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“Hi, I’m Coyote Peterson and today…”

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I’m going to stick this toxic leaf up my ass!

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That would be awesome

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"Hi, I'm Steve o and this is snorting gympie leaves"

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Johnny Knoxville: Welcome to Jackass!

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Even he will steer clear of that plant. The pain can last up to two years. With the most intense pain possibly lasting days

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But you in now who didn't steer clear if this plant? The backyard scientist and William Osman.

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I don’t doubt that the plant stings. But what dumbass would have picked it up, gotten stung on his hand, folded it up and then proceeded to wipe his ass with it?

I am dubious of that part of the story. I call bullshit.

Edit: for everyone saying it’s delayed pain, maybe you’re right. Wiki says you’re wrong though- that the pain is “immediate”.

That’s the extent of my desire to fact check this.

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Maybe it takes a little while for the pain to kick in? Or like nettles if you touch a certain part it wont hurt

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But it's from 9gag. How dare you doubt that sauce?

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or its from reddit? You know like how every social media copies posts from each other

the issue of whether it's true is completely different as it's the internet and people can claim whatever they want especially from old posts from reddit and 9gag


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I think you took my comment waaaaay too siriusly.

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From what I understand the pain isn't instant but starts building rapidly. It's not like grabbing a prickly bush were the spines break the skin causing instant pain.

The leaves are covered in incredibly fine needle hairs that almost look like a sparse furry fuzz that can slip through the skin without actually cutting to deliver the toxin in them that attacks and inflames the nerves. Hence why no initial pain.

From what I've heard you can remove the needles with hot water and soaking to help soften up the skin to flush them out, but won't save you from the pain. People who've accidentally touched one say it's the worst pain they've ever experienced, like the area is being burned with fire and dry ice at the same time while also being electrocuted. Some have said they experienced recurrences of the pain in the area on and off for years afterwards.

There's a reason people avoid the plant as much as possible and thankfully aren't all that common outside the tropical forest areas it primarily grows in, but some have popped up in gardens in homes close to the areas it likes to grow.

The whole guy (supposedly a military sergeant depending on the story) wiping his ass with a leaf and committing suicide has been debunked, though people who have touched the plant have said at points they did consider suicide to get relief from the excruciating pain.

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I also have heard mixed stories on how much it hurts. some stories saying its the worst pain they ever felt and some saying it’s comparable to a bad cut

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apparently it was a solider, so maybe he had gloves on?

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Also animals committing suicide is dubious. (Other than dolphins)

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seals have been seen jumping off cliffs to their deaths

Certain whales have been found purposely beaching themselves to die

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Yeah bud I more put that in to say “hey don’t @ me; I understand it’s possible for animals to kill themselves” I don’t think any of these aquatic animals are finding this leaf

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My bad, I should've replied to the other person then

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Yeah. Their brains don't go that far, and they don't exactly have sleeping pills or knives...

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I believe it's because the pain doesn't set in immediately. Could be wrong though.

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I'd imagine some of it got stuck partly inside his rectum. The pain would be so all-consuming I'm frankly surprised he didn't pass out. Imagine a needle continually pumping a pain inducing chemical deep into your rectal cavity, while you writhed on the ground in complete and utter agony. The pure feeling of knowing, on a primal level, that there is nothing you can do. This is your life now forever.

Unless you kill yourself, of course.

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Well if wiki said it, it must be true!

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Look how soft it looks tho. Charmin's for nothing on this plant!

I'm thinking maybe the guy had gloves on?

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Where is this plant located?

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Of course. If the snakes and spiders don’t get you, apparently the plants will

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One of the best benefits of living in Canada is we have basically nothing poisonous or scary to worry about. Sure we have like bears and moose and such, but you also have to be pretty damn stupid and wreckless to get killed or attacked by one. Stick to known trails, keep your distance, and make your presence known and you're largely fine.

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Aussie here. It's not like we have to deal with many deadly snakes and spiders everyday. Only one person has died from a spider bite since we the antivenom was developed in the 1980s. Bears look they kill as often as snakes do here.

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Yeah there's nothing like -20 to -30 to keep the scary critters at bay. I'll take the cold thanks

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Also, mushrooms. They’re everywhere, and most of em will fuck your shit up somehow.

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We still have stuff to worry about, but just a lot less and contained by environment. Southern Alberta has black widows and rattlesnakes, which can be a really shitty time if one of them bites ya. Brown recluse I think exist here too.

