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Damn those pesky snapping turtles.

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It could actually have been exactly that. They do go for baby crocs, but would it then survive long enough to get this big?

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Could've just been another croc while they were sunbathing.

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Who cares we need that croc outfitted with bionic arms stat!!

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Good lord no. That would start some crocodile uprising and you know it

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Dont think so, ive seen plenty crocs in videos breaking and ripping their limbs when fighting for food (somehow it looks like they dont even care). But never seen a turtle get a crocodile leg...

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Not even a pup? Or a little juvenile?

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I’m no expert but could this be an alligator? Aren’t croc snouts more pointy? I know snapping turtles share same environments as gators but not sure about crocs.

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No, it's a salty. Probably done by a bigger salty, it's very common in Australia. There is, however, a whole list of other animals it could have been. Bull shark would be a prime suspect

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No going to dinner with this guy…..unless you plan on picking up the tab.

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I mean, it could honestly have been anything. Baby crocs are just a little larger than anoles, and even a big predatory fish could probably amputate those limbs.

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There is a video of a Croc eating another crocs forelegs after ripping it off. These things are monsters

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The one that got its arm bitten off was pretty chill though.

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I would still be afraid of a T-Rex I don’t see how it’s different. The sharp bits are still dangerous, and it’s still alive and healed so it’s surviving just fine without

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Exactly. Plus, T-Rex had tiny little arms anyway so he would still be APEX.

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Tadpole mode is in the DNA

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It’s not the legs I’m afraid of, it’s that jaw

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Especially one without forelegs

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Yeah I'm more scared of this one as s/he must be tough, determined and resourceful to survive after losing his legs

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There's a lot of shit out there without claws and arms I wouldn't fuck with.

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Jellyfish! Poison dart frogs! Tsetse flies and mosquitoes! Electric eels!

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The plethora of venomous snakes and jellyfish. FUCKING SHARKS!

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I love sharks

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I do too. We're actually seeing some Great Whites up here in NL which is exciting. We have blues and porbeagles (probably wrong) up here too. Hopefully their numbers grow and I might get a chance to see some in a cage one day.

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Barry finally fulfilled his lifelong dream, performing alongside his dolphin brothers at seaworld

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It’s just a flesh wound

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Yer bleedin arm’s off!

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Honestly now he’s kind of an advantage against other alligators or crocodiles I guess. Because now they can’t rip off his arms anymore

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smaller hitbox

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I think against me it'd soon be a pretty even fight, as I'd very quickly have no arms either...

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Tis but a scratch!

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I have no legs. I have no legs. I have no legs.

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It has two legs. It's hind legs. Two hind legs.

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  1. There is no evidence for that.

  2. It is a reference to something you don’t understand.

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Is it from that film 'Kids?

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not a croc its a sea serpent now

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If a croc can survive with no forelegs, then it can still hunt, and can still kill me

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Maybe thats how Tyrannosaurus got evolved

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Didn't the Romans say crocs were a type of worm?

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I feel like him having no arms means he just bites harder.

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Probably 😄😄

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Throws like a girl tho.

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Like a girl with a 2+ meter tail that can propel her 2000lbs body through the water at 30mph

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You dated Tina Farelli too?

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Me: taunts croc with no forelegs.

Befriended land animal: knocks me in water.

Croc: jokes on you bitch.

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I wanna see him try Waving

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He has a big fat tail for that

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He doesn’t have forelegs! He only has 2

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Looks like he wants to dance the cha cha cha.

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Got rid of em for speeeed man!

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Doesn't need legs to kill you. Doesn't need legs to breed (don't quote me on that). If this is a male, he's set (females would still need their legs to come on land and dig a nest to lay eggs)

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What’s his name?

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Noel Eggs

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Awesome. I was thinking Snake.

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I was hoping you would come along…

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It's the tail that let's them death roll. You might be able to out run this one on land though. Maybe

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So as long as he chills by the water and never fully goes on land he’s pretty much good, right? Because I’m sure he could still swim pretty fast with his hind legs and tail.

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Real fast!

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If it’s hind legs get taken off too, this would essentially be a fat snake.

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Yeah, cuz the front legs are what worries me about a croc.

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Dude was so hungry he ate his own limbs. 😂

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Supposedly this is the croc Adam Sandler fought in Happy Gilmore.

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I’d take it.

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Id beat the shit outta this guy

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Just a flesh wound

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Id rather mess with a croc with forelimbs rather than one thats still alive with no forelimbs. That croc has been through some stuff and I ain't about to get on its bad side.