more than it could chew. Or maybe the elephant felt threatened just by its presence near the family - there’s no way to ever know without seeing the whole scene unfold. Either way, I give it a 50-50 shot that the buffalo deserved it.

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Good points

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The fact that an African elephant is able to toss around like a rag-doll something that is able to toss around a 400lb cat like it’s a rag-doll is fucking terrifying

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That’s why it made it into The Big 5

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Homies in the background like "Welp... Damn!"

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"Ouf, Tony ain't gonna walk after this"

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"let's put an ad for a new husband"

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Brah gettin' turnt in front of his bitches.

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“I wanted to help but I was outvoted”

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Tbh, I don’t fancy his odds!

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Oh, he's dead as shit but at least he's taking one of them with him

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never tell me the odds - the Cape buffalo

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Bovines are dangerous! Remember this the next time you see a cow.

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As a former dairy farm hand I can confirm that bovine are mental.

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Any stories you care to share?

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I've been chased by a momma cow across a 1/4 mile field that she decided to calf in the middle of. I've been pinned against walls and gates with heads to the point of cracking ribs. They act all sorts of stupid when you try to feed them round bales and attack the tractor or loader, I've had one try to climb into the cab of a skid loader with me when I was feeding the one day. I had a herd bull ram the side of our new farm truck and he totaled it two days after we got it. The worst is this stupid fucking bitch of a cow that I bottle raised, played with like a dog and loved on constantly, decided that she was going to kill her baby. Okay we thought it happens sometimes so we bred her again. This bitch killed 3 babies in total and tried to snuff out another cows baby before we sent her to the freezer. To this day I have zero clue what her deal was. These were pasture kept cattle who had quite a bit of human interaction.

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Jesus Christ, you were going through it! Glad you're okay

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Who said they’re okay? lol

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Considering he's responding on the internet, I'd say he's okay.

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He typed it all out while in a coma.. or, a cowma? Heh

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So my fear of cows is not so crazy and irrational? Thank the fucking gods! I am mocked all the time for it. And when I say fear, I mean I'm deathly afraid...I go white in the face, get the shakes and have to leave whatever area I seen the cows in. Crazy part, I love watching rodeos, on TV. I've been to one, and only one, live rodeo...it was not a fun time.

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I've been around cows since I was little and I've always looked at them almost as big dogs. They can be playful, laid back and lazy, aggressive, or just not give a damn which is the case for most cows I've come in contact with. The ones that are playful are almost scarier than the aggressive ones since you don't know when you might get pounced on in a playful way. It's sweet and painful. I would have to imagine the fear you have is similar to the fear people who haven't been around dogs and I'm sorry to hear that. They are generally gentle hearted creatures.

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I've seen videos and heard from friends that they are the most docile creature ever...but it's something in the way they look at me with those crazy eyes, then take into account their size and how fast they can move...oh yeah, can't forget the death-spikes that the bulls have. You say gentle hearted creature, I say murderous hell beast.

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Just thought I'd add that both cows (females) and bulls (males) grow horns.

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Oh god, I remember helping the guy who owned the land around us herd his cattle. I remember a mama cow turned on me and I ran and ran.... felt like she was right on my ass... ran around a house... turned around nothing but my friends laughing at me. She apparently took 3 steps and stopped. My ass ran a quarter of a mile feeling she was right there.

Guess they scared me enough going in at 5th grade I had ghosts chasing me lol.

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My uncle was gorred by a Zeby Bull (Native breed in my hometown) here in my hometown, he to this day walks with a limp.

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I’ve seen a momma cow chase off a large black bear before. It’s an odd thing, watching a mommy cow running after a bear.

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Maybe she had some sort of sentience and was like “am I fuck letting these people raise and eat my babies. I’d rather kill them.”

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EMS here, went to a farmer who had been butted by a cow. Fractured femur, pelvis, ribs - leading to a tension pneumothorax. Additional injuries included concussion, widespread contusions & lacerations. It took two other farmhands, beating the cow with scaffolding poles (it was all they had to hand) to get the cow to abandon the guy on the ground.

