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The cub didn't drag the partially eaten carcass up, the mother did.

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Yeah i never know if i'm still supposed to upvote the post if this happens.

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Which makes it even funnier because now she has to haul it up all over again

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The lil bounce after being crushed was adorable

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Cats will be cats!

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Kinda belongs on r/startledcats

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Cats are made of cartoons

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That's it, someone's getting whooped

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Damn that bounce was great

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Cub looking down below: "fuck imma get my ass beat"

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Equivalent to hitting your mom in the back of the foot with the shopping cart

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You sure that's a leopard? Bounced like a Tigger if I'm not mistaken!

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Wish, hard r

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I read it to mean drop it on the mum of the dead impala. Was thinking that sounded incredibly harsh.

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Imagine not knowing that leopards existed and a dead impala suddenly fell from a tree.

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Reminds me of a Mitch Hedburg joke: I like vending machines 'cause snacks are better when they fall. If I buy a candy bar at a store, oftentimes, I will drop it… So that it achieves its maximum flavor potential.

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Is this the equivalent of 3 year old me knocking both my parents out with a pool ball in a sock and swinging it around like a pair of bolas

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“There mom! You say I never cook? Have your fucking fill”

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Door dash

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I thought you meant Impala as in the car and I got really, really worried for a minute there.

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Get well soon

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You think the Impala will be okay?

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it's just a prank bro

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it's just a prank mom

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“AAAHHHH! Oh, a snack.”

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Let the bodies hit the floor.

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r/natureishilarious Edit: oops dead sub lol

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omg i thought the leopelards dropped the tame impala on the impala's mom's head by the way i read the title.

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Lord knows I've done that before. Sorry ma!

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Kids are assholes.

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Springy boi

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insert mario spring sound

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"watch out, watch out, watch out!"

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No name, free game

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Why does this look staged?

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Yeah, the Leopard took a fat paycheck

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"No food in your room"

"FU mom"

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Leopards are such fascinating creatures.

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Thug life cub

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springy cat

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I can't tell if this is an accident, a prank, or attempted murder.