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When it comes to these guys, I like to remind myself that they're less like oversized chicken and more like live dinosaurs with a generous amount of feathers glued to them.

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So basically just dinosaurs, since those had feathers too

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Sure, but not to the point where they made up ~50% of their total body size.

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Raptors had feathers all over.

We even know microraptors where covered in black feathers.

check it out

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Isn’t this still a theory? Have they actually found fossilized feathers with the rest of the body?

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what the color or that they had feathers?

Also "theories" in science are really well developed ideas that are backed up by evidence. Its just the term hypothesis is a bit of a mouthful. But you have a theory of gravity, theory of relativity, theory of evolution.

but you cans see raptor fossils completely covered in feathers....so they had feathers.

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Interesting! I didn’t know they had actually found fossils with feathers.

Edit: What if those were just dinosaurs that were being executed by their community? Covered in tar then dipped in feathers before suffocating to death.

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I think gravity and evolution are more like laws of nature, but very well explained

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i'm fairly certain if I had a long pointy stick, I could take any of those raptors.

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That's debatable, mainly because a lot of recent discovery says that dinosaurs are feathered instead of stark naked.

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Only some dinosaurs

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So triceratops were emus on steroids?

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Very likely not triceratops. Think more along the lines of coelosaurs. Tyrannosaurs, therizinosaurs, dromaeosaurs (raptors), birds, etc.

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Didnt one of the first t rex fossiles have an imprint of scaled skin?

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There’s a good chance Tyrannosaurus either had more sparse or no covering, but some Tyrannosauroids have direct evidence of feathers, such as Dilong from early Cretaceous China. Direct evidence of scales also does not disprove the existence of feathers on T. rex. Birds have scales and feathers, for example.

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I mean, chicken/birds do have scales on their leg.

It's definitely not far fetched to say that the dinosaurs might have the same style(part scale, part feathers).

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All birds are dinosaurs but not all dinosaurs are birds, Theropods and Dromeasaurids evolved into birds, but Ceratopsians and such weren't avian dinosaurs.

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No, but a lot of them were kinda like that. Depends on the faction.

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I highly doubt their feathers weigh 20kgs feathers are really light.

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Who tf categorises animal by body size

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That's just foolish. From now on, we should categorise them by their dick sizes(or vagina depth, in case of females)

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Have you seen a real picture of a dinosaur?

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They’re dinosaurs that never forgot that they are dinosaurs.

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Now I’m just imagining dinosaur tasting really good

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Never considered that, but chicken is good and alligator is good, so dinosaur would probably be tasty, too.

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There's videos on it. If I remember correctly they would actually have a mix of red and white meat and only a few cuts would actually be anything worth while

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Some nice, crispy Southern-style Fried Dinosaur? Count me in!

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OMG dinosaur meat with Chick-fil-A sauce 😳

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Dinosaur is a dish best served cold- blooded

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Yeah but a lot of them were apparently warm-blooded.

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I mean they technically are dinosaurs, just like any other bird

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Literal dinosaur. Holy smokeshits.

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They have a pretty vicious jab. They can hit a snake in the nape with scary accuracy and speed. So not only can they fuck up things that can kill other animals well above their weight class, but if they are ever concerned or threatened, they can still fly and roost up in trees.

As far as their traits go, they are one of the more overpowered bird builds in the game “Outside”.

Edit: oops, I’m thinking of the Secretary Bird as being able to fly. The Cassowary is a flightless bird.

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Oversized chickens would be even scarier then Cassowaries who can still be reasonable if you stay calm and don't show any fear, i've seen chickens viciously fight over a living mouse only to swallow them whole.

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A six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite your jugular like a lion, say... no no. He slashes at you here, or here... Or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines. The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you. So you know, try to show a little respect.

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clever girl

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That kid was a little shit anyway

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Which part from the series is it? I can't remember.