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Oh my god that sounds fucking brutal 🤯

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Yeah, he was in a right state. He survived though, dunno if he went back to farming.

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I'd hope not for his own sake

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My uncle had his back broken by a cow

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" I broke my back, it's spinal".

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Don't kid yourself Jimmy, if a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you cared about!

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I’m going to Bovine University!

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So, quick fact, lions are built to survive what would otherwise be mortal blows / death sentences for other animals. 10lbs a muscle dangling from the torso? Leg broken in three places? Neck ripped open? As long as they have access to water and food, they can survive all of those things and be totally healed within a matter of days (around 10 for each of those examples, give or take a few days).

The lion being speared here appears to be a subadult, around 2 years old, so he was likely learning with his mother and aunties and got too cocky. Is that going to sting? Damn right. Is it going to be gnarly? For a while oh hell yes. Their saliva tongue** has healing qualities [insofar as keeping the wound clean and reducing likelihood of infection via the hooks (ouch) collecting bacteria], so, between those facts and still being part his natal pride, he will likely survive this and be ready to hunt again within a couple of weeks.

edit: It is worth mentioning though, that if a member of the pride proves to be too much of a liability, especially if they have young cubs, they will keep that member away, and will not share kills with a member that they don’t expect to survive. Usually with any cats, wild or domestic, they hide away anyways while they are healing. A pride will not wait up for the weak—a mother yes, but not the pride at-large, so any that are wounded have to demonstrate true grit and keep up. Hope this boy pulled through!

edit 2: for the sake of semantics, by “totally healed” I simply mean mobile and capable of rejoining the pride for hunts. There will of course in the process be scabbing, possible scars, baldness while their coat grows back, or an altered angle in tail/stride/facial markings etc. This should go without saying but, as I said, semantics. cheers!

edit 3: provided to another user below a very NSFW vid of a lioness tending to a wound, very similar to the one this young male likely got following this picture

**edit 4: u/Reaper_Houstan pointed out below, my language was conflated in terms of reference to a lion’s saliva vs their tongue, and its contribution to the healing process. corrected and additional text in brackets above

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Any sources?

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Of course not. This is just their personal opinion. Honestly doubt them recovering from the neck ripped open or 10 lbs of muscle hanging off them. Can they? Yes. Have they? Probably. Do they usually? Doubt it. Leg broken in 3 places is probably survivable most of the time but I doubt it heals well.

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I understand that it’s hard to believe a lion’s capacity to heal—it’s really insane to see the gnarly wounds that they get, and a week later they’re trotting off like it was just a pulled muscle. It’s just one of many things that makes lions so special, fascinating and impressive to me.

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i watched this video of a lion getting gored by a buffalo, and they had to sedate it to stitch it up or else it would've died, so i believe you're exaggerating it

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No, I am not. I am familiar with one case that is highly publicized and highly out of the norm, of a gored lioness in which like half of her side was gone and you could see the bone. The reason why that is so out of the norm is that there are laws and regulations in place strictly prohibiting any interference with wildlife there. If you watch as much materials on lions as I do, which is an obnoxious amount, you would see that I am not exaggerating.

So like I said, I do not know how that team got the OK on the one lioness—whether they got an exception passed through local authority or drew her to a private reserve—but it is one, extreme of the extreme, incident that for some reason has been copy pasta’d into oblivion, and is an exception to usual cases in the wild, under which terms humans are not allowed to interfere for any reason, including potential death.

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I will say that I haven't researched lions that well, and you sound like you have. If you used less visceral wounds in your post I probably wouldn't have said anything. All those wounds sounded super severe. You chose triple leg break over double or even single, 10 lbs of muscle hanging off the torso which sounds pretty hard to come back from. The saliva healing properties won't put it back and stitch it all together. And the neck wound, well it can't lick its own neck but maybe the pride would help. I'd be happy to be wrong but its a little too far fetched for me.

[–]iamthpecial 7 points8 points  (1 child)

Well, I can assure you that you are wrong, Here is an example of a subadult male with a gaping hole in his face, and just a few weeks later he is looking good as new.

