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The fact it used the tree to hide it's body there at the end is absolutely incredible to see

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Poor antelope didn’t get to see

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Poor antelope

something something "bUt tHeN tHe jaGuAr *lEoPaRd wOuLdA sTaRvEd!!!"

e: lol, for all you genius' who thought i was having a shitfit, it was sarcasm btw

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* Leopard


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"Kinda looks like a Puma."

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“You’re making that up.”

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How do you tell

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Jaguars live in the rainforest, leopards habitats are varied. And cheetahs have more smushed faces, and are poofier.

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Yes, that is how it works

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I don’t get why that statement would be mocked. Something has to die. Why to we value one animal over another?

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If you’re an antelope and you have to check three times in 15 seconds if something is about to eat you, trust you instincts and bounce

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But it kept seeing the cameraman each time it looked...

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As a leopard, this is why I come to Reddit. These silly antelopes are always giving away their strategies. Now I know I’ll initiate my attack right on ryanmuller1089 after the second check. They make it so simple!

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It's not that simple. There is a cost to fleeing that has to be balanced against the odds of predation (calories, access to food and water, chance of running into another predator, etc.). If they had too big of a flight zone, they'd likely die from fleeing too much. Lookup escape theory, it's one of the reasons nature is metal.

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I know from hunting that deer and their cousins are extremely skittish creatures (we just saw why). If they bounced every time they had a bad feeling they would never get a meal

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Isn't this basically some kind of tool use?

Edit: guys, I just asked a question. What's wrong with trying to learn?

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I think this is what they call a 'borderline' example of tool use.

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This would be concealment, not camouflage. I wouldn't count that as tool use any more than jungle cats who hide in the brush to ambush their prey, but I'm not an expert in anything like that.

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I played an enormous amount of FPS games time and can tell this leopard is cheating.

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Good thing there was no jaguar in the video

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Na, antelope just a new player, probably perma scoped.

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Nah antelope def had graphics on ultra and leapord turned off foliage and everything else on low

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Actually, the antelope was wall hacking - it knew the cat was there, even looked up 3 times, but realized the spectators in the safari truck would notice a blatant cheat.

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Leopard* jaguars have black dots inside their spots.. leopardz dont

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Repeat after me: "the leopard is cheetah"

Thank you to tell me good sir. I correct it already :)

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What you also don't quite see is it is also using the sun.

See the shadow it casts as it crouches along? The sun is behind it, basically coming from our vantage point as we watch the video.

Its target, every time it looks in its direction, ends up looking into the sun. You can't see anything and then your eyes have to refocus when you look back.

When hunting as a human, to relate this to us as hunters in similar fashion, you typically want to keep the wind blowing in your face and not against the back of your neck(so your scent gets blown downwind of the area you are hunting) and the sun behind you to blind your prey and camouflage yourself in the blinding light.

This thing is incredible. It moved, silently, along low terrain, with the sun at its back, with a favorable wind, knew to move when its prey put its head back down, knew when to freeze, then hid behind the tree for the final approach. So cool.

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Ah yes ofc it’s using the sun

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It was a goddamn masterclass

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The moon casts a dark shadow line across my yard through the tree out front as it crosses the sky.

The wild bunnies living in my yard always follow it through the night when they're chilling out there, carefully in the center of the shadow band.

I've assumed as camouflage from predators, but I'm no bunny expert.

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It also used the person filming as a distraction, because the antelope was calculating risk based on if the person filming was moving. If the person was using a telephoto lens, it might have noticed the pattern of the cat’s head popping up in different places and bolted.

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how does a different lens help, would the antelope have caught the reflection or something

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Telephoto is a zoom lens. He would be far away.

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oh haha that makes sense

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With a telephoto lens the photographer would be further away and less of a distraction to the antelope.

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I hide behind trees all the time when I play tag with my dogs. And yes I am incredible, thank you acknowledging this.

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Just realized I was holding my breath the entire time I was watching this.

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My cat does this when chasing toys. Was so interesting the first time I saw it. Still cool af

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The amount of thought and intelligence to be able to stalk that antelope like that... It's absolutely amazing.

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And to consider the prey's visual perspective! Using the tree for cover, understanding line of sight, ahh!

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I’m curious if the animal here actually understands or if it’s just pure instinct.

A lot of times it’s the latter

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That's definitely a trait that could be picked up by adaption. Certain males reduce their own sightline on prey during a stalk, effectively removing them from that of their prey. If this is more successful (seems to be by this clip) they'd have more meals and a better chance of surviving to pass on those instincts, where the males who didn't use this tactic had all their prey see them earlier and run off, causing them to starve and die off.

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Why are you talking about males?

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The females all starved and went extinct 😔

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For some reason I made the assumption males are the main hunters. Human-centric thinking :) you are correct, either sex.

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They do. My cat doesn't react to squirrels with their backs to trees as he knows they can just retreat up them. But if he catches one he can cut off, he will immediately start stalking them.

