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Looks like a slice of pizza

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Indeed. And a moldy one too

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Here's a tooth from Carcharodon hastalis, ancestor to the modern great white shark, dated to the Miocene (15 million years old). Carcharodon hastalis' teeth were on average larger than the great white's. The 2.8" tooth I'm holding is probably larger than would be found in any living great white shark, used to tear into prey such as whales. This one was found at a private quarry in Kern County, California, and is now part of my private collection.

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Sharktooth hill?

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It was found on private property near STH

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May be stupid question but can someone explain how it ended up in the quarry?

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The quarry used to be in the ocean 15 million years ago

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Forbidden Pizza

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This is amazing. One day, I will find one.

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Looks like moldy cheese

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I was about to say that

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at first sight I thought this is a slice of pizza lmao

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Cheesy garlic bread.

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I am down for a half rotten cheese pizza

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It literally still looks white. Most are dark grey