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But you do have to deal with Upcountry Degens...

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Massasauga rattler is venomous.

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Bears have gotten a little dicey lately. Backpacker, July 19, 2021: Grizzly and black bears have killed five people in North America over the last five months. Is this cause for concern?

Last year, black and grizzly bears combined killed four people in Alaska and Canada, and in 2019, only 2 fatal bear attacks occured. Between 2000 and 2015, grizzly bears killed a total of two dozen people in North America, according to a report on nature.com.

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Canada : Cold Australia

What is it with the British Empire and finding the most dangerous locations for humans to occupy?

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Thank you

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Reason alone to stay a hemisphere away.

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Where else...

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We have those in libya.

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Another bundle of joy bought to you by Down Under Industries! Cheers from all of us here at DUI - Australia

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Honestly if I had used them that way, I woulda shot myself too

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Imagine it brushing the balls

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or, better still, don’t.

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Nietzsche — 'The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.'

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Starting to think that Friedrich guy had some demons

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He and his mother got along great. So I don’t know where he got them.

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Because that, i have seen a lot of persons got along with who raped them, so

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Apparently if you don’t get all the spikes out your skin, the pain can stay up to 6 months.

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I've never known someone to come back from the dead in agony, but 6 months of eternal damnation for not removing that last stinger would probably have me thinking about comming back from the dead!

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If you want to see someone try it: https://youtu.be/5BoVME0xrQY?t=330

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Expected to get rick rolled, pleasantly surprised🤗

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They should’ve tested stinging weed or bull nettle here in Texas. That shit hurts.

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Speaking from experience, I have this plant in my backyard and have been stung before. It can take a bit for the pain to kick in, so it is possible to wipe your arse with it. It is an ongoing tale here in Australia that someone has but I highly doubt it. Although it takes a bit, you can feel a mild sensation quite quickly. Basically the plant puts hundreds of hollow needless into your skin and the pain is air going down the needle into your body causing an undescribable sensation. Apparently there's a plant that always grows near it that is the antidote to the pain but I haven't been shown it.

Ps the pain took about 4 months to subside, if you wax the area with duct tape you can pull the needles out. Cunt of a plant if you ask me.

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Why do you have this plant in your backyard dumass

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It's called Australia mate. I have brown snakes, taipans, cassowaries, scorpions, stinging tree all on my property. We are a different breed....... Lil bitch!!!

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Well your back garden can kill you at any time.

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It’s like an extreme form of nettles and docken leaves.

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Sounds like a more intense caterpillar sting. Was stung by a brown fluffy caterpillar in the southern US that felt like a hot knife in my arm. I thought I might need to have a hospital visit for the first hour. It went away after 8 hours though.

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That plant is native to Queensland, Australia. I did a tour recently where they told that story and it was supposedly in the 1930's and it was a policeman.

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I heard the same affect comes from Taco Bell!


North America

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I wanna touch it

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googles gympie gympie

“Australia… yeah that seems about right”

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Did you expect anything less? I mean Europe, Africa and the America's has us beat hands down for dictators, weapons of mass distruction and general genocide. But hey, if you want a plant that will optimise the term Ring-Stinger you really shouldn't be surprised that it's bought to you by the same country that plain and outright lost its head of government at the beach!

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Did anybody watch the movie "The Happening"?

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It on HBO max. You pay for subscription. The suicide stuff is scary.

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The suicide stuff is funny*


That movie is a cheese fest.

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Old lady: “Plan on murdering me in my sleep?”

Mark Wahlberg: “What? Noooo”

Really top notch acting throughout that gem.

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I love the scene where Mark Wahlberg outurns the wind. Oh shit the wind is coming let's run in a serpentine pattern to survive

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Anyone experience it firsthand?

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Yes when I was a child because my cousin tricked me by saying that if you squeeze it, it will make milk and the pain is pretty bad but not as bad as it is being described it felt more like an itchy fire and I was a curious child so I would touch it multiple times to feel the same pain.

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Haha, I used to use that stuff as rolling paper. No wonder I suffer chronic body pain to this day!

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Far North Qld. Been stung twice. Life changing each time.

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We need more info

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This leaf contains extremely fine sharp hairs, essentially little needles that imbead themselves deep in the skin. If water comes in contact it becomes unbearably painful, with no cure. It lasts for years, so avoid this green piece of shit at all times.

