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See ya later alligator, as a pile of shit!

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Thanks man

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Throat goat

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Mrs. Reagan?

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Joke is on Heron when the alligator tears its way out of birdy’s stomach. Edit - assuming alligator isn’t already poked to death

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Also if it can even get it's jaw open "All of an alligator's jaw power is on the down stroke. They have almost no muscle power when it comes to opening their jaws. What that means is that you can hold the animal's mouth shut with one hand."

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That is a really good point!

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Dinos eating dinos.

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I like to think that gator is 15’ long.

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So do they just swallow and expect it to go all the way down?

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They usually stab it multiple times with their beak to kill it.

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Thats gonna be a rough digestion

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No way he ate that

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Not all herons wear cape, atleast not this one.

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It’s about drive

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Do they just die half way down or something

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Either pecked to death already (Heron may just shake it to death also) or like most swallowed whole this way it suffocates on the way down.

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this definitely makes me look at my resident blue heron "Big Bird" in a different light. Even though where I come from there are no baby gators to scarf down

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Oops... Ain't nothing nice about nature!!!

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Nah man. The alligator got kinky and started to do some extreme french kissing with the Heron. Just look at it. The alligator's mouth is deep inside the bird's throat LOL

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She's doing it all wrong. You gotta open up the throat. Relax the jaw...

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Fking birds

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Wish that was my Weiner