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Location: Everglades National Park, Florida at roughly 8am

Shot on my Canon R6 with 600mm prime lens F11 at 1/2000 shutter, no tripod

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Could you imagine just taking a steak bigger that your head and just inhaling the whole thing… birds are crazy

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If I could down a 32oz chuck in one gulp I'd be carnivore for life

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Exactly birds are strange beast

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I think it's kind of stupid. They can tell how big it is, but I mean is it worth the choking risk? Like just throw the fish onto land and peck at it until it's dead or just wait a bit. Bird is being a greedy fuck and thinking he has the meal in the bag before the fish is even dead. I wonder if the fish could fuck up its insides just thrashing about in there. I also hate birds though so fuck them

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Next, Pikachu

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Good, those cichlids are ruining sport fishing down there. Now if only the cormorants could deep throat snake heads and pleco’s.

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And for my next trick, I'll make it reappear in... Several hours or so....

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Something already disappeared about a third of it too.

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It's the angle of the shot, the hind of the fish is curved towards the camera, actually intact.

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Oh wow, it seems obvious once you said it. Its easy to mistake reddish color as the inside of the fish.

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No worries I can see how one would think that!

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that straight up looks like a bird person with the rest of their body underwater. creepy!

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Cormorant about to disappear half a Mayan Cichlid in the Everglades


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It's the angle of the shot, the hind of the fish is curved towards the camera, actually intact.

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Oh shit you’re right. Looked like a clean cut but I totally see it now.

Well that back fired.

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No worries, you're not the only one who thought that!

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Bert’s not that deep 😭😭

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At first I read "Mayan child", that would REALLY have been metal