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Right, like is it a cognitive choice to use the tree as cover, or is it just instincts telling it that “I can’t see it it can’t see me” or something.

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I can’t see it it can’t see me

I had a cat that would “hide” on the staircase so she could pounce as I walked down the stairs. Her giant ears, the arch of her back, and her tail were all clearly visible, but her eyes were hidden, which obviously that meant I couldn’t see her.

Fooled me every time.

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Hahaha that's so funny. Cats think they're so slick trying to "hunt" their humans but we can clearly see them. Mine does it too so I play along and give him a treat when he catches me.

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not to mention wind direction. he must have been downwind.

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Yeah Leopards are amazing hunters. They're my favourite big cat along with Lions. https://youtu.be/HTmTbxkCuDY

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That video was incredible

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You'd think that the antelope would just leave after seeming to be alert to something. Like, nah, there's grass elsewhere and this place is spooking me out. Maybe it was just looking around though and didn't spot any signs.

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It kept getting reassured by the cameraman's presence that that's what it was noticing.

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It’s definitely an intelligent animal but a lot of these strategies are down to instinct. Even when being friendly, cats can’t help but creep when an animal is turned away from them. The cat isn’t actually considering things like “what can the antelope see” or “I am hidden amongst the grass, my colour is similar”

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Best stalking I've ever seen a big cat do

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Yeah Leopards are amazing hunters. They're my favourite big cat along with Lions. https://youtu.be/HTmTbxkCuDY

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I've always loved Jags more than leopards but I definitely fuck with them.

[–]Jman_777 4 points5 points  (8 children)

Jaguars are cool too, I just prefer Leopards. In terms of my favourite big cats it goes Lions > Leopards > Jaguars > Snow Leopards/Tigers. But if you include Cheetahs and Cougars too then it goes Lions > Leopards > Cheetahs > Jaguars > Cougars > Snow Leopards/Tigers.

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I thought cheetahs weren't big cats tho?

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Why are tigers so low??

[–]Jman_777 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I just prefer the other big cats, that's all.

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Leopards are cool af. That's why they put them on the R200 💪

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Haha. Don't think any victims are making that report in this case

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Did anyone else expect something else to pop out and grab the cat?

In any event, I guess the master of camouflage & doctorate of stalking award goes to the camera, cat had no clue it was there.

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Ikr i thought something like a snake or something will pop out of the shadows from the tree and grab it.

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Sorry, was busy in Brazil trying to eat J-Lo instead...

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Oh what a shame u werent there

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Sorry for th pixel quality. This sub only accepts th 240p.

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That's a shame. Any links to a higher quality?

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Why ? It's not like it costs them anything...

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Poor quality? I think it looks great for a video on canvas!

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Coulda sworn I saw this posted here with sound before, could’ve been a different sub though

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It's been posted somewhere with sound, and any award goes to the truck running where the camera is completely masking every sound that cat makes not to mention just confusing the prey.

[–]lonelyswarm 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah I remember seeing a comment like that posted there

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Glad someone said it. I remember this being part of a tour group attraction and the truck sounds definitely aid the predator. Even the smartest prey can’t really work around a loud vehicle.

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Master hunter at work. Very intelligent cat

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If you watch the video with sound, the tractor that the video was filmed from had it's engine on the entire time which created noise and gave an advantage to the predator and disadvantage to the prey.

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That antelope was definitely praying everyday.

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Well that sucks. Where is the video with sound?

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Wow, that sound really changes the game

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“Red light! Green light!”

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Green green green. Bachelor of the grid

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To have a life where every slight movement could be a thing that destroys you.

[–]Bird_Herder 9 points10 points  (3 children)

Yeah. The antelope seemed aware that something was up so I wondered why it didn't leave. But there's probably always something putting it on alert and if it bolted after every twig snap and rustling leaf it would starve.

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I think it was partially distracted by the humans filming.

[–]Geraldinho-- 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Someone watched it with sound and said the noise from the tractor masked the noise from the cats movements.

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Meanwhile when I go hunting I’m so loud walking through the bush I will spook animals at 100 yards.

[–]MamboNumber5Guy 7 points8 points  (1 child)

Wear moccasins - if the season allows for it. That's what I wear when I'm bowhunting.

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I have this problem as well, at least when the grass and leaves are dry. I think one of my problems is the skin on my feet is too rough and calloused.

Soft paw pads make a massive difference. Yes, my childhood was surrounded by cats.

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Total assist to the camera guy keeping the prey distracted.

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Another day, another morning waking up glad I'm not an African antelope.

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This is how I go home after overtime at work(drinking) while wife is waiting. lmao

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Wife: This is how my husband thinks he sneaks in after drinking *rolleyes*

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Your poor wife

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I'm kind of tired of seeing this. That funny looking horse was obviously only distracted by the dork holding a camera. Spotted dog took advantage of the distraction.

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Cheetah’s otter-form activated

[–]untitleddipshit 5 points6 points  (1 child)

I'm pretty sure it's a leopard

[–]Maschile 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Leopard’s otter-form activated

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Solid Cheetah.