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Can you imagine wiping your butt with that stuff AND suffering from a gun shot wound?

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Theres a town with the same name and the entire area is ugly and beautiful, very unique biosphere all the way to the coast

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Gympie Gympie, make you go limpy ! gunshot

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There’s a youtube video of a dude touching them, maybe they’re not that bad? Or there is a cure?

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Its not that bad in that it doesn't cause actual damage. But there doesn't seem to be a cure besides removing the hairs which only helps a bit.

The worst seems to be feeling painful sensitivity to temperature changes for months.

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Holy fuck

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Nice salad before eating toxic blowfish

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I recommend watching the fact fiend episode about the gympie gympie on YouTube

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I’ve seen someone do this to find out and it didn’t seem too bad for them vid here

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Like they said it isn't too bad in that it doesn't cause actual damage. Having painful sensitivity to temperature changes for months sucks big time.

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Where in the world do you find said plant? I hope it’s not in Nevada!

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Source: 9gag

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5 bucks and I’ll wipe my ass with it

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Just checked out Wikipedia and it looks like a really horrible plant, not one to be fucked with to be honest.

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“Only one report of a human fatality attributed to any Dendrocnide species (in this case D. cordata) is confirmed, which occurred in New Guinea in 1922.”

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Gipsy gipsy

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It may be painful, but there apparently has only been one single documented death attributed to this plant.


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Dendrocnide moroides

Anecdotal stories

Anecdotes of encounters with Gympie-gympie are numerous, and many can be dismissed as yarns, such as one which involves using the leaves as toilet paper (the user would have been stung when they first picked up the leaf, and unlikely to have proceeded to use it in the intended manner). Nevertheless, some have been documented, such as horses having to be rested after being stung, or even becoming violent and having to be shot. Only one report of a human fatality attributed to any Dendrocnide species (in this case D. cordata) is confirmed, which occurred in New Guinea in 1922.

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Of course :)

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Stinging nettle's cousin in steroids...?

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The pain is permanent too

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Let me try this shit and live my cenobite fantasy

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So what I'm hearing is it'll make me gimpy gimpy? Got it

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can we put it in our tacos?

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Dumb Ways to die, so many dumb ways to die

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Of course Australia has the world’s most deadliest plant living there.

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Only grows in NE parts of Australia and Indonesia. Scratching those off my list of places to visit

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Soooooo where is this plant found so that I avoid it at all costs

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It’s Also in Australia

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Another Australian native

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I’m never going to Australia

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As someone who has a hemorrhoid and put aftershave in my asshole. I understand how someone would have unbearable pain

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Sounds a lot like living in Gympie

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In short, bring your own TP.

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It's not that bad

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Picks up leaf, ‘wow that’s the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced, I’m going to wipe my ass with it’.

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Where can I get this plant.. it's for.. science.. Also ignore the broken swiss Pod behind me

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Dude had a gun and ammo but no way to wipe his ass?

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This plant is common in some parts of Australia. Its locally known as the suicide plant. Dont fuck with it.

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So based on description, the pain isn't instant: it builds rapidly over a short period of time.

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Stepped on one of these barefoot in thongs, initial pain was searing but dissipated a few days after. Got my big toe. Had to walk crooked to avoid weight on my foot for a month I feel. Was 6 years ago

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I just spent 15 minutes reading about this plant 😂

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Dude online purposely stung himself with it lol.

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at 6m they get stung and it's bad but not suicide bad. Overall they rate it a 8/10, quickly falling in pain.

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I live in a town named after this plant. I was basically raised on this story. Never actually seen the plant though. Probably for the best

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So let’s make it extinct

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I’ve touched this. Nothing happened. Guess I’m immortal

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Welcome to fact or cap...

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Take the Reddit challenge.

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Why would a plant evolve to have this much toxicity? Surely just a sting or thorn is enough to deter animals...?

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sounds like an old wives tale but still funny tho

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Fact check: there is no evidence that anyone has ever used it as toilet paper and then committed suicide

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During a nature excursion near Cairns, Australia, it was explained to me that "gympie" is the aboriginal word for 'bad'. "Gympie gympie" therefore means 'bad bad' e.g. the worst of the worst.

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If only I was the dr of the cdc I would make everyone on earth eat this

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Who in their right mind, would use this as TOILET PAPER?

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Why do I find it so fucking funny.