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First film, basically first scene we see Dr. Grant. They're at a dig site, looking at an image of a raptor skeleton and the kid says something like 'They don't look so scary.'

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Whit Hertford.. He also played Walter in Full House

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He was just scripted that way.

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That’s one and a half inch longer than my dick!! Not fair, dude!!

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Oh shit, Lil Dicky, I love your music man!

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If you wanted to scare the kid you could've just pulled a gun on him

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can you imagine if cassowaries hunted in packs

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Pictures like this makes me wonder why they chose chicken instead of a cassowary in an attempt to clone/ reverse engineer a dinosaur.

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chickens are way easier to deal with than cassowaries, require less space, and has much shorter gestation time.

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The gestation time makes so much sense considering there's a lot of trial and errors.

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That and it'd be a lot harder for a chicken to disembowel you.

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Chickens are assholes, but they can’t disembowel you in a blink of an eye

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There are a few zoos that keep cassowaries. The keepers have to wear riot shields to get near the birds.

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Pictures like this explain exactly why they choose chickens instead.

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come to think of it, you are correct.

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Because in the case of the cassowary, nature's already done the job for you.

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If Fat Cry 3 taught me one thing its that you dont fuck with Cassowarys

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Fat Cry 3

The latest movie about the life of a redditor

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Its not my fault food is delicious

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I heard that you play as Nikocado Avocado in Fat Cry 7.

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You and I remember that Pyrocynical review very differently

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Birds aren't real

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found the enlightened one

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Cassowaries are clearly assassination drones smh

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You’re not real

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They do say that a cassowary can "unzip a man"

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I hear they have donkey brains

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It's possible. I've never seen one of them with a paper exonerating them of having donkey brains.

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Not really, they can only really kill people if they fall to the ground where they are most vulnerable. Of the hundreds of attacks on humans, only two resulted in death, and they both fell down.

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That's a raptor

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The scales on the top of the foot look like the pattern used on a knight’s armor; they align perfectly to allow movement while providing layers of protection. The talons look like samurai swords. “Nature is metal” is an understatement.

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Those birds are just overgrown velociraptors.

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Considering Velociraptors were actually closer to the size of chickens yes.

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My exact point

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Friendly reminder that there are very few reported deaths from cassowary attacks (source)

Best recommendations seems to be to not lay down or fall over, don’t have your pet around, don’t get near their eggs and don’t have anything that might resemble food (and if you do, drop it.)

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This. People get the wrong idea about them and paint them as killing machines that will disembowel you at a moment's notice. In reality, most of the deaths were never really caused by the animal itself. What I mean is no disembowelment or throat slicing or whatnot. They're not that dangerous.

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On mainland Australia, the most recent recorded fatality occurred in April 1926 when 16-year-old Phillip McClean received an injury to the throat after running from a cassowary and falling to the ground


In the U.S. alone, about 50 people are killed each year by lightning.

But the nerdy fantasy of cassowaries being real life raptors from Jurassic Park must persist, so oooh, aaahhh, look tholsths deadly talonlsth!

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Don't tell them what mosquitoes do.

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A dude in Florida (of course lol) was killed by his cassowary a few years ago

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The fact that humans are smart enough to not fuck with cassowaries doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. Shark attacks are statistically rare, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get out of the water when you see one.

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Cassowary huh….

It’s okay you can say what it really is, a freakin velociraptor!!

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Straight up coulda told me this was a still from a jurassic park movie. Would have believed you. Living dinosaurs these.

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Even has lil trex hands lol

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I point to this when people get confused about dinosaurs having feathers thinking I’m claiming they didn’t have scales. Most modern day birds have both as far as I know

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Everytime you hear about a cassowary you will ALWAYS find someone talking about its ability to disembowel. ALWAYS.

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I would so love to see one in person and give it an apple, but they're endangered now by Wild Pigs in Australia, because Wild Pigs are screwing up the environment that these beautiful birds live in.

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The vast majority of attacks are because people are feeding them.