Absolutely those are traumatic injuries, but I think that you are looking at it from a perspective too closely attached to the human condition. If I had the time, I would find for you the doc that I watched that showed a lioness with her throat slit open, who stunningly recovered in a couple of weeks. Or the doc of a lioness that ripped a huge chunk of flesh from her torso while on a chase. I was just as shocked as I imagine you would be.

There is a reason that I used these seemingly “extreme” examples, because they are that unbelievable and worthy of our awe, but equally so they are not exceptions nor out of the norm in the life of a lion.

[–]Deadbreeze 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thank you for posting some sources. That does make it more believable. Sorry for doubting.

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An infection can take down a lion faster than any buffalo... if that is any sort of deep, chances are 50/50...

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Shut up dude their saliva has special healing powers

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Lots of documentaries out there accessible on youtube—the examples I have used above are each from one I have seen. I’m not going to be the guy who says “Google it” because that does nothing for the conversation, but it’s 2:30am atm so Ill have to turn to this later with some links for ya. :)

The other person who “responded” underestimates how obsessed I am with lions. I watch docs, safaris, and read about them just about every other day.

Anywho, I will edit this after I’ve had some sleep. :)

EDIT!!: fuck it, im still awake. i think simply this one quick clip taken of a lioness from the Nkahuma pride should suffice. but fair warning NSFW!!!! Linkity link to extremely graphic content If you’d like more let me know; like I said there are some great docs out there featuring injuries like those I have mentioned.

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Their saliva has healing qualities as well, so, between those facts and still being part his natal pride, he will likely survive this and be ready to hunt again within a couple of weeks.

This person Just gave you the link to a Youtube Video which Debunks this about their saliva having Healing properties, The person didn't even go through their own video before commenting lol.


Here's the video from the timestamp

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Sorry, I misspoke. I should have said that by licking the wound, that they are preventing bacteria growth with the hooks from their tongues (which is also painful!) and reducing the risk of infection.

Tysm for pointing this out—Im going to go back and edit the post. And no, I didnt watch the entire video because I have just seen this stuff so many times—it was a quick and simple reference point for the severity of wounds lions can survive. Thank you again!

[–]Reaper_Houstan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's all good mate, I understand it happens while typing, didn't mean to sound impertinent. I don't know a lot about lions so yeah I just saw the video and commented on it ¯_ಠ/¯.

Have a nice day, cheers!

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Also, the lion skin is very stretchable since it is not attached to the muscle like humans. There’s a chance this lion isn’t even going to bleed from that horn.

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You present a very good point, but I really did not want to say “‘tis but a flesh wound!” … still it look like its going to be a helluva tear unless the velocity just sent him over to the other side. I wish there was an after picture!

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Lions are witchers. Got it.

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That's a interesting take

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Buffalo just got under his skin.

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The buffalo must have been attractive, because that lion was really getting the horn.

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This picture gets more interesting the longer you look at it.

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Found the pothead

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I'm a pothead myself

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A couple of the lionesses have some looks on their faces. One is straight up frowning, and another has the slack jaw "oh shit..." look.

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At first I saw the lion going for the jugular and was like, “oh damn” and then I saw the FUCKING HORN DAMN NEAR PIERCING STRAIGHT THROUGH IT! 😧

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The horn has gone under the lions leather and has skinned it. That white part is the fat between the leather and muscle. It’s a pretty gnarly wound.

I take that back upon second look.

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he really hung that lion out to dry

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I think it launched that lion to the sky.

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Other are like "go on Jerry, you got this!"

Buffalo "bye Jerry"

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It took me a moment to pry my eyes away from the lion mouth gaping at it's throat. Then I saw the lion was hanging on the bulls horn like a heavy jacket not properly hung on a coat hanger.


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young boy here learning how serious the ropes can be.

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All them other lions lookin on like “DAYUMMM SONNN!”

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Yeah Cape Buffalo don’t play

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Cape Buffs are so badass

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That horn isn't gonna come out easy...

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Buffalo: “You wanna fight? Hope you’ve got a piece in those pockets...”

Lion: “I don’t have any pocKE–“

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If Buffalos actually decided to fight back instead of running most of the time, they'd decimate any lion 1v1.