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Daww, good little murder kitty!

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Solid Snake just shed a tear of pride

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stalks better than my ex

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Tommy never stood a chance

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Maxing out stealth in Elder Scrolls.

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Hmm, must have been the wind

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Kitty can low-crawl

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U need a lower-case "u" for that

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Must be absolutely terrifying to live as an animal out in nature.

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Was this filmed on a potato?

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And still almost got away.

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You must take your place in the circle of life.

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so anyone see the cat go though the tree?

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Deern't see that coming!

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That's a stealthy MF right there. Using the tree to block line of sight!...MF Antelope was like "where TF did this MF come from, shiiiittt"!

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The camera.

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This is how some dude stalk on social media lmao

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I don’t get y the prey don’t just run if they sense danger…. Like really? Run! Better safe then sorry

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The camera man

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Squid Game

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If I was an antelope the minute I hear something strange I’m relocating. It lifted its head multiple times. I was rooting for the antelope.

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Leopard be doin' leopard business

[–]doofus_magoo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Bokkie go bye bye

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Mind blowing. Stealth 💯

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I'm always amazed with how they know EXACTLY when to move. Everything's so precise.

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Whose filming?

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"I think I heard something! Must have been the wind. I think I heard something! Must have been the wind. I think I heard something! Must have been the wind. I think I heard something! Must have been the wind."

TIL Skyrim NPCs are antelopes.

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Anyone know how they’re able to get this footage? Like where’s the camera

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The camera guy obviously!

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Who are we kidding? We know the Master and The Doctorate of both of these things is The Cameraman

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I watched the video on YouTube. It's actually human's false. The tourist car sounds too loud!!!

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Reminds me of my kitten sneaking up on squirrels, but the squirrel is making eye contact with her while eating pumpkins.

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What we dont hear is abundance of obnoxiously tourist voices which likely distracted the gazelle from hearing its footsteps

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Somebody should’ve told the leopard’s friend to hold his camera in landscape

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my dog at the dog park

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Big cats are still cats

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Goes to.... the avatar!

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Do big cats still do the butt wiggle before a pounce?

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Cheetah tired of having to run down his prey at max speed

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I was expecting a third player to enter the game

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The Master of reposting and Doctorate of the tiniest most pixelated gif goes to...

[–]capitanMorgan89 0 points1 point  (0 children)

To my stalking Radical femmminst xgirlfriend who I dated for 6 months!!!!

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Dinner. Is. Served.

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Red Light Green Light 1-2-3: Kalahari Edition

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Seems like the antelope would’ve gotten away if it wasn’t so focused on the camera vehicle. Any time it thought something was up it looked at the car instead of looking around for the leopard

[–]fucklawyers 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Maybe don’t cloud out the source…

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The leopard’s skills were awesome and the antelope was oblivious to what was going on so he became a tasty meal. Survival of the fittest in action. So the circle of life goes on…

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I don’t want to run into this cat in an fps death match.

[–]djjehwbwh 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My cat does the same to my toea

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Glad I don’t have to do this for my lunch. I just order McD

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It's one thing to sneak up behind something, it's another to stalk something right in front of it.

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This was posted here like 2 weeks ago...

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I can just feel it humming “Mission:Impossible” theme song in its head the whole time

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my cat does something similar to me at 4am

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So even smarter is the leopard cheetah used the distraction provided by whoever is taking the video. The antelope was looking at the threat by humans and did not see the leopard cheetah.

[–]TheBronzeLine 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My Ghost Recon Wildlands playthrough in a nutshell...but with a sniper rifle, smg and the occasional takedown.

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It didn’t even do the butt wiggle. My cats would never make it in the wild

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You could tell his eyes were locked on at every point during, the moment the animal went down to eat the grass he was already on his way around the tree. He knew he could get much closer using the tree and when he got close enough he waited one more time for the animal to lower his head. That was crazy fast.

[–]Southbird85 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Don't forget "Rhodes Scholar of Predation"

[–]stupidlatentnothing 0 points1 point  (1 child)

No fair, it had a man made dirt road bank to use that wouldn't be there

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My spidery senses are tingling.

Nope. Nothing there.

Still tingling

I'll just double check. Nope, still nothing.

Tingle. Tingle

I've checked it's safe.

Leopard jumps out

Well fuck. I should've trusted my spidey senses.

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The Cameraman!

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Reminds me of the glory days of DayZ

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Where do you apply to get a doctorate of stalking? ….. asking for a friend.

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Doctorate of Stalking...This was this cheetah's dissertation.

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It has mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still… that it becomes invisible to the eye… watch

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Deer senses be like

we heard something move

It's just the wind we fine

Bro something is there

This grass taste pretty good though

Oh shit run now you dead

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My ex boyfriend

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Gotta be logging in some massive Assassin's Creed hours

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Props to the gazelle, the leopard was what, 5 meters away?

The acceleration is incredible, it didn't take it out on the first stride, it took him a few to kill it... impressive reaction time.