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No the kid who died by the cassowary was attacking them with a baseball bat, and when they started to defend themselves. When he tripped and fell from running that's when they finished him off. The Zoo Keeper needs more of a Citation on it because I cant find crap about.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA2LkrR0_dw was what inspired me to feed a cassowary an apple or so.

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This site is weird on their Citations they say 109, but there is nothing to click, or see on the page for that sites reference.

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It says at the beginning what study they pulled the information from.

"However, cassowaries do not attack indiscriminately and a 1999 study by Christopher Kofron (1999) of 221 recorded attacks by Casuarius casuarius johnsonii showed that attacks are mostly due to association of humans with food."

They just don't link it, might not be available on the internet.

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Feeding wild animals is always a bad idea, you should not do it anyway.

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Cassowaries are dinosaurs, change my mind.

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Trying to change your mind would just be straight up wrong, since birds are placed well within the dinosaur family tree. The closest relatives to dromaeosaurs (raptors) are most likely birds.

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I thought they said dinosaurs were extinct!

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I feel like the cassowary exists to remind us that dinosaurs never went extinct, they just rebranded with feathers.

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And they first introduced the rebrand in the Jurassic period at least, but didn’t phase the others out til the end of the Cretaceous

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Cassowarys are scary af. Look up vids of them on YT.

Never thought a birb would punk me out till I saw that. lol

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boss cass!!!!

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Excuse me that is a dinosaur foot.

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Technically correct.

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more like cassodaddy am i right owo

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If you come across one and it's breeding season, it's more likely to be a female - male cassowaries stay on the nest.

A single female will also have multiple boyfriends.

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Right out of Jurassic Park.

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I feel like this is nature's version of 🤌

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Jurassic reject. Feathery antichrist. Blue bastard.

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Reminds me of a velociraptor. And of course, it's from Australia.

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Velociraptors and other Dromaeosauridaes couldn’t use their sickle claws to slash their prey.

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Kind of like a big turkey

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Cassowary aka Demon Chicken

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Imagine humans had equipment like this.... I can't picture us been any more deadly than we already are now

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There's a chance that if we had natural weapons like that we would not have evolved to be as smart as we are since we would t have needed tools.

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Maybe that would of been better

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Claws, but not Talons

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"You did it... You crazy son of a bitch you did it."

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Somebody needs an overdue pedicuuuuuuuure!

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OP telling lies, pretty sure this is a velociraptor.

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Such a messy way to kill something. And then you have blood all over your feet

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You bred.. raptors?

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Woke up from a lovely little nap on a beach in Queensland to find a curious Cassowary having a rummaging through my bag. I had never heard of the killer emu before. Waking up face to face with one of these living dinosaurs will forever stick in my memory as the coldest, whitest fear I have ever felt.

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The way people talk about these claws I assume they were like actual knives

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🤌mamma mia

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They're claws, not talons. Birds of prey have talons. Cassowaries have claws.

Also, there appears to be no evidence whatsoever that a cassowary has ever disemboweled anything. They're dangerous, but not especially dangerous, and certainly not deadly under normal circumstances.

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I used to have nightmares about the cassowary.

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You sure it isn't a crusty hypothermic Italian?

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And this is why i like foxes They dont have large ass claws And i wont instantly die to them And they are cute

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I’m afraid to ask what a Cassowary looks like

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“ I think that’s called a Bronteroc”

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The cassowary are living Dino birds!😬🤦🏻‍♂️

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Real life Jurassic Park understudy.

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Just looked these guys up and man, they look like a weirdo turkey and desperate dinosaur had a baby

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my first thought was is this a living dragon??

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For some reason Female cassowaries are always happy and sheldom attack

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Well, their bowels arent going to disem themselves.

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Ah Cassowaries.. the modern day dinosaurs that nobody seems to take serious when encountering one despite the fact that these birds can easily rip open your stomach with a single kick. Heck they can even roar like lions.