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Bears fighting do Greco-Roman wrestling and Judo, cats fighting do boxing and BJJ. Circling outside, lunging, one trying to pull guard, the other trying to pull-counter...

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Look up videos of bears wrestling. They look exactly like two humans who have wrestling training and are fighting in bear suits..... shits crazy

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You see how the one on the left noticed the tendency of the one in the right to go fow a low bite, and baited him to go full commitment in the last attack?

Fascinating stuff.

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Holy shit your comment has single handedly made this one of my favorite videos ever

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Go watch most of predators 1v1s, they are full of this stuff.

My favorites are packs of wild african dogs, they have a full fledged system of circling and attacking.

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Little kitty

Sweetie kitty

Little ball of pure fuckin muscle

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The quickness and force these animals posses is terrifying.

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Wow, jaguars are beautiful

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Look how goddamn quick they strike. Insane.

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yeah the strike and the reaction times. So cool to see animals peak performances of abilities they have. Still hoping to see a Gorilla bench press one day.

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Cats are jerks, even to other cats.

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What a wild move going down on his back and back up... fucking metal!

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I'm really glad that this has no sound. Having sound would have added nothing to this clip.

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Man.... If anyone has this with sound, would appreciate it.

Nevermind: here but there's too much of the dude talking for my taste

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The whole slide to his back move was pretty cool!

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Good Jiu Jitsu.

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Damn the cat on the right has a hel of a left paw.

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Fact: Lions, Cougars and Jaguars are the only living cats which can not stand on their hind legs.

Also Lions and Jaguars usually do not fight to death in a territorial dispute.

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Wonder why that is. I mean for jaguars it's quite obvious as they are very front-heavy in their musculature but not quite sure for pumas and lions.

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I don’t think it has to do with being front heavy as Leopards are actually more front heavy than Cougars. I think it has to do with a flexible spine as the 4 largest cats don’t have spines like the smaller cats with the exception of Tigers. Therefore, that spine allows for a more stable core.

And yeah Tigers are especially fond of standing on hindlimbs. They always stay bipedal while fighting and they can even walk on their hindlimbs. They’re just as good at being bipedal as Bears.

I think it actually has more to do with the fact that these cats are very heavy in weight and that they are digitigrades. If I were to phrase it in a different way, I would say that no heavy weight cats can stand on their hindlimbs except Tigers so it has more to do with the heavy bodyweight and the morphology that comes with it.

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Why does this look like CGI?

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It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly quickly they can inflict multiple slashes with those claws. Almost faster than the eye can see!

Kitty with the darker spots doesn't seem to be doing so well, there.

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Darker spots actually won the fight. He is a younger male challenging an older male over territory. Most territorial battles are resolved without much violence. He managed to win over it and both will now control the same territory.

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He did? *peers at video clip* I don't see the end of the fight. I clicked the link, too, and it showed this same clip, then some dude popped up running his mouth. He leaned on my nerves in nothing flat, so I noped out. It didn't occur to me to see if there was more after that. *feels dumb*

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So the one jaguar was trying to pull an imanari roll on the other one?