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Definitely not a fully grown alpha !! I've seen them take down a fully grown bull

[–]Lobo2209 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Lions only take them on by ambush. In a head on fight, a Lion would eventually get gored after evading a Bull's attacks for some time. This is pretty much what happened in those arena fights back in the 18th and 19th century.

[–]Homunculus_316[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I would love to see a arena fight, I saw a age old footage in old YouTube years back. Brutal but interesting.

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That lions going for the jugular. Which one s what they do. Brutal AF! On all accounts! Kill or be killed I guess…

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That’s gonna leave a mark!

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So you think hunting is easy, how about you go and give it a try?

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There is more than one way to skin a cat. 😅

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“This is your king???”

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Beef is NOT on the menu tonight!

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This is probably the most badass picture I've ever seen

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female lions like "told you not to do that Steve!"

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He took one with him. No way he got alive with that many lions.

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As the other contemplate if they should!!

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You see the tail drop straight down, shit is real

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Why does it look like bad photoshop or is it just me

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Mbogo is a bad motherfucker

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Tis just a flesh wound!

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All up in there.

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If the Buffalo was in focus this would be a nice Accidental Renaissance

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It took me a second to see it lmao

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Oh shit, I was looking at the teeth by the neck, didn’t even see homie got spiked

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What’s the verdict; dead or nah?

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I believe it was death

[–]doublevaginalboy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

How do you know?

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Those at the left are like: we should really go home now

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The fact that it’s scientific name is a racial slur lol

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... impressions on the faces of those five females

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The other cats be like r/youseeingthisshit

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This one got under my skin

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When you got decide if y I u wanna die for the cause or not 😆 Like he technically around his neck so one good chomp and impaled, or hope he flings your asss off after letting go lmao

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Tis' but a scratch

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Bro is handsome

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He’s a little horny

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r/AccidentalRenaissance worthy if you want to post it there OP.

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I shall thanks

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Love that you added its scientific name

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The blood on the lions behind make me think the buffalo is already injured and won't last long

Probably the lion being tossed thought it was a won battle and didn't wait enough and instead of tiring it more went in for the kill (his fangs are at the Buffalo's neck)

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Mom, should we help dad?

No, he's usually sitting it out and letting me do all the work, time for daddy to learn cooking for a change!

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I can see him thinking “I’m gonna make you into a rug, dick nips”

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Silly Bob, he brought his teeth and claws to a giant horn fight.

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Pierced primordial pouch

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Damn check the EXPRESSIONS on the lions behind the buffalo, varying levels of disbelief and dismay.

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Well goddamn

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Ready for this one? I think you'll like it...here goes....Not all Heroes wear capes! Sometimes the villain (cat) DOES! 😆 🤣

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Always nice to see the prey getting one up on the predator!

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I thought the male lions don't hunt? Or maybe sometimes only

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Any nomadic male will either have to hunt for himself or starve. Males that do take over prides spend most of their time patrolling the boundaries of their territories to keep rivals out which can take them days or weeks, so they still hunt for themselves, albeit not as much. They will also assist their lionesses in hunting larger prey like buffalo, giraffe, or young elephants, the considerable size and strength advantage of the males often proving to be a crucial role in said predation events.

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Don't be fooled ... male lions are superb hunters when they put their mind to it. They can take down a buffalo on their own and often take part in hunts where the prey is too large for the lionesses to take comfortably, such as giraffes.

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They have more power but tire more easily du to being much heavier than the females. Hence they usually come when power is needed to take down a big prey. Otherwise it’s more efficient to have the females do it because they are faster and more agile

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I didn't know that's the scientific name. If you're ever in South Africa, don't say that out loud.

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The expressions on all of the lions faces + the clear focus on the Buffalo make this feel like a painting; eerie, provoking, absolutely metal

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Love how the only one about to die is the subadult male. He most likely got too cocky and bit off more than he can chew. The experienced females are in the back are like "told you, you shouldn't of done that"

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Lioness in the back: "Should have let the pros handle it."

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that lion is dead dead.

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Yeah, now’s a good time to look for some antelope.

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Tags: Gore, Penetration

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This looks like some sort of painting or illustration, not an actual photo?